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very good movie, 1 June 2002

I found this a great movie...emotional in many areas though funny as well. This movie touched the heart of my whole entire family even the ones who usually don't really appreciate love stories. Just to add something, I noticed that early in the movie, when Novalee runs out of the Wal-mart after buying her shoes, there is a Queen Amidala poster! HEHE! 10 out of 10!!!

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Great movie...10/10, 13 May 2002

This was a sensational movie: mix of both war and love. It was great how the characters seemed to grow alive with the surroundings around them and would react in some unexpected ways and turn. But what i would like to focus on is the love between Uncas and Alice Munro. I have read comments and summaries and all i hear about is the love between Hawkeye and Kora which i thought was kind of lamely done! But between Uncas and Alice you find something passionate and rare. I thought it was truly fantastic the way it was done. Slowly growing though not too much interaction between the two. Though throughout the film clues are given and distributed. And at the end, you realize the two would rather die then be alone because the love is so strong between them though there were never any words involved in it. It's as if their love had blinded them from any sort of fear. It's beautifully done and imaged perfectly.

Other actors such as the one that played Magua...he also played real well, the thought of revenge for his family was very well expressed though i must say they never quite explained why he hated Mr. Munro so much!

For all this and more, this movie deserves a 10 out of 10 for great spontaneous scenes, special effects, wonderful actors, etc...

Spider-Man (2002)
What a great movie!, 8 May 2002

I went to see it the second day it came out. At first i wanted to go to the 8:30 p.m. and the current time was 6 something. It was all sold out besides the 10:00p.m. show. So I went with 2 other friends. It was great...the special effects were fantastic though you could still see when it was real or not. The acting was great except for the guy who played could tell he was just acting and wasn't getting really in the whole part of the story. Otherwise everything was fine. Only one other thing, spider-man got easily cut but when he bumped into the walls and almost got his jaw ripped out...he was fine afterwards. I gave it a 10/10 even with all my comments cuz it was great anyways!

Navy Seals (1990)
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AAWWEESSOOMME!, 20 November 2001

This was a really good movie with style, action, and amusement! I'll never forget it 'cause Michael Biehn is my favorite actor. Even though he played very well in Terminator, he played much better in this movie! He stopped showing his jaw as much! Anyway, I got sucked into the story quickly but the only bad part was that they brought some stuff up out of no where!!! Besides that, it's a movie that u've gotta see!