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Showcase for great music videos and comedy, 12 December 2007

Some of the comedy sketches are classic, once-in-a-lifetime beauties - Ed Begley Jr as Pope Brad, Whoopi Goldberg as the surfer chick, Martin Mull in a charming music video romance and Bobcat Goldthwait with a performing pig. The music videos are remarkably swinging, mostly country, but don't be put off, they're all timelessly hip, clever and fun, including a magical Jimmy Buffet tune and some wacky comical ones. A collection of works of genius. Whoopi Goldberg's monologue of the crippled up bride alone is worth watching the whole thing. Many of the scenes stick in my head forever and make me smile. Mike Nesmith really knew what he was doing when he put this stuff together. My only criticism is that some of the fillers are just abstract silliness, but they are brief and fleeting.

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Hate the Artistic Theft, 17 November 2006

I tried to get over it and give this film a fair viewing, but after watching it a couple of times, I find myself more outraged than ever at the lack of artistic integrity the thing has. Yes, they knew how to get visual wows and glue together a patchwork plot with the emotional juice leached from the songs they stole, but in the end it's just a really well funded and filmed trip to the karaoke bar.

It's not just that they recycled the songs in lieu of a script but they couldn't manage to remain true to the spirit, the lyric, or the tune of those songs, nor did they stick to one era or genre. It just seems to be a wholesale ragbag of anything that can goose the emotions of someone not thinking very hard.

Not for the small screen, 10 October 2006

Tried watching this film on Vongo (downloaded to PC) and a great deal of the movie is shot in such low light that the screen is literally black with some vague gray shapes (for long periods of time}. I'm not sure a television format would be an improvement. While this is otherwise a fine movie, the unrelenting darkness is downright annoying. I am not sure what all this realism is in aid of - if we were there in the flesh, rather than watching a movie, our eyes would adjust to the darkness and we'd see much more. One or two short scenes of such dark moments would be acceptable, but watching the movie with one's ears for 10 and 15 minute hauls again and again seems excessive.

Shopgirl (2005)
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Disappointing, 8 October 2006

If you like romance, you'll find this movie a king-size serving of let-down. The story is a sort of romantic playoff between a young, goofy, underachiever and an old, polished, successful man. One wishes for the emotional redemption of the older more successful lover, but he's emotionally stupid. The young chump finally gets the point that he's supposed to offer her *something* and thereby wins her over. In the end, the older fellow ponders on his loss, and concludes that his detachment has hurt him and her alike, but "that is life". Gack! I'm not asking for Prince Charming, but the ending of a movie left me wanting to strangle Steve Martin.