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Dog Run (2010) (V)
A suspense thriller of the highest caliber!, 2 November 2010

Hitchcock said there is no suspense in a gun shot, but rather the suspense is in waiting for it. That so well applies to Dog Run. Things appear to be going just fine, until things get a little creepy amongst the human characters, and just keep getting creepier. Truly an edge of your seat thriller, but I would recommend younger viewers go elsewhere since Dog Run would definitely prove too suspenseful and downright scary at times for them. Dog Run is much more thrilling and suspenseful than the plague of recent major motion pictures claiming to be the same. I wish I had a DVD copy to show my friends this past Halloween. It would have been more of a fright than anything else I've seen in too long.

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A thought provoking film viewers will discuss long after seeing it., 2 November 2010

First, it's an absolute must for pet lovers. It covers so many topics from Sloane's love of his dogs to pet adoptions. The film shows in great detail of this man's love of his dogs going back to his youth, and is inspirational especially today when certain breeds or celebrities' carrying their dogs around like jewelry accessories are fads, soon to be ignored or abandoned once the fad passes. Sloane's multi-cultured neighborhood and neighbors contribute to give a wide spectrum of view of the man personally, and his pugs. Second, this film belongs on wider media like all the pet and animal cable channels to spread the word.

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SO much more than the zombie-crap out being made., 18 February 2010

Short and to the point, Not Even Death tells the tale from what happens before the film to present clearly, emotionally, and smoothly.

The acting in this original take on the genre flows naturally from the cast. Yes, zombie flicks have been done to death before ad nauseaum, no pun intended. This film is the standard of quality future films of the same nature should aspire to, scrap what they have done, and aspire higher yet.

The special effects on the zombie are wonderful, frightening without being B-movie gore, while still allowing just a touch of the woman beneath to come through. The big scene at the end (you'll know it to see it) does surprise and make you jump, then follows through with a hair raising stunningly suspenseful last minute thrill.

If movie shorts got the attention they deserved, Not Even Death would be a Halloween season classic for years to come.