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These are 50 great films about families: fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, children, siblings. In their own ways, each story is an honest depiction of family and blood. I'm open to any recommendations or suggestions, so feel free to shout out some favorites of yours!

Note: Not all of these are obviously "family" films, but every movie is here for a reason. I hope to be adding small write-ups to each movie on this list shortly.
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I enjoy borrowing films from my local library, partly because they always have a large selection of movies in the Criterion Collection. By no means do I believe that Criterion is perfect: there are far too many films that I would deem "important" that they continue to shun (Ghost in the Shell, anyone?), and too many films that make the list simply because they're from a certain director when they have no redeeming qualities to speak of. But they do a pretty good job of releasing movies in diverse genres, and it is fun to pick up a boatload of these movies and see what new film made the ultimate film snob's list. And hey, they keep giving me good movies, so I'll forgive whoever it was that suggested Tiny Furniture should make the collection. :)

***NEW FEATURE*** I'm adding the library of laserdisc releases from Criterion as well. If it was only released as a laserdisc, I will make a note of it.

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Three Resurrected Drunkards (1968) ** 1/2

A key to ratings:
**** Brilliant, I enjoyed it immensely.
*** 1/2 Excellent, I enjoyed the film greatly, despite minor quibbles.
*** A good movie. Nothing fantastic, but I don't regret watching it.
** 1/2 These films usually have plenty of flaws, but also enough virtues to balance them out into something fairly enjoyable.
** Simply put, I didn't like this movie, for one reason or another. There are redeeming factors, but in the end it falls short of satisfaction.
* 1/2 A painful experience. Always poorly written, usually needlessly artsy or offensive.
* I frequently screamed, sang loudly, dug fingernails into my face, or all of the above throughout the film's running time.
1/2 a star -- I reserve the zero star rating for Talladega Nights, because nothing else could possibly be that bad. But this is close. Very, very close.
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This is in a loose order. That said, this is a list of my favorite films, not the best. Thus, Casablanca, Citizen Kane, etc. doesn't quite make it, as much as I admire them, while The Village makes it because it has earned a place in my heart -- undeserved as that place may be as ranked by critics. So, have fun reading through.