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GoreMongral's Review: 30 Days of Night, 20 October 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Horror movies have slowly been coming back to what made them...horrific. The 90's saw the unfortunate demise of horror thanks to the horror spoof/horror lite material that surfaced. Movies like Scream, IKWYDLS and the like changed what Hollywood viewed as true horror and unfortunately what an entire generation viewed as horror. Luckily things are slowly coming back to what they should be and a good example of this is 30 Days of Night.

Barrow, Alaska...the top of the world and also a place where for 30 days a town is shut off from the rest of the world as darkness settles. Enter Sheriff Eben Oleson who has just saw nearly 3/4ths of his population leave due to this and unfortunately replacing them is a horde of vampires that would like nothing more to feast on the remaining 4th of the town. The sheriff and the rest of the town are faced with a grave question, how do you fight off an army of the undead for 30 days.

One of the first things that makes this film work is its somber lack of humor. Horror movies have over the last decade changed peoples views as they tend to cry about lack of humor to lighten a mood. Correct me if Im wrong but this is horror not the next Will Farrell movie. No humor is found here and the humor that is there is the acceptable kind. Normal conversation humor unlike the kind we see in so many of the "modern' and "90's" films that literally wink at the camera.

Also the feeling of dread is around every corner as you never know where or when the vampires will attack. People are pulled out of there homes like someone picking and apple from a tree some more grueling than others but all are violent. The violence factor in this one is very high and the gore on display is nice. For gorehounds I feel you will be pleased, several decapitations, lots of ripped open jugulars and a severed arm or two are on display but don't expect every kill to be gory. Do however expect each one to be visceral and violent.

The Vampires on display as well are very nice. Looking like an unholy union between Marilyn Manson and Jaws, they are smart and very tactical but are very savage resembling a pack of wolves ready to strike at there pray. The only difference is when they attack they are much more lethal. These vamps will not ask you to invite them in or try to charm you they will bust down your door and rip you to shreds before you know what hit you.

The characters here are very believable as well and for the most part I could believe the action on display here. Now absurd over the top scenes to ruin the mood of dread here, only a few acts of genuine heroic attempts that are all plausible. Believe me there is no removal of mood throughout as it will keep you intrigued up to the very end.

The actors on display were all up to the task even Josh Hartnett (surprisingly) but the real show stealer in my mind is one of the best up and comers Ben Foster as the Stranger. Though he has a limited screen time his character sets up the dread to come with an err of creepiness that comes off like a cross between a crazy mountain man and Dwight Frye's Renfield character from the classic 1931 Dracula. Horror director's need to cast this guy as often as possible as he pulls this style of character acting off without a hitch. In the end the somber mood the violence and the fitting end make this one of the best horror movies of the year. Director David Slade who's previous work "Hard Candy" was nothing short of stellar has nailed two great movies out the box and is definitely a director to keep an eye on in the horror scene With its nods to the best in classic horror like John Carpenter's The Thing and its genuine old school approach this is one that all the old school horror heads can get behind and tell the unfortunate horror raised youth of the 90's and early 2000's "Now that's a horror movie".

8/10: Very Good, One of Best Horror Movies of the Year and what Im hoping brings us even closer back to what makes horror so good. Go see this without hesitation and support a great film.

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Chief GoreMongral's Wooly Review: Black Sheep, 10 October 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When the Oldfield brothers lose their father to a Sheep herding accident things never are the same. 15 Years later the youngest son has become afraid of sheep to the point that he needs therapy (due on no small part by a cruel trick played on him by his brother). The older brother has taken over the family business however instead of being a traditional shepherd he has opted to create his own breed of sheep through genetic testing.

Unfortunately these test are not all innocent as some of the experiments become "hazardous material" that is picked up by 2 animal rights activists. These unlucky 2 soon find that not all sheep are worth saving. During the theft of the said sheep one of them is bitten along with several of the sheep in their fields resulting in an apocalyptic assault on the locals and Oldfield farm employees. Think of it as the Rage Virus only with sheep and you'll get the idea. To make matters worse the people that are not slaughtered by the sheep turn into Sheep People themselves if they are bitten. Can the Younger brother save the land or will the valley run red with the sheep onslaught.

Black Sheep is out there ...I mean WAY out there. So if your not into over the top midnight B movies then stop reading as you will find no enjoyment here. OK all the rest of you I strongly suggest checking this out as this is a solid B movie that with a few friends is even better. The gore on display is very good and so are the effects however when compared to the Jackson movies it pales in comparison. To say it is in the same league as said Splat stick classics I would have to say no but regardless this is a fun view. I just wish in some of the scenes they would have shown the sheep tearing the people apart and not just the aftermath. It just seems like a real missed opportunity in those aspects and if they would have it would definitely have raised it to another level.

The bad marks against the film would have to be some of the dialog as it is not extremely funny. Now that's not saying it was not funny (see review of Frostbiten) because half of it (especially toward the end) gets better. Its mainly the first part of the movie where this stands out the most. The girl animal rights activist comes to mind as most of her dialog was very unfunny whereas the character Grant (the guy who shows around the younger brother) has some funny wit in his lines unfortunately we don't get nearly as much of him as we do the girl.

That being said however it is the "shear" lunacy of the film and all that takes place that really give this the nod for me. Sheep bashing through doors, ripping people apart and pulling at a guys "meat and veg" just for good measure not to mention the human sheep creatures really just make this movie scream ABSURD...but oh how I love it!!! In the end not a perfect film in this genre but still a fun one and definitely worth your time. My score for the "Violence of the Lambs": 7/10: Good, with some better dialog and more sheep violence this one would easily have been an 8 but still regardless this is one for Splat stick fans and B movie aficionados

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GoreMongral's Review: Frostbiten, 4 October 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

During the last years of WW2 a small group of SS Nazi soldiers try to escape their demise by hiding in an apparent abandoned shed in Sweden. What they do not realize is they are not alone. Several are attacked and killed while a few others survive the ordeal. Flash forward to current time where a mother and daughter are heading to the town of Norbotten where the mother is seeking a career opportunity working with a genetic specialist.

Shortly after their arrival things begin to get a bit odd. People begin dying and after a hospital attendant steals some red pills only to have them stole from him by a girl about to attend a party, the town comes under attack by a gang of vampires out to suck anybody or anythings blood they can sink their teeth into.

Frostbiten tries to be a comedy horror movie, not a splatstick but a horror movie with dialog that is humorous, unfortunately most of it is not funny which leads to some rather ho-hums going on in-between the horror scenes of the movie. Don't get me wrong this movie has some decent parts but the shame here is for every good part there is another part that brings the film to a screeching halt.

The thing I did like about this movie is the beginning and how it sets up the story as we find out the truth about some of the characters in the movie. Its just sad to say with the humor not being funny and the story not reaching its full potential as far as what they could have done here it leads to some uneven movie viewing. It is because if this that I can only slightly recommend this to vampire and horror fans.

Fans of gore will only be slightly entertained as there is a few moments of the red stuff but nothing we haven't seen before. Jugulars being ripped apart, a few guys shot in the beginning and some animal cruelty (hehe) springs to mind but nothing extremely memorable. The main Vampire does turn into a vampiric creature toward the end but even that ends up only being mediocre at best. Throuw in some slight CGI work that ranges from so-so to noticeable and I think you get the idea.

In the end this movie appears to try and emulate one too many of the classic horror comedies of the past only to come off as an amateurish take on the sub-genre. If the director/writer would have just stayed to the horror stuff and not tried to add the rather unfunny dialog this could have turned out better, alas I give Frostbiten a meager: 5/10: Average Decent Horror elements not so funny comedic dialog hamper the enjoyment factor of this movie. Fans of Horror/Comedies may slightly enjoy this one as well as those into Vampires but all others may find themselves reaching for the remote.

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Chief GoreMongral's Movie Review: Resident Evil Extinction, 25 September 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Following up on the heels of the craptacular Resident Evil: Apocalypse, RE:E takes us several years after the events of the second movie. Apparently Umbrella's little screw up isn't such a little screw up anymore as the entire world has become decimated by the T-Virus. Now only a small group of people remain to set things right...or at least have some kind of resemblance of a normal life.

Right off the bat I will say that this is the best movie of the series so far. Im not a fan of the first two movies as I really feel the RE license was wasted on these films and with Paul Anderson in tow that definitely sealed the deal. However since the movies have taken the direction they have viewing these movies as action horror and not as more traditional horror films (as this series should have been) this one is actually decent.

The character of Anne has been on the run since the last movie and has decided to be a loner as she realizes that the people that stay close to her always have a way of dying. She does however end up running into Carlos from the last movie and a band of people who are trying to do their best to survive. Unfortunately Umbrella has been trying to track her since her last escape as they realize only her blood can end the T-Virus once and for all.

One of the big problems with the other films was some of the action was way over the top, with this film though there is a few scenes of this there was not nearly as many which is a good thing. Also the humor is kept to a minimum compared to the other films in the series which also helps. Not to say that there isn't but it is not overbearing. Also again CGI is used which has been a bane as well for this series. Although it seems this time they didn't use it as much its the final fight with the Tyrant that it is very apparent. At times parts of this is OK and then others not so OK.

Really this movie seems a lot more fine tuned and most of the elements do work, something that cannot be said about the previous installment. The gore level is OK but not great, though it does have its moments. The zombies looked decent and the story though minimal kept the movie moving along at a brisk pace. In the end of you want a cross-breed Day of the Dead meets The Road Warriors style movie then you should have a good enough time with this one...just don't expect it to be as good as either said film.

Score 6/10: Above Average...for the Resident Evil series this is a step in a "better" direction. Though not perfect it does entertain for the most part. However if you are a jaded RE video game fan who hates the way the series has been handled on the big screen look elsewhere.

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GoreMongral's Movie Review: Dragon Wars, 17 September 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

GoreMongral's Movie Review: Dragon Wars Dragon Wars has been a movie I have been waiting to see for sometime now. After hearing some not so glowing comments about I went into the movie expecting a total suckfest. Are the complaints valid, bad acting, editing and direction, yes ,yes and yes but despite all this for some reason I still found myself mildly entertained by this movie.

The story is about 2 beasts known as Imoogi's one which is good, the other bad. These 2 beasts attempt to become Dragons by consuming the Yeouijoo, a magical pearl that is possessed by a girl that is born with a dragon tattoo on her shoulder. The forces of good send down 2 human warriors to defend the girl until it is time for her to sacrifice herself to the good Imoogi or have it taken from her by the evil Imoogi.

The evil Imoogi with its forces of creatures and beast riders invade the village and attempt to take the girl but the girl rather dying than giving up the Yeouijoo plunges herself into the ocean and dies. Now 500 years later the 2 defenders along with the girl are reincarnated and the vicious and gentle Imoogi are back ready to claim the right to become a Dragon.

Pretty much the story and editing are the glaring problems here. There is several scenes where we are propelled from one scene to the next without any middle section explaining how we got to that point. It's a real shame to as if someone with some better skills in the editing and directing department would have worked on this one this could have been a very complete film. Still with that correction we would have some issues with some of the dialog and acting as some of it comes of as severally amateurish.

What the movie misses on those fronts however it makes up for in the action and effects department. Now Im not going to say the effects are the best ever but it is better than A LOT of the things I've seen a the theater. People have been hard on this movie even in that department and even though Im for the most part against the overuse of CGI for the most part I would defend this movie on that aspect as this was a lot better than say The Mummy and the other Stephen Sommers films that have come before it.

Action scenes, especially when it hits the city are very good. If the director got one thing right was the action scenes. Monsters attack choppers, tanks and the military and look very cool doing it. It is these scenes alone that save this movie from being dreadful to being a guilty pleasure film for fans of monster movies, especially of the giant monster genre. Name any other movie where an army of monster riders, monsters with turrets and flying beasties attack a downtown city. I rest my case.

In the end if you can forgive the dreadful editing and direction and just view it as a fun action film with monsters attacking then you will have fun. All others can just disregard this release all together. My score: 6/10: Above Average, for the action and effects only otherwise this would be sub-par on all other levels. Those that can forgive it for its shortcomings will find a nice B monster movie all others well you can always MST3K it !!!!

Hatchet (2006)
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GoreMongral's Movie Review: Hatchet, 7 September 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Goremongral's Movie Review: Hatchet Hatchet, Hatchet, Hatchet that is all I've seen on horror sites and at conventions for nearly a year now and I keep thinking here we go again another movie that is trying to build up hype, only to fall flat on its face. Finally the wait is over so my gloves are off and ready to swing bare fisted at this excessively hyped movie. After seeing this movie I can now say that the hype machine sometimes gets it right and there is at least one director that gets it...finally!!!! Let me start off by saying that Hatchet is not a traditional slasher film. It is not even a traditional horror film, so those expecting that may be slightly disappointed. Though it is at its basics just that it truly is a comedy horror or what I like to call a splat-stick, comparable to the likes of Evil Aliens, Evil Dead 2 and the classics of Peter Jackson, Bad Taste and Dead Alive. Which in the end I feel this one will go into the ranks of those said elite comedy horror films.

Hatchet is about Victor Crowley a deformed boy who is thought to be killed when a prank goes horribly wrong. Victor goes on the prowl in the woods near his home in search of people to kill as apparently he is stuck in his human body and his tortured soul still thinks that it is in the events that caused his death. We have an intro with Robert England as a gator hunter along with his son getting brutally murdered by Crowley (played by Friday the 13ths Kane Hodder). The beginning is just setting you up for the fun that is to come.

Back in downtown New Orleans we are introduced to Ben who is recovering from a break up and Marcus his buddy who tags along with him to go to a haunted boat ride through the Louisiana Bayous where Crowley is roaming. Along for the tour is an older couple, a producer and his 2 actresses and a mysterious girl who has a hidden agenda. Also we have an oriental tour guide who speaks cajun, Chinese and traditional English (on occasions). While floating down the river they strike a rock and are forced to abandon ship. It is here where the violence begins and oh is it a thing of beauty.

Remember the words Splat-stick cause that is the kind of violence you are going to get. You know how an R-rated film will show kills but generally will shy away the camera then come back again after the carnage. FINALLY a director has the set of balls to go and show the whole thing without a shy camera. You want a severed body on screen, you got it. How about one of the most pure genius kills in a movie that has to be seen to believed. Take one hand on the top of a persons mouth, another on the lower jaw and pull. You get the idea we see the whole thing in all its gory beauty and that is only 2 of the kills.

A problem I have always had with the human "fodder" in horror movies is wasted kills. Stabs in the chest or in some other way that makes the death sort of bland...not in this movie. Every kill is not wasted and all are a thing of beauty...a splat-stick work of art will you. Throw in the fact that the humor works and is not forced, fun actors and actresses (especially Deon Richmond) play their rolls nicely and enough thrills to make this work on more than just one level and you get a darn near perfect film.

My only complaints if any is the movie ended to quickly for me (as it is just over 80 minutes) and I guess that is more of a good thing as it truly showed how much I really enjoyed this one. Only one other horror film this year gave me as much of a thrill as Hatchet did (that being Planet Terror). That being said those in the mood for some blood spray, ripped off limbs and a cool disfigured killer that would make anyone run for the hills look no further your movie has arrived.

Adam Green with one movie has single handedly propelled himself to the top of the splat-stick ladder. My advise for Mr. Green stay here and keep polishing your craft and keep making bigger and better splat-sticks...I cannot get enough of them. Give this one a few years on it and I see this becoming a contemporary classic...only time will tell though as I give Hatchet the very gaudy....

8/10 Very Good: Gore and Giggles is what you will get with this one. No not a crappy spoof as some would call this but a Splat-stick in the vain of legendary films from Peter Jackson and Sam Raimi..there is a new name to add to that list and his name is Adam Green!!!!

Halloween (2007)
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Goremongral's Movie Review: Halloween (2007), 5 September 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

From the time Rob Zombie was announced as the director of the Halloween remake the bar was already set extremely high for him as he already has a fan base from his previous films that expect utter greatness or a modern classic. On the other hand Rob has the pessimistic horror fans of the original who were ready to throw Rob to the wolves with the slightest tainting of the original. After seeing the reviews and seeing the movie what I have found that though definitely not a classic or even great film Zombie does just enough to make this movie enjoyable but not without its flaws.

As most may know Rob approached this movie in a viewpoint of watching the growth of Michael Myers from troubled young boy to a sadistic killing machine. For the most part the first half of this movie works. We see Michael as a child already on the road to psychopath killer, torturing animals and taking pictures of them. We also see a total screw up of a home he is from. His mom (Shari Moon) is a stripper and his stepfather (played extremely over the top by the always cool William Forscythe) who always belittles his mother, stares at his older sister in a not so fatherly way and of course make fun of little Michael and his fascination with wearing masks.

We see the final straw that breaks the camels back as Michael attacks a boy that makes fun of his mom and her "profession". That night on Halloween the "Massacre in Haddonfield" happens. As oppose to us hearing about it like the original and seeing a brief murder scene with his sister, Rob's version brings that and more as we see a total brutal display as Michael takes out more than just his sister. Of course after this we have Michael heading off to the mental institute where we are made more acquainted with Dr.Loomis (played by Malcolm McDowell) and get to see how his attempts to save little Michael are all in vain as well as the deteriorating mental condition of his mother.

The film then spirals into act 2 which brings use to modern time Haddonfield where Michael is on the hunt for baby sister Laurie. It is here that fans of the original will see some of the things that took place in Carpenter's version re-envisioned by Zombie leading to a brother/sister confrontation that is similar but not all together the same as the original. Dr Loomis is there along with Sheriff Brackett (played by the always welcome Brad Dourif) and Laurie's friends Lynda and Annie (Danielle Harris from Halloween 4 and 5).

Here in lies the problem with the film, though the first act is for the most part handled well despite the rather generic serial killer stereotypes for his reasons of murdering, it's the second act that hurts this film. For one you can tell that there seemed to be some cuts taken from the film be it for movie running time or what was felt to not be needed. Now by this I do not mean for gore but rather for what seemed to be character development or to set up the next scene. Instead of a setup we are randomly sent to the next sequence that does not give us any indication of how we got from point A to C without B. Some may be able to overlook this but it is a rather odd flaw that made me definitely realize that there is some cutting room floor stuff still out there.

This second act also seemed too much like a John Carpenter Halloween-lite or Cliff Notes for the original Halloween and not a totally new vision of the film for Zombie. It is like he added some slight differences but for the most part went back to Carpenter's basic story and played ad lib with it. Again some things here worked but not all.

It is these reasons alone that make this movie a tale of 2 films. If the second act could have been cleaned up a little better and provided for more twists and turns (of the knife) this would have been a solid outing for Zombie. I will say that it is better than average and horror fans can do A LOT worse despite what some reviewers are saying is the worst remake they have ever scene (please go watch some movies). The scenes of violence alone are catered to the horror fans and though not extremely gory they are violent and fun to watch (for all my little sickos like me out there). In the end Rob does enough to make this a slasher film from the killers viewpoint a solid rental title and a good matinée viewing but full price...uhhhh.

The Goremongral lays down a slightly better than average score of: 6/10: Above Average, view this as a modest slasher film with good scenes of violence with a legendary horror character as its main star and you will likely enjoy this more than most. Viewing this in any other light (remake/over zealous fanboy/etc.) You will find far more flaws than I have mentioned...just wait for cable!!!

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Goremongral's Review: Death Sentence, 5 September 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

OK so up to this point director James Wan has at least not made any garbage. That cannot be said about other said up and comers (cough...Eli Roth...cough) To this point both Saw and Dead Silence were at least at their simplest marginally entertaining, your mileage may very but for me I like this guy and hope that he stays clear of becoming to mainstream or adding unnecessary humor in his films(cough...Roth...cough) man I got a nasty cold. Anyway now he is trying his hat in the revenge flick business with his new offering Death Sentence.

Death Sentence tells the tale of Nick Hume who one day while bring his son back from a Hockey game watches in terror as his son is slashed to death in a gas station check out line. Upon his attempt to stop the would be killer he manages to "subdue" him for arrest. Upon advice from the attorney to accept a sentence of 3-5 years Hume decides to throw the case out the window and opts for his own brand of justice. Hume's act of vengeance results in a spiral down effect that slowly begins to effect him and the remainder of his family as the young man is part of a gang and his sons death a mere initiation right. Now with an entire gang that has stalked and killed another of his family he only has one other choice total annihilation of all involved..

I really liked the set up of this film and the overall violent content. We get shotgun blasts to chest with full on bloody holes being administered, fingers shot off, head shots and in one awesome kill scene a leg being blown away then another chest shot. A nice array of the red stuff occurs which is all good but the problem lies with the pacing of the action. There are near 30 minute sequences without any violence then we are hit with some violence here and there then no action but then it is followed up with a 20 minute free for all ending that is handled very well for the most part. Look for John Goodman as a gunrunner as his scenes are rather amusing.

This is really designed for only one fan and one fan only...the revenge flick fan. If you go into this thinking it is going to have super realistic situations and scenarios then go watch a drama or something as you are more than likely going to point out its flaws and not enjoy it for what it is. Saying that though I will say that it is not perfect but definitely has its moments. If you are hard up for a cool revenge flick and have some time for a matinée this is an ideal film to see. It definitely is not at the top of the revenge flick list but it does a nice job with doing what it sets out to do.

In the end a better than average revenge flick, worthy of a Matinée viewing at least, for some maybe full price especially those who enjoy violence, just be prepared for some lulls.

Score 6/10: Above Average. If a few more scenes of violence were added or some of the movie edited down some this would have made for an even better experience, still it does deliver for the most part and a rather fun view....Wan continues to make that above average film keep up the work my friend!!!

Reeker (2005)
Goremongral's Stinky Review: Reeker, 1 August 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Reeker tells the tale of a group of college guys and gals heading to a hot spot called Area 52 for some fun in the desert. However along the way they have some car trouble and come face to face with bad smells and a killer with a hood. The movie however is not all that simple as odd visuals such as guys crawling around with missing lower torsos and B Movie stalwart Michael Ironside in an all too short stint in the film asking if one of the characters has seen "The Dying People" make this a step up from the norm.

The movie itself is entertaining with a couple of cool gore scenes but nothing that we haven't seen before. As far as its story it really isn't elaborate, we do get to know about some of the characters but only enough to move along where the movie is heading. To explain the killer is to ruin the movie as once you realize who he is you will have then figured out the James Wan style twist in the end. In short this movie comes off as a mixing of The Twilight Zone and Saw (especially for its ending).

The bottom line here is did I like it. Yes I did but not enough to give it a solid mark. The movie takes alittle too long to get where its going and leaves us with some rather ho hum scenes that bogged this one down slightly. On the other hand if you can get past these points and get to the final 3rd of the movie you will be pleasantly surprised as this movie does hold its own, especially with all the Hollywood horror fluff that has come out over the last year.

In the end this is an entertaining film but due to some slight pacing issues and some kill scenes that could have been a bit more explicit I give Reeker a better than average score of: 6/10: Above Average, not quite a must buy film but definitely a solid rental title....if it were on DVD. If you have Showtime however it is playing this month so check it out, you could definitely do a lot worse, and may be more forgiving than I am...Im such a jaded horror fan.

Isolation (2005)
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Goremongral's Cow Slaying Review: Isolation, 9 July 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When scientists start messing with bigger and faster ways to create things there is bound to be aftershocks. That's why the horror and sci-fi community are always there to pick up on these things and make an outlandish as possible scenario out of these experiments. Such is the case with Isolation a film that actually breaks the generic mold and becomes a very darkly toned film that is rarely seen by todays audiences.

Isolation tells the tale of a cow farmer who has decided to take part in an undisclosed experiment on his own livestock. After the bizarre set of events that surrounds the birth of the first calf and its odd character traits, the farmer knows that things just aren't right. Shortly after things begin to get even more bizarre as the calf is found to be born already pregnant to what appear to be very odd looking parasitic creatures. One of which survives and begins to cause chaos on all those that come in contact with it.

There are some very positive things going on in this one first, the mood. This movie never breaks stride and stays serious the entire way through. In todays horror for some reason there is always a "need" to add humor. I have always disagreed with this pointing out classics as "The Thing" and "Alien" as facts to support my beliefs. This movie even solidifies it more as if this movie would have played out any other way it would have been a dumped down Eco-horror.

Credit goes to the writing and directing on this one also as from start to finish the film never tries to explain everything at once but slowly, in layers until the final scene. In the beginning the movie gives you a feeling of "what the heck is going on here" even knowing before hand what the general premise is, that is saying something. It's nice to see a film not dumbed down to make everything clear right away but yet coming full circle in explaining its what's and why's. See my Calvaire review for the exact opposite of this.

If there was any complaints from me it would be the creature design. I know the creature is to be some sort of genetic parasite but its design is a rather confusing mess looking a lot like a cow turned inside out and an insect. The good thing in this case is the creature is not shown a lot. In a normal situation or monster flick that would be a strike against it but this movie works so well that showing a mediocre monster design too much could have ruined the vibe of the film.

In the end this is a solid serious monster/Eco-horror film. I really look forward to the director Billy O'Brien's next project. Hoping that it is Horror as he understands that keeping it serious is a must for good suspense. With elements of The Thing, Alien and The Hidden sprinkled in for good measure you really cannot go wrong here and if your of fan of said films I really cannot see at least giving this one a rental as it is well worth it.

Other than a few very slight lulls and the questionable creature design I really cannot find much to fault this movie for and I give it the score of: 7/10: Solid Serious Horror here!!! A definite watch and for some a purchase. They don't make them like this too much now-a-days so scarf this one up and have fun!!!

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