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An acceptable movie, 21 October 2006

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Personnaly i loved this movie. It had a good plot, interesting characters, mystery, romance, must i continue. Of course it had its down sides, yes Sara was a little to peppy to be Marnie, but did an OK job, and it shouldn't have told you about the teachers being evil so soon, it would've made it more intense if they kept you guessing longer. Yes it was no where near as good as 1 and 2, so if you hated 1 or 2 i recommend you don't waste ur time. But hey if u still want to give it a try i admire u 4 that. Now I must say that to like this movie you have to keep an open mind while watching it, if your not the open mind kind of person don't even try watching it, i wont admire you if you do.Another hing if your the kind of person who 1.hates movies with fiction 2.hates halloween movies with no scary parts 3.hates romance 4.hates sequels then i suggest you don't watch this movie, but again i admire you if you give it a chance. Overalll i think this movie deserves a seven out of ten!! sincerely:nancy_lavignasse