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One of the best of its genre, 10 September 2006

Of course the "genre" is that of movies where you personally know the Producer/Director, they ask you for your opinion of the movie, and the best that you can come up with is "The colour was good.".

I watched this movie in the company of a large proportion of the cast and crew, and even they didn't take it seriously - in fact, the viewing experience was enhanced by the company's insertion of "deleted" lines from the script (there must have been one because the actors - to use the term incredibly loosely - did talk throughout most of the movie).

By its fifth repetition, the movie's "signature line" - "Captain, there's Oxygen out here." (uttered in an incredibly bad imitation of a Scots brogue by the movie's incredibly bad imitation of Star Trek's "Scottie") had become indelibly engraved in my mind.

Of course if you want an incredibly silly movie with practically no "production values" to watch while stoned, this is probably the one for you.