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Unbelievable, 14 July 2007

I have not read any Harry Potter books, whatsoever, except for PoA. But the movies are just as good. They may not include every detail in the book (and may leave out a lot of things), and as my sisters said, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix did just that.

But you know what? It didn't matter.

The movie was spectacular! It brought all the characters we know and love to life. It transformed Hogwarts into a massive castle-like school with elaborate entrances and amazing scenery. The area surrounding Hogwarts is absolutely incredible. Everything looks so real and is so well-done.

The story-line was good no matter what people say. Sure, it's much different from the book, but if they included every single detail from the book, the movie would be 15 hours long! 2 hours and 18 minutes gave me enough time to watch the movie and enjoy it the whole way through.

The acting was absolutely spot-on. I particularly like Imelda and Evanna as Umbridge and Luna Lovegood. They did amazing jobs portraying what J.K. Rowling would want to see. Daniel Radcliffe did amazing job with his role. It seemed as if he was more "alone" in this movie than the others, even though he has new friends. The other characters did great jobs, also. But I wanted to see more of Malfoy in the movie.

My favorite scene was the battle with Harry, Dumbledore, and Voldemort. Incredible graphics made it look real.

I'm not going to say anymore, so go see it for yourself. It is unbelievable!

The Cheetah Girls (2003) (TV)
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Began the fall of Disney channel..., 10 July 2007

Now, I don't comment on a lot of things. Especially not movies like this, but I'd like to say what I have to say.

This movie is terrible...horrible acting, cheesy storyline, it was also confusing to understand. It was like a mess of scenes jumbled together in movie format.

The songs are just...ugh...I don't even have a word for them. They don't really make sense, and obviously this movie is aimed at 6 year old girls.

Whatever happened to the OLD Disney? Like Zoog? Sister Sister, Boy Meets World, Even Stevens, and the older D.C.O.M.S such as Brink!, Halloweentown, Johnny Tsunami, Quints, and many others. They need to bring back the good shows, and quit showing terrible movies like this.

Super Mario 64 (1996) (VG)
The Greatest Game Ever Created, 9 July 2007

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Super Mario 64 is undoubtedly the greatest game ever created. It is so addicting that you could play it for hours upon hours without stopping for a break. I've beaten the game 4 times, but I've never gotten all 120 stars...(I've gotten 111)...but I hope to achieve them eventually. Even though I didn't officially play this game until I was seven in, I loved watching my sisters play it. Now I am 13 and still play this, erasing games and starting over again.

The graphics are unbelievable for an early N64 game. The gameplay is addictive. The controls are great. The levels are tough, but not impossible. The Bowser fights are challenging.

I would like to tell you more, but why don't you just get it for yourself? Put the X-BOX 360, PS3, and the Wii away and go find yourself a Nintendo 64 and play this amazing, wonderful game.

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An instant classic, 10 February 2007

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Wow. I got this game for Christmas for my Wii and was SO excited about play it. So I plopped the disk into the drive and as soon as I turned it on, I knew this game would be awesome. Sword fighting makes you feel like you are Link, fighting a desert skull or demonstrating a move to kids. The Wii-mote in my opinion is the best control in the series of control sticks for the Nintendo. The graphics are phenomenal. Although it was originally a GameCube game, it sure doesn't look like it. Also, this game is LONG. There are nine temples, and the temples are so well put together and wonderfully designed that you would feel that you were actually in the temple. Also, familiar sights appear: the forest temple, Kakariko Village, etc. This game is the best Zelda game every created, and, as painful as this is, is even a better adventure than the great Ocarina of Time.

Epic Movie (2007)
Why did I waste $6.50?, 4 February 2007

I watched the trailers for this "epic" movie on TV and thought...hey! this looks funny! So on Friday night, I brought a couple friends to see it. When it was over I was like...WTF?! PG-13?! Are you kidding me? There were so many sexual jokes and exposure that it should have been rated R.

Also, the movie was what, 1 hour and 15 minutes long? Crazy that they would make it that short. And I told my parents that it was PG-13 and appropriate for teens, but it was completely the opposite...

One good thing though: There were some good jokes that were appropriate, but I don't want to give away any spoilers. But the ones that were funny were hilarious...but most were to sexual.

Bottom line is: Do not see this movie in theaters. Wait for it to come out on DVD. Don't waste $6.50 like me!

Elebits (2006) (VG)
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An O-K Game, 15 January 2007

Elebits. Little electric beings who are power for everything in the world. A little girl must zap all of the little elebits back into her ray gun. First, all the positive things.

1) The graphics are amazing. Every object is very well-thought out and planned. All of the rooms have wonderful sceneries that make the game very fun.

2) This game is addicting. That's a good thing because after you beat one level, you want to go to the next, and the next. Pretty soon it's been 6 hours and you still want to keep playing.

3) It's FUN. Wonderful fun. Some elebits are worth less than others, like the green and red are worth less than blue and orange. It is very fun to beat a hard level and continue to the next because the next level is always a surprise.

Now, for the negatives.

1) In some levels, there are too many blocks. If you make a really loud noise, you can lose the level, which stinks sometimes.

2) Sometimes, it takes quite a while to find elebits and move up levels.

Overall, this game is very good, but I would never recommend it over Twilight Princess.

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One of the best shows on Nick!, 7 September 2006

OK, the first thing I have to say is that Fairly Oddparents is one of the best shows on Nick, (next to Spongebob) and has hysterically-funny characters. Comso is the best, because whatever he says is stupidly funny. I also think Timmy's dad is funny too. The fact that he and the the mom have no first names is really funny. Too bad this show is getting canceled. They could do so much more with it! Like make a theatrical movie, or something. Some of the new episodes did stink, because I think Fairly Oddparents got a new writer or something, but it is still a fun show to watch! I also think Jimmy Neutron and Spongebob are great show too!

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An Excellent Show!, 4 September 2006

Spongebob Squarepants is the best cartoon i have ever seen!!!! first off, it is one of the most unique cartoons because the show is set under the ocean.

Spongebob Squarepants lives in a town called Bikini Bottom. He has a pet snail Gary (that oddly 'meows'), and lives in a pineapple next to his two neighbors, Squidward Tentacles, the "always-unhappy" squid/octopus who thinks everyone is an idiot, and Patrick Star, a pink starfish who can't tell up from down.

Spongebob works at a restaurant called the Krusty Krab and works for Mr. Eugune H. Krabs (don't know what the H is for), the money-loving, greedy crab. Squidward also works there, but reluctantly works. Spongebob enjoys working and would love to work 24 hours a day.

Spongebob also has another friend, Sandy Cheeks, who is a "land squirrel" who decided to move from Texas to the ocean. She lives in an air dome. There is also Mrs. Poppy Puff, who teaches Spongebob how to drive. Plankton, the tiny creature who lives across from the Krusty Krab, always tries to steal the Krabby Patty formula and dominate the world.

Overall, this show is awesome and the characters are great, but some of the episodes lately have been really boring and unusual, like Chimps Ahoy, and New Leaf. But I still love the show. It'll stay on the air for two more years, so watch it when you can!