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Series Finale of "The Golden Girls", 30 August 2006

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This episode had the perfect combination of laughter and tears. In this series finale where Dorothy leaves the house and the girls after marrying Blanche's Uncle Lucas, it takes her 3 different attempts to leave (as they did spend 7 years together). When she finally is able to leave for good, the atmosphere on the set at that time practically jumped out at me from the screen. It felt as if I'd lived there with them all and Dorothy was leaving me as well. It was THAT strong of an episode! Dorothy's return in "The Golden Palace" ("Seems Like Old Times, Part 1 & 2), in my opinion, was probably the most-watched episode of the series' entire run. I cried all over again! I wish the writers would have written Dorothy & Lucas in as new co-owners of the hotel. Possibly, "The Golden Palace" series may not have been so short-lived.