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Summer (2008)
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Heartwarming and real, 3 April 2009

It tells the story of a small town. Of a few wild and good teenagers, of which few of them could not grow up no matter how hard they tried. It is a well written and well acted. It shows the nestled world of these two loyal friends and a girl.

Some would be able to relate much more to this movie., but everyone will like it for the way it looks at the protagonist life. Its got some great shots and a simple but lovely background music. In a way the movie is a little sad, but also paints the beautiful picture of the mad/nice world some youngsters create for themselves, and then loose.

In a way its the tale of a man who had most of what he needed at one point in time and later on none of it. But that's fine.

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Bad!, 28 February 2009

I generally like movies that depict anything that is "non mainstream". And I even don't mind gross movies if they are done well.

But this movie is a huge disappointment - no real story, no building up any character or situation, extremely bad acting (a school play does far better), the shots were pathetic, the gross scenes were not necessary (nor were they shocking).

The close up in scenes is really bad, i think i even spotted a 'cannibal' with long stylish locks! Looks like the directors/producers paid no attention to the movie at all !

With this movie, I've decided to stop watching any more "cannibal" genre movie!

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Unexpectedly good, 17 February 2009

This movie surprised us! We expected it to be okay, but its a really amazing movie. Thoroughly enjoyable and deals with something, most of us have dealt with(or are dealing with).

The nice thing about the movie is that I suppose everyone will be able to relate to one character or another (and in our case, a few) or at least an incident.

Its not a mystery but you want to keep predicting what will happen next, and I would give the story quite high marks for weaving everything in order, and quite intelligently at that.

Its romantic and its funny, the characters are nice, the script is fine, a really good movie to watch!

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Amazing - Best Movie Ever!, 30 January 2009

This is an amazing movie. It is my favorite movie of all times. I think this is because I relate to the matter this is something extremely close to my heart could be the reason I can rank it as THE best movie of all times.

Reasons of which I'll explore later here, but the interesting bit is, and what is even more amazing than the movie itself is that it flopped! It made M 25 USD compared to M 40 USD that went into the making of this movie. Even more surprising is its rating of 7.5, I've generally agreed with and used as recommendations for movies I ought to watch. But this 7.5 is a joke! Really is, try to concentrate real hard on the movie or watch it over a few times of think about it, but its a beautiful movie!In fact it has changed, or reminded me of my opinion on what is good and what is not again (...good is what is liked by many ...blah..) Its an extremely difficult theme and topic to deal with, and I can still not believe that Darren could thought of it all and put it all together. He deserves to be called a genius for this piece of art. The acting is brilliant, especially when looked at how little time goes into building characters, cause there are so many other things to be said. Expressions that Hugh puts up can move a receptive person to tears.

What the story is about? Take your pick, its about Xabalba , about Hindu philosophy of life and death or even about Karma (the oft used & frequently misused word). But its also about how one behaves in a given moment - and the timeless huge explanation for each action and how one action can determine so much and in turn how everything gives rise to that particular action. So it is also a philosophical expression to one word.

I would suggest you go watch the film, even if you don't understand or like it a lot.

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Excellent movie with superb performance, 15 February 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It took me some time to realize the movie was not about James Whale as much as about looking back at life and remembering your highs and lows. The movie deals with among other things Whale's coming to terms with his past. Unlike what some would have you believe it is not slow or dramatic, it progresses very beautifully with some excellent story lines anddialogues, the high point off course is the acting. Ian Mckellen is excellent and so is Brenden Fraser. The chemistry between the two is excellent and has been portrayed very well. One thing I especially liked were Jimmy's dialogs. Definitely a much watch for anyone who is not an under 18 and a girl.