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Closer and Closer (1996) (TV)
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Pretty decent, 13 January 2002

First of all, let me say that I would watch Kim Delaney even if she was in a polish art movie shot in shades of brown!

I think she did a pretty good job in this one, portraying an author bound to a wheelchair. She seemed very natural in her movements, so perhaps she had been practicing? :)

There is genuine suspense at the end, and when we track the killer across the country.

All in all, a decent serial killer thriller

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Pretty good actually, 5 June 2001

This film is actually pretty good. There is good chemistry between Wincott and Jonathan Banks, and it's certainly one of Joseph Merhi's best films. The stunts are excellent, half of the budget must have gone into that side of the production, including three great car chases, and a very big explosion halfway through the film.

It's a b-movie, but a very good one.

7 out of 10 stars for this effort.