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excellent, 27 February 2004

Superbly done! I did not see any portrayals of and anti-jewish nature. There were only Jews and Romans in the film. The family, friends and towns people were Jewish. Jesus received much sympathy and some help from Jewish people. The High Priests were portrayed as political, having no thoughts other than their political motives. That occurs to all peoples, not just Jewish. With Jesus being Jewish, the obvious heritage of Christians is Jewish. The movie needed to be graphically violent to portray the realistic, horrific nature of His crucifiction. From studying that I have done, the actual crucifiction was much worse than even this movie portrayed. I also think it is within the rights of Mel Gibson to portray this event as he sees it in his mind's eye. The same as with The Last Temptation being portrayed as Scorses saw it. Gibson has repeatedly denied being anti-semetic. I hold him to his word. He does not have a history of being a liar. All movie makers, that are successful, make a profit from their work. That's their job. "Making money from the suffering of Jesus" is no different than making money from the suffering of the victims of the holocaust or the casualties of war. I appreciated the artistry that went into this film. The actors, especially protraying Jesus and Mary, were fantastic, deserving of awards. Technical, make-up, cinematography, direction are also worthy of awards. I am afraid that prejudices will prevent that. But let's see, maybe Hollywood can practice what they are preaching and put their anti-Christian feelings aside.

Moving and very well done, 26 January 2003

I am very impressed with Denzel's directing. The movie was put together well and the acting was realistic. Good story. Denzel did not shy away from the truth and that made the movie all the much better. it's a movie that gives us room for thought and reflection while still leaving us with hope.

Fun and entertaining, 26 January 2003

Great fun! Catch Me If You Can has all the elements needed for fun; character developement, romance, sex, larceny ... and it's a true story. It's nice to get to be able to be ion the side of the criminal and still be moral. Good direction and skilled story.

Chicago (2002)
superb, 26 January 2003

Chicago is the best movie I have seen in a very long time. The direction was fabulous, dancing and singing very skillful and entertaining. The story was well put together and portrayed beyond excellence. I find no fault with this film other than the fact that it ended.

S1m0ne (2002)
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very funny and creative, 25 August 2002

Very funny and creative. Al Pacino was excellent. I will see it again and will purchase it. The theater was often laughing out loud. Pacino was playing a straight roll, which added to the humor. A must see. You'll walk out smiling.

Blood Work (2002)
Good mystery, 25 August 2002

Eastwood was his usual self, (good). The mystery was good and kept you thinking for most of the movie. The kid was good. The only drawback, the usual old man with a young woman.It would have been much more satisfying and truthful if he had been an (adopted" grandpa.

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Too many and too long battle scenes, 19 June 2002

It seemed like one long battle. I was also disappointed that the story line was not more developed. Much more should have been examined about this serious topic and the choices the US made in implementing and safeguarding the code.

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fun, good revelation of relationships and friendships, 19 June 2002

This movie was extremely enjoyable. Very funny parts; very serious parts; moving; easy to identify with the feelings even though I haven't shared the same experiences; acting was superb by all the actors; very well done character development.