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I wish I had seen the special ending, 29 October 2001

The movie itself was excellent, the musical bits were quite funny. I do, however, wish that just once they would run the original version, one that had a few different musical scores and the alternate ending. I have to admit it, sometimes those test audiences do much more harm than good.

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Excellent King-Fu movie, 29 October 2001

This movie is a dazzling Kung-Fu movie, and yes, the plot does have a few holes. The biggest one being at the end, but, eh, why split hairs. The action sequences were excellent, especially when they were battling over the flames. There were also a few very funny moments, many of them being the banter between the father and the son.

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A truly great film, 18 October 2001

This movie had something that very few movies have, substance and believability. There seems to be a certain message in the tale, a sort of 'Look before you leap' perspective. In each case we see heroes, Bowen and Draco, trying to follow the honor codes of their kind. Both fall from grace as a result of a single sacrifice and eventually rise up to become true heroes and manage to lead the people in a rebellion and return the kingdom to the ways of nobility and chivalry.

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A good movie, misunderstood, 13 June 2001

Part of the problem is the plot summary is innacurate; the idea is that the 'Dungeonmaster' is looking for a worth opponent. He sees the hero, the nerd, and sees his skills, he decides to pull him into his world and put him through the challenges, using the guys girlfriend as collateral should the hero decline. It was a good movie, especially considering that Empire pictures wasn't some huge company like Universal.