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An exercise in disgust...., 6 July 2015

Somebody spent a lot of someone's money on this gag-reflex inducing literal journey through fecal matter and snot.....this no more a sci-fi story than The Brady a vision of Hell, there would seem to be some purpose, albeit still not possible to sit through.....always thought Russians are psychotic as a group, their actors and artists beyond hope.....

Why Netfix put this on their list is mute testimony to the growing crap-factor of their entire catalog.....way too many horrid SciFi Channel movies, IFC garbage films and really bad independent productions financed by dad and mommy......this particular Russian film reflects the debauchery of Eurotrash art.

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Dakota's eyes are worth the whole show..., 13 April 2014

There is no doubt she is one of our finest young actresses, but Dakota succeeds in a very important area of film acting.....the camera eats her up. Her haunting eyes draw you in, and her characters are the better for it. She has grown into a beauty, and one hopes the often fatal hubris of Hollywood will pass her by. The fact that she and her co-star were in Spielberg movies is testament to their talent and validity. I wish them both great fortune and longevity in that sorry business. Yes, this plot has been done to death, but there is a realism in the details of dying that make this a great film. My only critique is not really a critique, but the mother's character, as played by the fine Olivia Williams, is very disconcerting.....a disturbing portrait of a very flawed person. I may buy the DVD, nonetheless.....highly recommended.

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Community theatre attempts to make it BIG, 12 April 2014

Quite possibly the worst community theater "actors" on the planet got together with a seriously deluded writer/director and made this piece of flotsam.....ghastly....hilariously bad acting......incomprehensible plot and script.......uncomfortably inferior writing and delivery of badly written dialogue......apparently, anybody that contributed money to this project was cast in a speaking many characters that it was impossible for continuity......the only good work was the actual camera operation and special effects.....all wasted by community theatre-quality direction......somebody in that cast had big money, because Red Box got paid to put it in their machines....I turned it off after 15 minutes of gawping in wonder....

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Very interesting and enlightening.....special effects knarly, 28 April 2013

I'm halfway through this series on Netflix, and I am impressed. I never heard of the channel islands, and the fact that they were thoroughly English, and only 10 miles from Nazi French soil at the height of the Battle of Britain is a piece of history I have missed. This is a very unusual and interesting series.

I was pleased to see Joanna Froggart from "Downton Abbey". a very beautiful and talented actress, and the actress with the first name Saskia who plays Froggart's mother, is one of those heartbreakingly beautiful British actresses that eat cameras up.

Historically, the Nazis were SO bad, so incredibly evil and arrogant that it will never be politically incorrect to diss them anywhere, anytime, until, of course, American liberals decide to make it a sin to keep on dissing them. The Nazis in this series are chillingly demonic.

I liked the fact that CGI ME-109s and Stukas were shown in flybys, but as usual, the CGI boys know nothing of aircraft flight characteristics, and thus, the planes came in way too low and way too slow. Most of the explosions from the Stuka bombs were super chinzy, nowhere near as huge and destructive as a 500 lb bomb would be. This is a problem with CGI when they show combat flying and destruction---the planes look good--they just are not flying right---the flying parts are cartooney.

The Brits make great WWII movies---watch and enjoy---just admire the look of the aircraft depicted, and the look of the ladies in a great cast.

Dark Feed (2013)
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How did they get money to make this film?, 17 April 2013

I am increasingly amazed that projects like "Dark Fall" and the people responsible for them somehow manage to get investors, and ultimately a distro house like Lionsgate to put it out.

This HAS to be a tax-write off scam, a "Spring Time For Hitler" scenario where the joke's on us, the viewers, and the IRS. No one viewing the rushes, or reading the script could not have missed the fact that this was SciFy Channel quality, low-rent drivel. Ergo, it had to be planned that way so investors could declare a loss on their income for 2012, thus taking the IRS bite and rendering it insignificant.

Everybody gets a REFUND!......a bunch of 20-somethings get a summer project, get stoned, drunk, have sex, all on the investors' dime, which will inevitably come right back to the investors' pockets. Also, how many times has that run-down hospital been used in films lately?

Reverb (2008)
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Very original, with terrible "music", 9 April 2013

The plot summary on this website for this film is a bit off--a struggling rock musician does NOT head into a studio with his band--he heads into the studio with 2 hot blondes after scoring, in a non-musical way, with both of them.

Great showcase of pre-digital studio reverb processes, as the focus of the film was on a tiled room that was actually used very effectively back in the day to put reverberation on a track. The technical details of the tiled room, and the digital processes of recording shown in the film may have left an audience a bit in the lurch as far as understanding what was going on in the film. However, two hot, leggy blondes, gasping sex on a couch, gallons of blood and evil voices panned left and right on the soundtrack probably would carry the day.....

Very original filmstory, and I liked that....sadly, as is typical of much new millennium music, the "songs" featured in the film really sucked....

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Another superior combat film from a beautiful lady, 31 January 2013

OK...I'm a bar-band musician, and I love the ladies....Kathy Bigelow is a heartbreakingly gorgeous woman who just happens to "get it" concerning soldiers and combat. The "hotness" of this combination is mesmerizing. The film actually tells the true story of a woman, we will never know her real name, who also got it---she wanted vengeance, and she understood the young men who would have to do that job.

As in the masterpiece "Ben Hur", the central character in the conflict is never shown full-on---UBL's bloodied nose and beard are seen briefly as he lay in his brand new body bag, courtesy of the United States Navy Seals.

This film doesn't fit the usual Hollywood scenario of gorgeous, eco-consumed, soldier-hating, clueless females portrayed in 99% of the films belched out from the New Hollywood.

I have no idea what Jennifer Chastain's politics are, but I loved the scene of her watching the SEALs goofing off, showing off----her endearing amusement showed the reality of real women, and how they feel about the men who have to do the wet work....

I get the feeling Kathy Bigelow feels the same way---with "Zero Dark Thirty' she has made another Oscar-worthy, stunningly realistic combat film.

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A feast for plaid skirt fans, and an interesting movie, 17 September 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I really, really like short plaid skirts, and that whole English schoolgirl look, but I also liked this movie, tho it seemed a bit muddy at times.

Lily Cole looked stunning in this film--very spooky indeed, and she deserved a better speaking part--she should have been allowed more screen time and development. I never understood whether she was a vampire, or a ghost. I never got from the story how she became a vampire. She seemed more of a ghost at the very end, despite her character's standard vamp demise.

Sarah Bolger is a beautiful woman, and a pleasure to watch--I actually bought her kiss with the English professor--sometimes crazy passionate things like that just HAPPEN smack in the middle of a wild situation...and who could blame Scott Speedman's hapless professor?--Sarah Bolger was quite gorgeous in that school dress--femininity and sexual heat radiated when she walked into his office, and closed the door.....that seemed to be the money shot, strangely enough.

Yes....I liked this movie for all the wrong reasons, but I was entertained thoroughly.

Fortress (2012) (V)
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A very good first step....., 21 August 2012

With the advent of CGI, the story of the 8th Air Force in Europe during WWII is begging to be told. The visual effects in this film were very good--I just wish they had shown the B-17s over Germany instead. Over a hundred thousand young men were killed in B-17s and B-24s over the skies of the Third Reich. Spielberg needs to make this film.

"Fortress" is a great first step, and I thank the producers for doing what big-time Hollywood could not. They made a much better film than "Memphis Belle", which was so badly Hollywoodized that the story it told about a real airplane and its crew was in no way the real story.

In "Memphis Belle", six actual B-17s were used, along with large radio-controlled models. One B-17 was lost during the production.

With CGI, hundreds of 17s and 24s can fill the skies, and the look is incredibly realistic. "Fortress" is definitely worth seeing.

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Tino Struckmann could save the U.S. economy, 19 June 2012

How did he get ANYBODY to give money for this phony crapfest? Answer that question, and apply the technique to saving the USA from the 15 trillion dollar catastrophe Osama Bin Laden caused us all here in the Country That Supports the Whole World.

Is Claudia Crawford the ULTIMATE WOMAN with her vaginal mouth? Whose idea was it to paint those lips fire-engine red? Does she call herself an actress? She does have great legs, but I don't think German nurses dressed like her and her BFF's in the film. Mini skirts for the Wehrmacht nurse brigades? Were there ANY actors, REAL actors, in this film?

My vote for best acting goes to the P-51 pilot in the cockpit during those fly-over scenes.


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