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The O.C.: The Avengers (2006)
Season 4, Episode 1
this show is the best out there
14 October 2006
alright k so I've seen seasons 1 and 2 and they were amazing and then i saw season three and i was thought it was good but it had a bit to many flashback scenes and some of the plots were a little off... but it was still better than most of the stuff you see on TV now-a-days. but! I've seen previews, clips, and heard songs from season four and it looks amazing... and just like i predicted "the OC" is going to make a come back and be sweet again!!!! so everyone check this show out its amazing and season four will not be a let down at all, and there will definitely be a season five!!!! this season will contain comedy, drama, and of course romance.... just like it should!!!
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