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Very Underrated!, 28 June 2004

This is one sitcom that is very underrated in the eyes of too many people. It seems to me that a good majority of the people that watch this show either don't know the meaning of the word "spoof", or have no sense of humor. This show is the quintessential spoof. That's all. And like every other sitcom I have ever seen, it was not produced to be taken seriously. This is not a WWII documentary and they were not in a concentration camp. The Allies always won and the Germans always looked stupid. That's not always how it worked out in the real war. Plus, 4 of the cast members were directly affected by the war; Werner Klemperer, John Banner, Leon Askin, and Robert Clary, the latter of whom lost relatives in concentration camps. If they didn't have a problem with the show, why should anyone else? This show was cleverly written, excellently casted, and just plain funny.

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Who cares if it's formulaic??, 21 May 2003

So every episode seemed the same? Every episode of I Love Lucy was the same too, and that's a classic. Heck, 90% of TV is the same episode over and over again. This show is great. Before a couple years ago, I wasn't a huge fan of 70s TV, especially dramas, but I'm hooked on this show. The cast is great, the characters delightfully predictable and occasionally over-the-top, and the storylines intriguing. Great stuff. And I got a huge kick out of the fact that Garry Walberg (Lt. Monahan) was also Speed on The Odd Couple. Guess he and Jack followed each other around. LOL

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Not bad for a TV movie, 20 February 2003

Of all the lie-ridden Made for TV biopics I've seen, I think this one sticks to the truth quite nicely. It gave me a nice insight to the life and times of Miss Dors, a public figure I honestly knew nothing about. All of I really knew her as was the ex-Mrs. Richard Dawson (quite a twist, don't you think?) In fact, the part I really liked was the positive portrayal of him. Before I watched, I honestly expected the writers to trash him. It always seems like the main subject of the movie gets away scotfree no matter what they did, and the husbands or wives get crapped on. Not so in this pic, and as a big fan of Mr. Dawson's, that was nice to see.

To comment on an earlier comment- the reasons the kids were never seen is because Diana didn't spend a whole lot of time with them. She was always working or playing around with other men. Her own sons have said that.

"Automan" (1983)
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Cheesy Fun, 29 December 2002

This show is completely corny. Of course, this is a bi-product of its decade and genre, but it still seems cornier than its counterparts. And most of the acting isn't too great, with the exception of Chuck Wagner, whom I thought did a good job as Walter's complete opposite. The girl was pretty much filler. Almost like they thought they needed to have a cute woman in the cop shop to draw in...young boys? Show they were EEO? I don't know, but she seemed a total waste of film.

But darn it if I don't love this show. Cheese makes for a good, silly 45 minutes of entertainment. And even bad sci fi is often good. And Desi Arnaz Jr. made for a good geek. The writers I think went a bit far with that whole stereotype of computer geniuses being totally awkward screw ups in any other arena but IT, but I suppose it did help display the contrast between Walter and Automan, who was what Walter wished he was.

But don't watch this right after Dragnet or Adam-12, as you may think the LAPD suddenly went insane.

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Great Show...for awhile., 7 January 2002

MG PM 1975-1978 was great. I actually like the rules of this game better than those of MG 7x. I liked the three rounds, then the two super matches. However, when the idiots running the show got that stupid starwheel, the show took a nose dive. That, combined with the ugly set and no more Richard Dawson, ruined the show for me.

SST: Death Flight (1977) (TV)
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1-Adam-12, see Mike Brady, problem in the sky..., 15 November 2001

Being a fan of the boys of Route 66, I just had to see this movie. However, I was very disappointed that they never even bothered to give Marty and George one scene together. Nevertheless, I kept watching and laughed all the way through. Of course, I was watching the MST3K version and I would suggest all do the same if you can find it. I mean, George Maharis is mad at Burgess Meredith (who built the plane), so he puts detergent in the hydraulic system, hoping that when things get bad, Robert Reed will turn the plane around. Bobby doesn't listen to him, and well, you can figure out the rest. That, along with a bunch of other ridiculously funny happenings, including nice-guy Bert Convy dating a bimbo (Miss SST!), make this a MUST SEE for fans of all that was bad 70's TV.

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Richard Dawson, you never looked better!, 15 November 2001

What a movie this is! This love-starved geek from Nebraska decides one day to visit his (shall we say not love-starved) friend in New York. This friend (Desi Jr.) shows him around and after awhile, this guy decides to write a book on how to pick up bimbos (oh, I mean girls!) Well, this guy, being the geek he is, makes a few mistakes along the way, one of them being sleeping with the model girlfriend of his boss, Richard Dawson. I guess all I can say is that this is typical late 70s fluff not to be taken seriously.

What I'd like to know is why Richard, at the height of his popularity as host of "Family Feud," would bother to do this? Not that I'm complaining; he plays a typical fashion model photographer with that certain Richard Dawson flare that made him so popular in the first place.

"Adam-12" (1968)
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Best Cop Show of Them All!, 5 October 2001

I just wanted to say that this is definitely the best cop show ever to grace the airwaves. There are so few shows out there that focus on uniformed cops that it's nice to see something showcase the men (and women) that bust their butts protecting us common folks. I also like the "very little about their personal lives" approach. This is a cop show, so show us cops on duty. So many of today's cop shows care more about who's sleeping with who than the actually job of fighting crime. I want to thank Martin Milner and Kent McCord *not that they'd read this! :)* for making cops seem real in the eyes of so many that see cops as nothing but those horribly corrupt people that pull us over for going 4 over the speed limit. These guys did good!

"Route 66" (1960)
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Where, oh where, did this kind of drama go?, 5 October 2001

I got hooked on this through my obsession with Adam-12 and some tapes I bought off ebay. I've only seen 14 episodes, but they are 14 of the greatest TV episodes of any drama ever to make it into our homes. So few shows now make you think, but this does and that's good. Makes you think about human nature, the world, and your role in it. It's more than just a show about two cute guys in the world's coolest car (though there's nothing wrong with that), it's about people. I cry when I remember that no one has jumped at the opportunity to put this show on their network. What are they thinking??? This is the drama that all the dramas since have wanted to be but never succeeded at becoming.

"Route 66" (1993)
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Very Obscure, 1 October 2001

Actually, I remember previews of this show and I swear I saw it once, but that's about it. Actually, the original ran from 1960-1964, and they changed cars as the model years changed. But in this show, they were driving a 61.

This remake was doomed, IMHO, from day one simply because it was wrong. If anyone remembers the last episode of the original Route 66, they remember that Linc let Tod take the car (which was actually his to start with.) But in this show, somehow Buzz got ahold of it (how I don't know) and gave the car to this son he didn't know. Maybe I'm crazy, but that doesn't make any sense. Besides, it's hard to match the charm Milner and Maharis (and don't forget Glenn Corbett) gave the show.

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