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Soothing experience, 29 August 2006

I read first notices of Station Agent from one local Finnish newspaper and was interested at first glance; it took still quite a time before I got to actually see it. It didn't fail my expectations though watching situation was far from optimal for good movie night. My wife ill in hospital and me tired of pulling the common-day family routine -wagon, irritated, frustrated, self-pitying; middle of the workweek, late evening I was having DVD in my hands. So, instead of seeming only wise decision of going to bed, I found myself starting to watch TV as a mental painkiller - it was then that I remembered the movie that I had recently bought. I started watching it in gray and rainy mood but during the story going on I couldn't help beginning to feel destinies and burdens of those people in film quite like mine, and it felt good, soothing; finally, in the of the movie, I sat there with relieved, refreshed mind, smiling to myself with no other reason than just that feeling of connection to the story and feeling of letting go of some of my grief. What does that film then have in it? Film has quite warm and hopeful attitude co-existing with enough of genuineness; it creates an uncommon atmosphere and gives unexpected experience for a American movie - feeling of no-hurry, zen -like find-your-life-here-and-now-being, be yourself and rest in being less than perfect. It is slow but vivid, rare combination. But it has nothing for you if you are great achiever, self made proud American hero, speedy give-me-everything-now -guy. But to an average worker it may just give you what you need if you give it a try. And no hangover. Dinklage and Cannavale get that improbable ground for friendship going beautifully: combination of impulsive and intrusive friendliness of Joe and defensive withdrawal of Finbar form finally interaction in which both are moving and living slowly straight ahead in their lives instead of braking or getting lost in the jungle of impulsive actions. Also other characters are delicious: traumatized and gloomy artist Olivia who finally rumbles her way to share sadness with somebody, clumsy and easy Cleo -girlie, librarian-girl and others.