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Memento (2000)
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Snazzy editing doesn't make an amazing film, 10 July 2001

The majority of people on this comments board attribute this film's success to its very original editing style. The film is built upon this style, showing you a present-time snippet of the main character which leaves you wondering about why he got there and what he's doing. The film then continues showing you a snippet of the immediate preceding past of the main character, and so on backwards in time helping you understand the beginning of the film. That's where the movie's originality stops. The plot itself is filled with huge holes. While the premise is interesting, it is hardly plausible that someone with no short-term memory would not be 'assisted' by society in any way, nor that he could not have a notebook handcuffed to him or something rather than all the tattoos. I found the movie rather predictable and did not really care about the movie after about halfway through.

Still, an interesting and innovative movie-making style with a neat, if unplausible, situation for the main character. This coupled with sometimes very unconvincing acting by the main actor (although it is a hard role, he never really pulls it off) and a wholly boring plot earns this movie a 7 in my book.

If you want to see a real whodunnit type movie that will haunt you for a long time to come, try Thesis by Spanish director Almenabar which I saw last night and save Memento for a day you want to study film rather than enjoy it.

Mildly entertaining at best, 4 June 2001

I walked into this movie expecting what I got out of it at the end. A ho-hum feeling of 'that was alright'. Lots of effects and stuff, but even the effects were a little disappointing (like the Rock's plastic-like head at the end). I can't believe the movie has achieved the success it has, a tribute in my opinion to good marketing and a nostalgia for action movies that are far more worthy, like Raiders of the Lost Ark.

How so many could have glorified it on IMDb review and rated it so highly is both a mystery and rather distressing to me.

I sometimes see these kind of movies out of pop-hype curiosity. This is not worthy of a rental. It'll be out on TV soon. It's the only way to justify seeing it.