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Mockumentary on 80's Mumbai, 21 April 2012

Probably, the biggest contribution of this movie is the name "Albert Pinto". You would find references of this name in many other occasions, most of the times mockingly, often targeted towards a short-tempered man.

In my venture of discovering the gems of yesteryear and also, in this particular case, to find the legend behind the legacy, I watched this movie with great anticipation. And as one of the other reviewers has said in this forum, I was disappointed because of my wrong expectations. The movie is more of a mockumentary on the socio-economy situation of 70s/80s Bombay especially the life and strives of working class people, than a full-fledged movie with a plot exploring the idiosyncrasies of the hotheaded Abert Pinto. It's not that the movie didn't have any characters. Rather, it had many parts enacted by the legends of parallel cinema in India, the likes of Naseeruddin Shah, Shabana Azmi, Smita Patil, Om Puri, et al. But, most of the characters are underdeveloped, solely because the intent of the movie has never been to tell a story, rather to depict life in its rawest form, in the slums, in the garages, in the mills of Bombay. Be it economic exploitation of the under-privileged by the capitalists, or the sexual abuse faced by the working women by the unscrupulous bosses, or the rise of mafia and paid-goondas in order to curb the rising rebellions, or the constant striving of the young men chasing dollar dreams, or amidst all these chaos how existence holds on to equanimity – the movie chooses carefully not portray any biased picture, but to present to the spectators the true sense of life and struggle. The movie doesn't show anything that we don't see in our everyday life – and that's simultaneously the plus and the minus of the movie.

Unfortunately, the movie doesn't fulfill the huge expectations I had. If you really love it, probably you belong to the intellectual class who appreciate movies on various other aspects than mere story or performances. If you are looking for only entertainment, stay away.

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On-the-Edge-of-the-Chair Thriller, 18 April 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When I first saw this movie some 16-17 years ago (I was a teenager then when I saw it part of DD's late night movie telecast), I was awestruck. It was quite unlike any movie I had seen till then. A movie with no songs, no love interest, no comic moments, yet gripping as hell.

Frustrated with existing state of politics, a misled Youngman kills the ruling CM of the state when he is addressing a rally. He is chased by an efficient and idealistic cop when he tries to flee the scene. When the road of escape is blocked, he enters into the nearest house and takes into hostage the only person present at that time – a crippled unmarried girl. He reflects upon the happenstances of his life that led him from a cowardly regular boy to a rebellious ruthless killer, amidst the discomforting morality questions asked by the girl, inside and the incessant endeavours by the dedicated policemen to capture him, outside the house.

The performances of the actors were exemplary for those characters. Nana Patekar as the committed police delivered an admirably believable act. So did Raj Babbar as the confused, yet remorseless killer. Other supporting casts did their part almost in flawless manner, especially the young Pallavi Joshi who played the physically challenged girl. I remember, I was so impressed with the movie then that for the next few days in our friend circle, that movie was the only discussion point. We all believed, Indian movie had finally come of age.

Recently, while discussing the poor state of Bollywood with some of my well-informed friends, I suddenly remembered this movie and wasted no time in getting a hold of it.

Having seen numerous movies of myriad genres over the years, my expectation was not to find any novelty, but just to relive those memories.

However, I was little disappointed to find so many plot-holes that I had failed to catch previously, like - why would a nurse be sent to go into the house to the killer, wouldn't she be also be held as another hostage? Why would the cops kill the murderer who they could have easily caught alive? Why would the cop kill the corrupt politician who masterminded the assassination without any investigation? And so on.

Nevertheless, the movie is still riveting as it was 25 years earlier and most of the bollywood blockbusters of today can't hold candle to it. I wish, the movie would have been little well scripted to rank it as a classic.

The most catchy part of the movie was the brilliant background score that played a major role in intensifying the tense moments.

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Dumb Dead Assassins, 29 September 2011

There are two ways one can simultaneous watch and enjoy this movie. 1)Watch it in fast forward mode. (4X preferable, 2Xmanageable). 2) Watch it after 3 bottles of beer.

Else, there is no way one can watch this dead pan performances of JCVD and co in a dumb, action-less and predictable story and say WOW.

Plot dumb. Direction pathetic. Performances miserable.

There is another way to enjoy the movie. Be in the age group of 13 to 14.

Everything in this movie is clearly targeted towards teenager who love senseless action.

Blitz (2011)
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Killer Cop killed Cop killer and Me, 15 September 2011

I would blame only person for the horrible wastage of time courtesy this movie - me. I had promised myself that I won't watch any Jason Statham movie ( especially the solo action lead ones) after experiencing too much crap. But, I failed to keep my promise, when I went ahead to watch a no- brainer.

It may not be the worst movie I have ever seen, but it would definitely be one of them. No sensible script, no character development, no performances, no nothing. Nothing in this movie I found worth mentionable.

If you have any sense, stay away. And if you don't, don't ever dare to recommend any movie to me.

Big Brotherly State, 15 September 2011

Those people who are in the field of IT like me, would definitely wonder at the extent of sophistication in the use of technology in the movie. Just to add a field in the database table, intelligent developers in my team would say - it would take 2 days.Now, tracking every muscle movement of any person in US of A in real time - I am wondering which year we are talking about.They say "Not a single leaf moves without Allah's wish". I might not be sure about that statement, but from movie I can safely say, "Not can a single leaf move, without the NSA's notice." There is nothing great about the plot. One lawyer gets entangled in the affair of the State inadvertently and seeks the help of a proficient ex-Security professional to get out of the mess.

Star of the show is clearly Gene Hackman, without doubt, in this high-profile thriller. Will Smith, as a sometimes-clever-sometimes-stupid lawyer gives a very usual performance. Others are OK.Some of the sequences in this seemingly high-octane thriller might look little far-fetched, but nevertheless it is an enjoyable. And if you really loved the movie, it won't be too difficult to guess your age.Tony Scott (Man on Fire) is known as the master of espionage thrillers, knows quite well how to hook his audience.

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Chaos, 22 August 2011

Mumbai is not a mere city. It's a phenomenon. Paragon of diversity. Umpteen movies have explored its idiosyncrasies multitude of times that now any movie on Mumbai, honestly, looks the same. But somehow, I had a positive expectations from 'Shor in the City'.

Babel like concept of showing several loosely connected events happen in parallel, the characters fading in the chaos of the city. Three petty thieves trying to cash in every opportunity, one NRI trying to establish his own business, One struggling cricketer trying to get entry to the big stage. It's not an out-and-out comedy. So expectations to have lots of laughs is going to fall falter. Promising start. Unfortunately, lost me midway because of mundanity. The last 15 minutes was the saving grace for the initial tedium. Overall, a pretty average movie. Could have been so much better. Watchable. Some appreciable performances (the NRI part is good).

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Bhaag D K, 22 August 2011

'Delhi Belly' is an honest attempt to provide apt entertainment for the English-speaking, tweeting, facebook-ing, blogging, muliplex visiting middle class Indian (wanna-be-) yuppies. And it delivers.

After a long time, an adult comedy which is not just collection of kitsch double-meaning jokes, rather a comedy-of-errors which revolve around the misfortune of careless few and hapless others.

I laughed out loud lot of occasions and would love to watch it once again, even if I wouldn't put it in my favourite comedies. One basic rule to enjoy this movie - Don't ask a lot of WHYs.

And let's not be paranoid about the expletives. We use more expletives in our daily life than the movie uses. Those high-priests of the society (read samaaj ke thekedaar ) who want to protect the kids from getting spoilt, the day is coming soon when their kids will tell them 'go f*ck yourself'.

Rango (2011)
The Spirit of West, 22 August 2011

If you are a sucker of the genre 'Western' ( those lull before the storm moments, those slowly rotating noisy fans, those dimly lit bars with filthy looking goons gulping beer, those cow boy hats, those smoking barrels) and a big fan of Johnny Depp, and don't think animated movies are only for kids - you are absolutely going to love this movie.

Rango is an ordinary blabbermouth wannabe-hero chameleon, who in search of adventure and spirit of west, reaches the drying city of 'Dirt' that awaits a saviour. And as expected Rango rises to the occasion.

Rango is a work of genius - Best thing to come out from the association of Gore Verbinski and Johnny Depp. (I never liked the Pirates of the Caribbean series)

Johnny Depp is brilliant or Wha What What???

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100% Adrenaline and That's it, 22 August 2011

Well, watching this movie you would know why they are so critical about Keanu Reeve's acting skills. Though I don't have much appreciation for his performance, I must commend on his choice of movies. Not this one though.

If you love adventure sports especially surfing, and consider heist jobs to be the most intelligent course of human mind, you are going to love this movie. It has surfers, sky-divers, bank robbers and FBI agents. Point Break has everything for the suckers of adrenaline rush, but nothing much for sensible minds. There is no chemistry between the actors whatsoever.

Patrick Swayze's free-spirited performance would make you want to be like Bodhi. Some of his utterances are prophetic for the young and restless. Visuals are stunning, and that's about it.

When the man and woman (Cameron and Bigelow) were together, they created this one. All I can say that I don't share Bigelow's cinematic view.

This could have been so much better.

Stone (2010)
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The Cold Stone, 4 July 2011

Well, when a trailer of a movie would have Robert De Niro and Edward Norton sitting across a table, background score of a thriller, naturally the expectations from the flick would be so high, that anything lesser than 'great' is going to doom disaster for it. And that is precisely what happened.

'Stone' is not a bad movie even if not a great one. But the trailer promised a psychological thriller with an adultery angle, and when midway the movie took a de-tour along the philosophical path dealing with existential angst of a reformed prisoner, most of the audience felt betrayed. That is why there are some rave reviews about the movie. Not the best movie of Norton or De Niro.

I liked it.

At one point two sequences were juxtaposed - a gruesome murder and an erotic act of adultery - diluting the intensity of both with each other - that is the best scene of the movie according to me. Good direction.

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