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Does God Exist? (2007) (V)
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A not horrible independent sci-fi comedy, 2 July 2007

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Perhaps a sucker for anything I watched this because it has an interesting title. I expected something pretty bad, but for an independent movie I've seen a lot worse. As it was written, directed, and filmed by one man, it's actually fairly impressive. There are scenes I think I'll always remember like the morgue, which was equally shocking and hilarious. It's definitely not for children, but may really find an audience among fps gamers as it has some great live action scenes where you think you're playing in god mode in one of these games.

Initially I had thought that the plot would go that way, that they were all in a game world and where actually just elements of a game trying to figure out how to stop a player using god mode, but they decided to go the t3 route.

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David Lynch meets anime, 23 November 2003

I too am a big fan of Oshii's anime work, but I have to admit I went into this movie expecting an action packed movie such that it starts out as, and it ends up being something akin to Lynch's Mullhuland Dr. I was perfectly willing to accept that, and I enjoy all kinds of movies, and would particulary enjoy a very high brained live action anime type flick, and the visuals where spectacular in many scenes. However, I wish someone who saw this film would explain in depth more about what exactly was going on, as they saw it. I have to admit that I didn't get half of what happened in the last half of the film, and I would consider myself pretty versed in metaphoric interpretation of film.

According to others what was being shown is a reflection of the confusion of the character trying to find out what happened to his friends who he left and let die? Perhaps only in that the viewer is confused by what they're seeing?

I don't know, but if you consider when this movie was made, in 87, it was extremely advanced in quality of the film.

Xanadu (1980)
The greatest movie ever made!, 21 June 2003

This is the greatest movie ever made. Hot babe, great songs that with only 2 or 3 exceptions have completely stood the test of time, and a story about following ones dreams. Nothing better has ever been made, certainly not within the musical genre. You can take your matrix's and Gone with the Winds, they all boil down to nothing more than what this movie is.