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Great 3-D Effects, 6 August 2001

I have never seen the show or read the Comic book but I did go to Carowinds alot this year and I saw a ride called "The 7th Portal" so I figured i would ride it being a X-Men and Spiderman fan. The ride was neat while you are waiting to be loaded you watch a Movie of Stan Lee telling you what everything is like the Characters and about The Portal. When you are seated you you put on 3D Glasses and you watch the Movie as your seats move to the motion of the Characters. You get sucked into a Computer and than you are thrust right into an "Unreal Tournament" battle like scene. You battle Aliens and Species with 3D Weapons that are in your face (literally) and it is a really cool ride. If you go to Carowinds or any other Paramount Park look for this ride I'm sure you will really like it.