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Such high hopes..., 24 August 2016

After I saw the 1st trailer for this film, I was very excited for the film. It looked so promising. Now here we are...let down. The film is average, at best. The story just does not add up at all, even when you try to piece it together. The mission that is described to the characters at the beginning of the film has a very confusing result, even when you try to go back and remember everything that happened and who said what.

The characters are not bad at all...except The Joker. This is my least favorite interpretation of The Joker. It reminded me of Johnny Depp's 'Capt. Jack Sparrow' at times. The way he talked and laughed just didn't go together. Leto's acting coach should have pulled him to the side and said "You need to work on this more." Anyone involved in this movie should have told Leto "...You really need to work on this more."

I enjoyed Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Diablo, Croc, and Boomerang. All solid performances, some tongue-in-cheek lines/moments, but that is the writers, not the actors.

If you intend on seeing this film in theaters, brace yourself for a mediocre movie. This could have been so much better. DC Comics really need to sit back and think of their upcoming projects, rethink of their upcoming projects, and then think once more about how they are going to write and direct the upcoming films. The fans quality!!

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Are you kidding me?, 31 December 2013

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy isn't a classic if you ask me but it is still pretty funny. 10 years in the making, I thought the sequel wouldn't be as good but still worth seeing. I was wrong.

It was the kind of movie I felt embarrassed for the actors. The stupidity and humor-less jokes were that bad. I was a big fan of Carrell's character but I really couldn't tell you what funny line or action he did in this movie that had me laughing as much as the first movie.

The movie simply made no sense at all. I don't know what the writers were thinking but movie audiences expect more than this senseless crap.

Either Will Ferrell was desperately seeking a big blockbuster but got lazy on it and came up with this crap, or he is a genius who has proved that as long as you put a few big names on a movie that made no sense whatsoever, you can still earn millions of dollars.

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Very Surprised....Very Funny, 10 July 2013

I saw this movie last night with two buddies of mine and before it started I thought this movie would be funny in the beginning, then drag on and lose it's steam as time went by. I was glad I was wrong. The film was extremely funny, well written, and performed.

This isn't an exact spoiler, but: Michael Cera (I'm not a fan of his at all) is one of the funniest characters in the film. He definitely earned majority of the laughs in the beginning of the movie.

Although "This Is The End" is your typical 'buddy-buddy' movie, it delivers a meaningful message for everyone in the audience. I enjoyed the immature humor, inappropriate behavior, and crudeness from each character. It also helped to see it with an audience who shared the same sense of humor that the movie delivered. My advice for future audience members: Pre-game with a few beers and see this movie with your friends. You won't regret it.

Evil Dead (2013)
122 out of 242 people found the following review useful:, 6 April 2013

I literally couldn't be more disappointed with this film than I am. Within 10 minutes of all "hell" breaking loose in the film, I wish I had saved my money and caught this on RedBox with my friends one weekend. The tag line of every movie poster I saw for this film said "One of the scariest movies you'll experience." It really should've said "One of the bloodiest/goriest movies you'll ever see. Ever." That's all the film was: Violence and Gore. If you are hesitant to see this film due to the "scare" tactics it promises, trust me; you'll be fine. It was eerie to see some silhouettes of possessed bodies, but that's it. Trust me. The rest is one character after the other fighting an incredibly violent fight against the "villian". I thought some more intelligent, scary elements would be in this movie.

Simply said: There really isn't a good horror film anymore. Along with this film, we see another classic remake: Carrie. I felt bad for the original after seeing that preview.

Avoid this one unless you love seeing gallons upon gallons of blood and constant violence. That's all you're paying for.

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Running out of steam..., 28 October 2012

As a mild fan of the franchise, I can say without a doubt, this is the WORST sequel of them all. First and foremost, I did not have the highest expectations going into this movie. Part 1 was great, 2nd was kinda good, 3rd one was okay. What I liked most about this movie: the cameras used. I enjoyed the use of modern technology (laptop cameras, video chats). The actress (blonde girl, I forget her name and character's name) and also the little boys. The boy who played "Robbie" got under my skin, but as the character, not as an actor. He delivered what he was supposed to present: mystery. He was annoying because I wanted to know more about him (this review is spoiler free, so if you want to know what's so mysterious, you'll have to see it...but again, this is the worst of them all, so the choice is yours) What I didn't like: the scare tactics. What I hated about the movie: The Highly Anticipated/Popular Climax at the end of the movie. This ultimate scare fell flat in a way that made my theater's audience groan in disappointment as soon as the credits rolled.

I can't really reveal much more without spoiling it for you, but trust me (even though you don't know me), it's not worth the ticket price. Watch it for free at a friend's house on DVD. If you wanna see a solid horror film for Halloween, go see "Sinister".

Sinister (2012/I)
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Did not see this one coming..., 14 October 2012

See this in the movie theater. That's the first statement I'd like to make in this review. The film is very dark, very suspenseful, and frightens you when it intends to. Most horror films nowadays sadly make the audience laugh in mockery when it tries to spook them (Paranormal Activity Sequels). Yet, this film made the audience jump and scream at its demand.

I will not spoil the movie for you, but it's story is very different, yet interesting for a horror film. I thoroughly enjoyed the story as it progressed and built up to the climax. The one flaw I found in the film was that I figured out the key revelation before it was given at the end of the film. Again, I won't tell you what the surprise was, but I think most audience members figured it out since we were all sucked into the film when it began.

So, in conclusion: 1. See this in theaters during the Halloween season, because packed audience has the potential to make it more frightening. I had the pleasure of watching this movie with a good crowd (the kind that didn't talk or make jokes during suspenseful moments)

2. Scares you with story-telling and acting, as opposed to seeing gore and blood.

3. Good luck going into your attic after watching "Sinister". Especially if it's your typical, empty, dusty, dark room of the house.

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The final chapter of a great trilogy, 12 August 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Warning - Spoilers Below!

I was looking forward to seeing this movie ever since "The Dark Knight" ended. After seeing the 2nd film, I told myself the 3rd one may not top the 2nd, but may be just as good. Unfortunately, I felt disappointed after the first time I saw The Dark Knight Rises. I didn't want to write a review until I saw it once more and had a definite opinion of the film.

After seeing it again, I felt better but still did not think it was as good as the 2nd. The reason why is because I feel the movie could've been better without Catwoman. It's not that I didn't like Hathaway's performance, she did a great job. I just never liked the character overall. She may have saved Batman in the end, in more ways than one, but I feel other characters could've done the same job (such as Blake or Gordon). In fact, it would've been better if Blake saved Batman from Bane in the end since Blake is accepting the role of Batman now.

The character of John Blake was absolutely phenomenal. I had a feeling he would help Gordon throughout the film, but then I slowly started to realize that he would be Batman's predecessor.

The character of Bane was great, as well. Great choice by Nolan and writers. I feel he lived up to the hype as being physically superior, and quite possibly, mentally superior to Batman/Bruce Wayne. The only flaw was that Bane's lines weren't always crystal clear. Also, I still didn't understand why Ra's Al Ghul saw absolute evil in him, kicked him out of League of Shadows, yet Bane tried to execute Ghul's plan by destroying Gotham. Ghul wanted Gotham to suffer and perish, just as Bane did. So where was the differntiation?

The Bat wasn't too realistic either. I understand it was a critical component in the ending since it got the A-Bomb out of the city in just the nick of time, but the whole build and operation just seemed a bit much to believe.

Overall, my rating is an 8/10. The Dark Knight was absolutely fantastic, Batman Begins was terrific as well. My ranking of the trilogy: The Dark Knight, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight Rises

Scream 4 (2011)
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Really? 10 years?, 16 April 2011

A whole decade has passed and THIS is the best story Craven could think of?! Let me start by saying, I did not have high expectations going into this film, I really didn't. It's a typical slasher film, a sequel to a franchise that is known for it's mindless victims, and semi-surprise revelations. However, after so many years, why would the writers and Wes Craven choose this script as the final product? For one, I guessed who the killer was even before I saw the movie. It's that obvious, my friends. Second, the acting is atrocious (especially during the killer's rant of motive/explanation). Third, the suspense was never there. I don't know if this franchise lost it's touch with me because I was 15 when the "Scream" movies were hot and popular, but Scream 4 did not deliver any suspense. An example is, the crowd I sat with would say "This one's getting killed." when we would see an opening of a new scene. The problem with the outbursts from the crowd: They were right! That's how bad the writing was, people! Save your $10. Don't even rent it. Wait to see it for free on HBO.

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Exactly what I expected, 19 February 2011

This movie isn't the best action film of the year. This movie isn't another tongue-in-cheek teen movie. Most importantly, this movie isn't a "wannabe" of the Twilight franchise. This movie is entertainment for all viewers that delivers a good story, action, and desire to want more at the end. I was lucky enough to work as an extra in this movie for about 2 weeks and was able to see how this film came together, piece by piece. The visual effects truly make the film enjoyable. Seeing it behind-the-scenes, I couldn't imagine what it would look like. To be honest, I was pleasantly surprised.

The acting was believable and consistent (unlike previous reviews who claim the actors lost steam halfway thru the film). Timothy Olyphant is perhaps the best character in the film, Pettyfer following right after. The best part about this film: the love story within the plot WAS NOT painful/annoying to watch (such as Twilight).

This movie is definitely worth seeing in theaters, as the action scenes truly make the experience. I Am Number Four is a great start to what could be a fantastic franchise.

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Unbelievable..., 29 June 2009

What were they thinking?! Why did none of the actors ask the writers, producers, and director "Are you serious?", but yet most fans are asking that and many other questions? I, along with many other people in my movie theater, were bored halfway through this movie. One guy beside me asked his buddy "How much longer til this is over?".

My problems with this movie: Terrible story (if there was one), atrocious acting, and the dialogue at times was annoying...especially the dialogue of the Transformers. Since when do Transformers swear, insult other humans, and have mechanical testicles? And I am not the most dedicated fan of Transformers, but I thought they only took forms of machines and NOT humans. Where did that come from? If I were Shia, I would walk away from this franchise before it takes my career down to the pits...where this movie landed.

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