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Who can you trust?, 23 October 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Well clearly not the Klingons - or at least some of them. This was a decent episode which delved into more of Michael's relationship with her father.

Lorca is an interesting captain with seemingly ambiguous motives. He's edgy and is single minded when it comes to staying in command of his ship. For example was he fully aware of the risks when he suggests the one person who is threatening his captaincy (Admiral Cornwell) take Sarek's place on a peace keeping mission to the Klingons?

I can see that there are again some very negative reviews from fans who are quite frankly seeing red - but this is a new take on Star Trek where the unfortunate disposable members of the crew are now wearing blue.

RIP Roy Dotrice, 16 October 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Roy appeared in one of the best - and at the end - horrifying episodes of Space 1999 as an unwanted soul on Moonbase Alpha.

He was a really talented actor who brought a real presence to his role as Commissioner Simmonds who was selfish - deceitful and would stop at nothing to get back to Earth.

Fans will know where his single mindedness ended up - phone home for help is one thing he certainly couldn't do

Roy will be sadly missed.

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As clear as Mudd, 16 October 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It was lovely to see my old pal Harry Mudd reappear although he's going to need all his 'charm' to escape from his current predicament.

I can see that some reviewers hate this series - but Star Trek has to evolve and so the fans have to too. I've been watching it since 1969 (in the Uk) when it started out as a space adventure series initially focusing on the psychological effects of space travel and exploration on a crew - before developing into what we know today.

It's still finding its feet - but so was TOS for the first batch of episode. It is violent at times and has strong language including the dreaded 'f' word - obviously still the go to word for expressing anger or frustration even in the 23rd century.

Personally I'm looking forward to the episodes after the Klingon arc when hopefully they'll be out exploring the unknown. Let's pray the creative team have thought up some really nasty surprises amongst the new alien species they're going to meet.

So what are we going to find in episode 6? Well why don't you ask Harry - he's a man you can really trust - but can he answer the question of why Lt Stamets' reflection was left in the mirror when he walked away?

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Dark with balls., 3 October 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I've been following Trek since 1969 and was a bit dubious about this new series - but it feels real as though you are in space because the actors have made their characters believable - colourful - p'd off - angry - neurotic and possibly insane.

The opening of E3 reminded a bit of Blake's 7 where a band of convicts come across a mysterious ship.

I like the odd retro touches on the control panels and the effects in general are pretty good although the Discovery looks as though she could have done with a tad more rendering.

When Michael was flashing through the galaxy it looked as though she appeared on Janus 6 for an instant as I thought I recognised the underground mining buildings.

So I'm really looking forward to the next episode - I can't see any space maidens appearing and being seduced by a captain anytime soon - besides which Discovery's chief has a new 'pet' to look after.

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Mature emotional acting mixed with a silly CGI finale, 24 September 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I really liked this film until the final 40 minutes or so. The flashbacks of Kent growing up and the mystery of who he was - was well done. I particularly liked the scene in the diner which reminded me of Shane.

So we had emotion and good acting - so yes this is a Superman film that could bear comparison with the great 1978 offering. Then the writers (including Christopher Nolan) and director bottle it.

We just end up with 40 minutes of relentless mind numbingly boring CGI. I felt no sympathy for any of the characters as they bravely battled it out within the artificial World of a computer.

I know modern audiences do like huge finales with action but this was like an old vinyl record that had got got stuck and keeps playing the same section over and over again.

The 1978 version indeed had an action packed finale - but it involved you so that you felt for the characters.

Someone needed to work out an ending that didn't involve tedious minute after minute of wanton destruction but instead made you feel fearful for the fate of those caught up in it.

Basically if you've seen one CGI building destroyed - you've seen them all. This is Dumb Hollywood in action as the next film in the franchise was even worse with reference to CGI.

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Love and hate, 7 September 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I don't think I've ever read such a selection of diverse reviews before. There is plenty of love - but also plenty of hate for the film.

I guess when you go to an Alien film you're hoping it will deliver the thrills and spills of the first two. These were finely crafted films that drew mainly positive reviews - but you can't go on repeating them forever.

You could have another mining ship where the crew awake - or another set of colonists wiped out except for a few survivors that are rescued by marines - but you can't - so at least Scott and his team have attempted something different for the last two films.

I enjoyed the film and found it interesting with decent amounts of tension. On a personal basis I would have preferred more character development - and at times the crew seemed to have a collective IQ of about 20.

In Aliens the main characters were all sharply defined so we could relate to them - but in Covenant we knew very little about them.

A few more scenes of them interacting as a group - with their foibles coming out - would have made them more interesting and made us care more when they met their end.

However the inadequate makeshift captain was interesting and I would like to have seen more of him (no not his inners). Of course he shouldn't have opened his Easter egg - but who isn't interested in finding out what goodies lay inside - have you never looked into one?

I would also have liked a little more credibility in terms of the planet and quarantine procedures. In the original the high IQ Ripley showed a lot of common sense but this crew wouldn't have thought twice about walking naked through a lab containing Anthrax spores and the Ebola virus.

I hope Scott is allowed to make the next instalment and perhaps he'll tie all the lose ends up so we end up at the start of Alien.

Just think not only will the fans of this film have something to look forward to - so will all the sleeping colonists.

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3 cheers for Jodie Whittaker, 16 July 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Well we have our first female Doctor. Brave of the BBC - but the show needed a refresh.

This now opens the door for some new ideas and adventure. I guess she'll be getting a new TARDIS - l'm sure she'll keep it very clean and tidy

Any alien that walks in and leaves dirty footprints - will be in real trouble.

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What a climax, 1 July 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Battles - emotions - skulduggery and even a hint of... well I can't say it in this review - but there was something going on between the Master and Missy.

The escape to another level of the spaceship could be seen as our attempts to run away from the horrors of our digital age where we can't always be sure of who we are - let alone the person we're communicating with on the other end of a social media platform. But will we all be eventually caught up?

But even if we have been sucked into our various cyber Worlds and feel as though we're suffering from depersonalisation - we can still give out little signals for help - a tear - and be rescued by a loved one.

As for the Master and Missy - well there you are killing your former self and then your former self decides it doesn't want to become you. I'm sure back here on Earth many have wanted to change who they are - only to discover they don't like who they've become.

As for the Doctor - well he's returned at the South pole in 1986 and meets his former self who has just defeated the Cybermen too and needs to regenerate - but our doctor is trying to prevent his.

Just Who will be Who? Christmas now seems a long way away.

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Perhaps a bit disappointing for us older fans but great for the younger generation, 24 June 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Came across as a bit too theatrical. I just can't see how these cloth faced thespians turned into the murderous non feeling silver giants in the Tenth Planet.

I watched their original debut in 1966 and they were terrifying. There was a maturity about the writing which made you believe in the adventure.

This episode was very clever but sometimes lacked the original's drama. Perhaps too many wisecracks when it should have been played straight.

Or perhaps I'm just one if the older fans who can't appreciate how the younger fans feel. Of course there could be time dilatation here too and I'm writing to you from 1966.

To any of you newer fans try and check you the Tenth planet.

The Evolution of Action., 7 June 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Pow bang wallop slap still don't want to talk kerpow boom splash sizzle zowee ping rat tat tat tat woosh splash ping ping ricochet bang bang Aah Uh Oooh bang ca-ching clatter clatter - dig your own Trench crack wizz groan hiss revving splatter thud thump wail punch fire zap zoom gurgle wiz splattered Billy cut entrails blood spray snort smacked shriek screech smash chop bang ping bang boom bang woosh aaahh what about the women bish bash ego phew ping ping ping rat a tat tat tat rat a tat tat aaaaah Eeeeek you maggot booooom kerpow sizzle tit tat tit tat slice and dice drip gasp BANG BANG slurp slurp you really should learn how to fight. The End.

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