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Prophet (1999) (V)
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Laughable (unintentional) action movie, 3 December 2006

I am not a movie critic in part because I don't tend to be critical of movies. If I find the movie even halfway believable, with a plot that is interesting, I am easily satisfied. However, I only continued to watch this movie to see how much more ridiculous some of the scenes would be. For a bunch of characters who are supposed to be highly experienced operatives of various Federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies, it was amazing to me how badly they all shot. In one scene three agents come into a room and fired automatic rounds continuously for nearly 30 seconds with no target in sight, only to have the hero suddenly enter from a side room and kill all three with a revolver before any could return fine. While the hero is so fast and accurate with a revolver in one scene, he has a shoot out in a train car with another villain and neither can hit the other while emptying their guns. The same is true in another shootout in a hallway in which they are only 15 feet apart. The acting of Don Wilson and a few of the others is passable, but most of the second tier cast is amateurish at best. Don't expect to see Oscar performances in this movie.