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Roger Davis plays a slime ball movie producer to a T, 5 September 2006

I'm a big House of Dark Shadows fan and met Roger Davis recently, I was surprised to see that his last film outing was 1999's "Beyond the Pale" which I have to say threw me, because it's very different from the sort of thing Mr. Davis usually does. At least I was able to get a DVD version which had a behind the scenes featurette and a rare interview with Mr. Davis, who plays a slime ball movie producer to a T. Beyond the Pale overall wasn't a bad flick, I had issues with a couple of things, in particular the lead character's whiter than white personality, which was frustrating, I know that's how the character was written and the actor pulled it off, but are there really people like him out there!for ROGER DAVIS fans it's a must see.