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Dead Head Fred (2007) (VG)
Could have been great, 3 October 2012

Dead Head Fred is a PSP game where you play a PI who is looking for revenge on the gangster that killed him and chopped off his head. There's a lot to like about the game but there are a few problems at the same time.

First the good. The story and voice acting are great, especially John C. McGinley as Fred. You have the ability to switch your head between 9 different heads, each one had a different ability. This made for some nice puzzles in the game. Graphics were also very good for a PSP game.

Now the bad. Combat for the most part is very basic and can get repetitive. There are side quests in the game but I didn't see much in the point of doing most of the. The rewards for the quest most of the time was either money or a random item that you could sell or use to make a strange drink at one of the bars. Money in the game is only used to buy power up drinks, items for mixing or new suits that you need to advance in the game. There are a few more problems but most of that is me just nit picking.

Overall I did enjoy the game but felt it needed just a little more to make it great.

The Final Show, 5 August 2010

So this was the final episode of Weird Science. Overall it may be one of the best episode of season five, although that isn't saying a hole lot. I notice watching season five online that this series really shouldn't have lasted to season five. Like most of the episodes of this season this one was a parody.

With a name like WS4 you can only compare it to one movie ID4 or Independence Day. Many of the situations from the movie are copied for this episode. The joke are hit and miss but I think there are more hits than misses in this one.

For a series that was based on a movie this one lasted for 5 seasons, which really not too bad. I have to say that season 5 was somewhat of a let down with more bad episodes than good, but overall the series was good and worth a watch.

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A Clip Show, 6 December 2009

I was just re-watching the first season of Dead Like Me when I got to episode 12 "Nighthawks". This must have been a filler episode to make the first season 14 episodes. It really surprises me the a show needs to do a clip show in the first season. I'm sure it makes it worse that I watched all the previous episode in a couple of days.

There is a small plot there so it is not a complete waste of time watching it. My guess is that there is an 20-25 minute episode and they needed sometime to bring it up to a normal length show. To this day I think this was one of the best shows and that it was canceled way to soon. But every show has to have a weak episode or two and this just happens to be it.

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Was this ever considered funny?, 2 December 2009

I was flipping thru the free movies on On-Demand when I found Cherrleaders Beach Party. Always being up for a 70's teen sex comedy I thought why not. The only good thing I can really say about it was that at least it was in the free section. I can honestly say that I didn't laugh once during the ninety minutes it took to watch this accuse for a movie.

The plot had a lot of holes and was more like an adult film than a theatrical release. But given the writer that makes sense. There is nudity in this movie but it is kinda sparse. In most of the scenes were someone is topless they usually have there back to the camera or in a dark scenes. I know I watched this movie 30 years after it was made but the humor makes me scratch my head in wonder was this ever funny.

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Very Good Episode, 27 November 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

After a bad day and an even worse week Lisa surprises Gary and Wyatt with a new computer game. Gary and Wyatt then spend the rest of the day and most of the night playing the game and ignoring Lisa. When they finish the game and ask Lisa for more levels they get more than what they asked for. At first they nothing happens but when they go to school they find out that Lisa brought the alien into the real world is the new level. And we get the best episode of the series so far.

This was the third episode of the second season and it looks like the show had gotten a bigger budget. The alien looks good and make for some fun moments. If your a fan of the show this is a can't miss episode.

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Very Frustrating, 6 October 2009

I have never played a Spyro game before so when I saw it on the clearance shelf for $3.50 new I thought why not. After playing thru the game I now know why it was there. Well they say you get what you pay for and I sure did.

First off I do have to say I did like the voice acting. The game really has a good cast which includes Elijah Wood, Gary Oldman, and Billy West. Saddly that is the only thing I really enjoyed with this game.

Now for what was bad about the game. The game itself is really short. The developers upped the difficulty to make the game seam longer. This game was a lot harder than you would think. Looking at who the target audience would be for a game about a purple dragon this would be a mistake. A lot of the things that makes this game hard just should not be in a game. Spyro himself is not the easiest character to control. And some bad camera work and you have a problem.

The game length should be about 5 hours given the levels but expect it to take about 3x that because of the problems.

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Sight gags and misunderstandings, 19 July 2009

I remember watching the Adams Family reruns in the morning when I was a kid and stayed home from school sick. Now as and adult I get the chance to see them again thanks to IMDb.

Most of the episode's followed the same pattern, cheesy sight gags and a lot of misunderstandings. When you have a show like this it is not necessarily a bad thing. This episode follows the same tried and true formula. If you seen any other episode you know what to expect.

This episode is about uncle Fester trying to get a mail order wife. The jokes are hit and miss but over all it was a fun episode and worth a watch if you need to kill 25 minutes.

Pluto's Process (2006) (V)
An interesting feature but not for everyone, 2 May 2009

Pluto's Process can be found the Walt Disney Treasures "The Complete Pluto" Volume Two DVD.

Pluto's Process is a feature that show some of the steps in making a cartoon. It is broken in up in two parts, A Deconstruction and then the Pencil Test. Both part use the same cartoon "Pluto's Judgemnt Day".

I thought that the Deconstruction part was the better of the two. The Deconstruction splits the screen into three or four part showing the different parts of animation. One or two screen show the pencil drawn backgrounds, one screen show the penciled drawn character and moving parts while the last shows the finished cartoon. The Pencil Test show the whole cartoon in drawn with a pencil.

Watching the pencil test after watching Deconstruction is almost like watching a rerun. You have seen most of it already.

A look behind many of Disney animated movies, 16 March 2009

The Story Behind the Story can be found on the second disk of the 2 disk Platimun Edition Beauty and the Beast DVD.

This is a short film is broken up into eight parts. The first part is an introduction and the other seven are each about a different Disney animated movie. The movies include Cinderella, The Lion King, Pocahontas, The Jungle Book, Sleeping Beauty, Mulan, and The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Each part is narrated by a different actor.

Each part is short only lasting a few minutes. They tell the story about what was the origins on the movie, if it comes from a book, legend, or if it was completely original.

Being a fan of Disney this was a fun short film. If you have ever been curious about where the ideas came from you should definitely check this one out.

Fun little extra, 6 January 2009

Bachelor Party Confidential is a short documentary about you guess it bachelor party's. It can be found in the special features menu of "It's a Guy Thing" DVD.

In this documentary the writers and the cast from the movie talk about there experience with bachelor party's. I really enjoyed some of their stories, the best being Thomas Lennon. He tell how to be in groom in a bachelor party and still get married after, and also how not to get married after a bachelor party. Running only about nine minutes its is just a quick to the point short. If you have a chance I would recommend checking it out.

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