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I enjoy borrowing films from my local library, partly because they always have a large selection of movies in the Criterion Collection. By no means do I believe that Criterion is perfect. But they do a pretty good job of releasing movies in diverse genres, and it is fun to pick up a boatload of these movies and see what new film made the ultimate film snob's list. And hey, they keep giving me good movies, so I'll forgive whoever it was that suggested Tiny Furniture should make the collection. :)

***NEW FEATURE*** I'm adding the library of laserdisc releases from Criterion as well. If it was only released as a laserdisc, I will make a note of it.

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Il Posto (1961) 5/10

A key to ratings (based upon my personal preferences and tastes):
9 or 10 Brilliant, a must see
8 Despite some minor quibbles, this is a highly recommended film.
7 A good movie. There are problems in some areas, but all in all I enjoyed the experience quite a bit.
6 Passable.
3 through 5 Not quite up to snuff. Often mixes excellent ideas with shoddy execution.
2 Just plain bad. There may be a sequence or two that belong to a better film, but in the end they can't come anywhere near saving the whole.
1 Terrible in every respect.
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These are 50 great films about families: fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, children, siblings. In their own ways, each story is an honest depiction of family and blood. I'm open to any recommendations or suggestions, so feel free to shout out some favorites of yours!

Note: Not all of these are obviously "family" films, but every movie is here for a reason. I hope to be adding small write-ups to each movie on this list shortly.