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This Doc is Sweet!, 8 September 2006

A funny, poignant and compelling documentary. Beautifully shot this film manages to capture much of the true to life humor that most "mockumentaries" attempt to recreate- which really proves that truth is stranger & funnier then fiction.

See the real life "Beer League" no silly premises or "high-concept" background stories needed. This is one that can be enjoyed with the whole family, provided your family curses and spews beer foam, which my family does- thankfully. There is no million dollar prize, no date with Paris Hilton complete with lifetime supply of Valtrex, there is only pride and the outdoorsmen cup on the line. This is the sheit that would make any Fear Factor contestant cry, and not just because there is no cash prize, but because none of those pussies have the heart it takes to push on through the punishment that is The Outdoorsmen.

Enjoy what is sure to be a cult classic, beyotches. Tell'em The Drizzle sent ya.