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Popeye's Revenge, 10 April 2003

In this sequel to the crime drama masterpiece "The French Connection" we see the character of Popeye Doyle played wonderfully by Gene Hackman travel to France in order to capture the drug smuggler who tormented him in the original film. The film is not as good as the original but it still packs a lot of fun and interesting sequences that expand the non-fictional Popeye Doyle into a real character.

3(***)out of 4(****)stars

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Lord of the Bad Adaptation, 21 March 2003

What went through the directors mind when directing this movie? He completely misunderstood the TRUE meaning of the 1954 novel written by William Golding. Here he just has a bunch of kids stranded on an island who begin facing issues. The novel meant so much more because it was a metaphorical and symbolic representation of society. Not to mention that the story was better constructed.

1(*)out of 4(****)stars

Spawn (1997)
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The Ending Ruins the Movie!, 1 March 2003

Spawn could have been a good movie. The direction was fairly decent and so was the plot. Visually the movie was pretty good and John Lequizamo as the Clown was awesome. However, the corny ending with the horrible special effects ruined the movie.

2 1/2(**1/2)out of 4(****)stars

"Baywatch" (1989)
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Boobwatch, 1 March 2003

Pamela Anderson, Yasmine Bleeth, Carmen Electra, Erika Elenak, and Gena Lee Nolan. Now what more do you want?!

Silly plots? Yes

David Hasselhoff? Sadly yes

Great fun? Yes

Although the show did begin to suck when they moved to Hawaii.

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Spider-Man and His Amazing Show, 1 March 2003

As a kid I used to love this show. Unlike the Superfriends it balanced the humor with nice action sequences. Superfriends at times were a bit too silly but this show balanced it well. As well as having good plots. This was a very enjoyable show to watch and Iceman and firestar were amazing friends.

The only flaw this show has is that Frank Welker's Iceman sounds too much like Fred from Scooby-Doo.

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Baywatch: Boobs Reunited, 1 March 2003

Although many of the cast members didn't appear most did. Especially my favorites Pam Anderson, Carmen Electra, Yasmine Bleeth, and Gena Lee Nolan. Only one of my favorites was missing, Erika :(

Anyhow, the plot like most Baywatch episodes it's silly. However, returning a villian from the second season seemed like a nice idea. Regardless of the silliness it was a nice reunion.

3(***)out of 4(****)stars

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The Young Jackie Chan, 19 February 2003

If you're impressed by Jackie Chan's fighting sequences then you should see him back in his prime. This film directed by him we get numerous fighting sequences which are funny, original, and exciting. Basically that's how the movie is.

3(***)out of 4(****)stars

Daredevil (2003)
He's a lawyer by day, a crimefighter by night, and a great movie everyday!, 18 February 2003

This movie was awesome! The performances were excellent especially those from Michael Clarke Duncan, Colin Farrell (Hollywood's Next Superstar), Jennifer Garner, and Ben Affleck who gives a surprisingly good performance.

The only flaw the picture has is it's length. At an hour and thirty minutes I felt the movie was too short. I guess we'll have to wait for the DVD to see the original R-rated version. Now this brings an issue to me. When viewing Daredevil what bothered me was all the kids in the movie theater. When I was younger I was quite disappointed when parents began complaining about 'Batman Returns' violence which led to Tim Burton's dismissal. But if parents knew that this movie was almost rated R then why did they take there 6/7/8 year old children?! I hope FOX doesn't take all the complains seriously because if they do then the sequels will suck! And I want this to be a very successful franchise! I think the problem is that most parents think comic books are kiddie stuff! That's incorrect, since the `70s comic books have gotten more and more violent every year with Batman leading the way. I think it's about time that parents noticed that!

4(****)out of 4(****)stars

AWESOME! RADICAL!, 18 February 2003

A crime wave has been troubling New York City for years and it's up to Leonardo, Michelangelo, Rafel, and Donatello to clean up the city! Who they are? THE NINJA TURTLES!

This movie is awesome! It combines a little bit of the cartoons with the comic. Great fun.

4(****)out of 4(****)stars


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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret to how Vanilla Ice never had a career!, 18 February 2003

This movie has it's moments and believe me there is a lot of great ones. But unfortunately Vanilla Ice, a poor script, a scientist who isn't Baxter kill the movie. In addition there is a new April who's better looking then the first but her performance is no where near the perfection of the original. :(

2(**)out of 4(****)stars

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