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scaaaaaaaaaaared!, 7 November 2006

This movie reminds me of why I am not the biggest fan of the horror genre…because I always end up with my muscles tensed up for two hours and I sit on the edge of my seat and am left feeling completely exhausted. This is one of the freakiest movies I've seen in a really long time, if not ever, and I didn't even watch it alone at night or anything. Anyway, the story is pretty interesting…a group of college friends reunite after a few years and accidentally call upon some spirits of the dead that end up haunting them after a fateful night in the cemetery. One of the haunted individuals contacts a pair of ghost hunters that specialize in paranormal events. In an attempt to document the "happenings" of the haunted three, the paranormal specialists discover the reason behind the creepy happenings—which start out relatively minor with sounds and whispers and voices and escalate into much more intense phenomenons—and try to find a way to put an end to the cycle. The appearance of these spirits is the effing FREAKIEST thing I've ever seen and the image of their faces is going to haunt me for a couple days. Unfortunately, the end of the movie didn't quite do it for me. It was going really great actually until the story and visual effects went a little over-the-top in the last two minutes. However, as the movie hits its climax toward the end, I was quite impressed with how they took the plot into completion. If you have any desire at all to be totally freaked out, definitely go see Gravedancers. It's pretty bizarre and discomforting and personally, I was scared.

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Boy oh boy..., 3 November 2006

This was a very interesting film. I'm not much of a horror/slasher fanatic, but I can appreciate a good story line. This one has a pretty decent plot behind it, but something was lost along the way. I enjoyed the way it was shot--with the younger brother's video project changing it up a bit from the norm. The family includes a set of twins and I think the relationship between the two of them is pretty bizarre, but actually it added a lot to the film. The character Lenny keeps us interested throughout the whole movie, trying to figure out who/what he is, and that was a totally off-the-wall twist. Francis is a relatable character--young teen full of questions and despair, and his development throughout the story was worth observing. It's definitely a strange one, but I got a real kick out of it. I especially like the ending sequence(s) where they start to explain themselves..totally weird. I recommend it, if nothing else, just for the laughs.