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No No No!, 22 August 2008

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Last week I went to the theater to see "The Forbidden Kingdom" I though this movie would be awesome being that it has 2 of my favorite actors in it (Chan & Li), but I was wrong. As soon as this movie started I knew it was going to be bad, It was VERY Cheesy, Michael Angarano should not have been in this movie they should have spent the extra time and money to get Shia LaBeouf in. This movie surprised me because I was hoping it would have tons of action and fight scenes but it didn't, Instead it was just another boring hopeless attempt at a adventure movie. My overall rating for this film is a 2/10. Sorry I just did not enjoy this at all!

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Not the best but still good., 22 August 2008

Meh is all I got to say, In my personal opinion the first two movies were better and this movie felt like it had no relativity to the other two. Plus another downfall was that this movie did not have the same actor in it "Rachel Weisz" Eve was played by another girl "Maria Bello". Which made the movie seem weird. But anyways this movie was still pretty good but it really shouldn't have been a part of the mummy series they should have re-write it to make it fit the original two story lines better. One more thing I didn't like about this movie was that the boy grew up in it way to fast, Fraiser still looked the same "not very old". My overall rating for this film is a 7/10

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Why in the world?, 22 August 2008

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Bummer, The one great word to describe this movie. I Really expected this movie to be a lot better. It was a major disappointment. The movie was way too long, it had a lot of failed comedy in it, and it really over exaggerated Pot smokers. Ill admit some stuff was funny in it but it was definitely a let down. Im not quite sure how this movie managed to make it into theaters, and also I do not get why James Franco would even agree to such a stupid movie and part. If I could I would love to get my $7USD back and go see the dark knight again. At least that movie wasn't a let down like this one. My overall rating for this film is a 4/10

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Another Good Spidey, 4 May 2007

Well I just got back from seeing Spiderman 3 and I have too say that it was pretty good. I enjoyed most of the movie, I really liked the fight scenes in it. The end of the movie was the best, I am not going to say what happened because I do not want to give it away to people that haven't seen the movie yet. Lets just say you will be happy, surprised, and shocked! James Franco "Goblin" and Thomas Haden Church "Sandman" really gave it their all in this movie. Them two really did great and made this experience all the better, Great acting! I think that they kind of butchered evil Spider Man a bit when he didn't have his costume on,it kind of got a little weird, making the movie feel more like a comedy than and action fantasy kind of movie.

But overall the movie was Great! 8/10 for me

One Of Jackie's Best, 30 April 2007

I am a huge fan of Jackie Chan, every movie that he has out is unbelievable! He is one of the world's greatest martial arts actors in the world. Every movie he makes keeps you on the edge of your seat, Definitely this one. Jackie is back this time but not in china hes in NYC, and hes kicking more butt then ever. This movie has it all "TONS" of action and comedy. The movie will keep you laughing and excited the whole time its one of them movies that you just cant seem to turn off. If you are not too familiar with Jackie Chan and want too see one of his movies for the first time I sugjest you "Buy or Rent" this one first. It is definitely one of his best films this movie deserves a 10/10!

Norbit (2007)
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Overall a funny movie., 29 April 2007

I just got back from seeing this movie, before I went I looked at the user reviews on here. They didn't look too good their was a lot of bad comments about the movie I saw from viewers. But I was very surprised I thought that the movie was great. It was really funny, it had a good storyline, and great acting by all of the cast members. But their was one thing that I did not like too much, I think that it kind of picked on obese people a little bit too much. But besides that the movie was pretty good. It made me laugh and the others in the theater seemed to like it also, I give the movie 7/10 because it was well worth the money of seeing it in the theaters.

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Best Performance, 8 September 2006

This is in my opinion Toms "BEST" Performance. I loved the movie, it was unbelievable, "SO INTENSE!!!" the movie was great Really good Visuals, Good fight scenes, good acting, good effects, and a "GREAT PLOT". The movie was probably one of the most heroic movies I've ever seen next to "saving Private Ryan". It was just so amazing it looked so much like the fights were real. Like they took real war from back in the day and put it into this film. So real. The end of the movie was so sad =(. But it was a great ending i loved it. If you are a Tom Cruise fan and haven't seen this movie yet then you better run out right now and Rent//Buy it cause it is Unbelievable!

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Very good, 8 September 2006

Very good movie a TON I mean a TONNNNN! of action in it... Non stop action. Its a great thriller also. I loved Mostly every moment of the movie it was very good, Another one of Toms Masterpiece performances. =). Dakota Fanning "Not sure if spelled Right". was a great actor in this movie also. The movie was so realistic it made me feel like i was actually in the movie... Some of the scenes even made me jump and i had to look behind me to make sure that there was no aliens behind me =). Nut overall the movie was fantastic, Great plot loved it. Tom should do more movies like that he was great in it. One of his best films ever!!! If you haven't seen it yet you better get out and get it.

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Mild movie, 8 September 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie was OK not the best... Tom cruise does a very good performance in it... It had a lot of action and adventure in it. I'm a fan of Mission Impossible #1, #2 was not very good, 3#, OK pretty good. The movie started off a little weird and i didn't like it, But the end made up for it. Very good ending. MI3 reminded me of a copy of James bond that is really why i didn't like it as much as #1. But other than that the movie was all around good. I am a fan of Tom Cruise's and his proforma in it was very good. I suggest that Cruise fans see this movie because his performance in it was good. Toms the man in this movie once again.

Great movie, 8 September 2006

This is a great movie it is a very funny movie. It has action, Adventure, And a ton of comedy. I love this movie #1 and #2. Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan are great in it. They make a Unbelievable Team together. Ide like to see a lot more movies with these two. I cant wait till #3 comes out. The movie is very good and i suggest it to anyone who like Action, Adventure, and Comedys.

This movie gets a 8/10 Cause its funny and a great movie for Teens and adults. I loved it when i first saw it and i loved it even more the second time. Its one of them movies that if you see it on T.V You cant take your eyes off it.

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