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Watch it., 14 July 2007

I live here in SoCal, and this show really represents a side we don't ever see in mainstream media. It is very true-to-life, aside from the supra-natural elements. What I would like to say about the show is this: I don't want another 'Deadwood'. So I was not disappointed in this at all. Where 'Deadwood' had a creeping dread that ANYTHING (usually horrible) could happen at any moment, this show creates a sense that ANYTHING (probably magical) can happen. The characters are all acting out of a sense of earnestness and love, however it is manifested. I love this show and would say that those who don't like it or get it are not it's audience anyway. They can go watch Deadwood or Sopranos on DVD. What we have here is something fresh and great. Watch it.