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not great, but good - Horowitz does fine work, 16 January 2007

Really a sweet movie - yes, VERY formulaic, but that does not disqualify any film. Plot - OK, crap. But Sutherland and Horowitz (yes, the guy from Beastie Boys and son of the famous playwright) do well by the roles they are given.

It is the gentle attention that the director give to the characters that makes the movie for me. The two main characters are cast in a very typical ("Ordinary People") situation, but they transcend it with their performances. Sutherland could easily have coasted through this movie for the paycheck, but doesn't. Adam Horowitz could have just posed and postured - but doesn't.

Or I'm nuts - could be. There is no harm, however, in a feel-good story that doesn't cheat on the difficulties of the characters' situations or their needs. This plot may speed past them, but the performances give them depth.

Honest sentiment is no crime - and I would claim that Sutherland and Horowitz give nuanced performances (not exactly typical for either).

"Cop Rock" (1990)
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Cop Rock - not subversive, not crap, but just a good idea gone WAY wrong, 2 September 2006

I agree with many of the other comments here, and understand where they are coming from (I think).

BUT - Cop Rock was a TRAIN WRECK. So many good ideas thrown all over the place. There were fantastic moments, some great innovations, and, for my money, one beautiful song (Sandman's Coming)...but COME ONE -

The scene in the courtroom where people are throwing glowing money around and legal people are dancing on the bench, dock, etc? It's a moment that only Ed Wood could love.

If anyone wants to disagree with me - great - maybe I missed something - it's been a long time since I've seen it.

I must say, though, that Cop Rock was one of the biggest disasters in entertainment - well intentioned, well produced, but ultimately a disaster.