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One of my favourite comedies!!, 25 January 2007

The Brittas Empire has always stuck in my memory from when I used to watch it when I was little and for years I have wanted to see it again but it is never repeated on BBC or even UKTV like all the other BBC comedies like Only Fools & Horses, Open All Hours etc. I don't understand why because it is one of the best comedies I have ever seen. Anyway, a little while ago I was flipping through the Sky channels and I noticed it was on Bravo. I watched it all day and was in stitches with laughter but then I never saw it on there again. Anyway, that prompted me to look for it on the internet on DVD and I couldn't believe it when I saw that I could get a set of DVD's with all 7 series on! I finally got them this Christmas and I have been watching them since and I have almost seen all of them now, just the last 3 or 4 eps of series 7 to go.

Anyway, I seriously recommend that you get the box set of all the 7 series if you love this, sadly rarely shown, comedy! In fact even if you have never seen it before by the DVDs because I am sure that if you like comedy you'll love this! All of the series are good but my favourites are series 3,4&5 I think. I particularly like the episode where Gordon gets Helen stuck in the car when she is giving birth to the twins! I could remember this episode really well from when I first watched them on TV in the 90s when I was little!! My favourite characters (apart from Brittas without whom, of course, it wouldn't work) are Carol (the receptionist who keeps her children in the drawers), Helen (Brittas's Wife) and Laura (Brittas's deputy (series 1-5) who holds everything together when Brittas is wreaking his havoc!).

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Excellent show!, 16 December 2006

This is an excellent show, ignore the previous review! It is meant to be a fun, humorous, lighthearted programme and it is. I think the person who left the previous review possibly needs to 'lighten up' a bit. Anyway, no-one is forcing them to watch it so if they don't like it why don't they turn over and watch something else or turn off and don't watch anything! Yes the guests are mostly nobody's but Charlotte's sketches etc. in between are hilarious. She is an excellent presenter and I personally think that the theme tune at the start is very good and funny - far better than some of the c**p she sings with a guest singer at the end, although I've got a strange taste in music so they are probably quite modern popular songs, L.O.L.

The only complaint I have is that I kept forgetting it was on and missing it because I was watching Jonathon Ross and forgot to set the video. It's a pain that the two clashed.

I can't wait for the Christmas Special on Friday, definitely watching it!!

"Rodney" (2004)
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The best TV program on abc1/ abc ever!!, 27 August 2006

Rodney is the best TV program on abc1 (in UK) ever! I am so disappointed to read that it seems series 2 will be the last. Series 1 was excellent and had me in stitches all the way through every episode. Series 2 has just started on abc1 in the UK. It is excellent but the episodes do not seem to follow a logical order like series 1. For instance, tonight's episode, "Welcome Ho" seemed to logically follow the last episode of series 1 where Rodney leaves for a 2 month tour but instead was shown in the middle of the series after "Sleepover". Series 1 was best but 2 is still great, I want them all on DVD or video but there is no retail release so I am recording them all at the moment onto DVD. I have 4 episodes in order of series 1 on DVD so far but cant do series 2 until its finished because I am not sure what order they should be. If you like the show buy 1 of Rodney Carrington's CDs from US. The Greatest Hits is super, I bought it new on eBay and it was still well under £10 to UK from US!