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Even more fake than Survivor, 7 October 2003

This woman needs to be placed in a rubber room.

If you want to communicate with an animal, try feeding it. Buying a few books doesn't hurt either.

Why anyone would believe that a human being can telepathically communicate with animals, is beyond my understanding.

And while we throw Sonya in the rubber room, we should throw Sylvia Browne in there with her, and get her to pay back all of the money she has obtained by lying to unsuspecting people (and usually grieving ones at that!)

Stay away from this show, keep its ratings down, don't even watch it for a laugh.

My Rating: 0/10 (AWFUL)

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Awful and predictable, 7 October 2003

This show is horribly boring, with obvious storylines that play like an episode of "Montel".

I don't see how "Judging Amy" is considered "Left-Leaning", and I certainly wouldn't call "Judging Amy" liberal (as a previous poster did) "Amy" is almost as far from liberal as Bush.

Judging Amy is simply a horrible show, with predictable storylines, and is a waste of CBS airtime.

They need to improve their comedies and stop wasting the viewing public's time with these drama shows, and their overdone storylines, many of which are drawn out for months.

My Rating: 0/10 (AWFUL)

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Still Stupid, 7 October 2003

Yet another show with cheap comedy that is mostly ripped off from other cheap comedies.

This has to be the worst show since Malcolm in the Middle, and I wouldn't recommend watching it for all the money in the world.

The boring characters make Roseanne look like artwork, and the annoying actors can speed up a good vomiting session.

"Still Standing" could be seen for what it is before it even aired for the first time. Just the commercials that air for the show are enough to make anyone ill.

CBS needs to remove this and "Joan of Arcadia" from the schedule, and replace them with reruns of "King of Queens" and "Yes, Dear", 2 shows that make Still Standing and "Joan of Arcadia" look like a school play.

My Rating: 0/10 (AWFUL)

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All of the worst shows–rolled into one, 7 October 2003

First of all, pertaining to the comment suggesting that all negative comments should be disregarded, I don't think the visitors to this website need to be told what they can and cannot read.

Second of all, this show reeked of cheap humor, one-liners, and funny hair styles (all of which had been done before, too many times)

Third, I don't think CBS needed another show filled with old jokes that should've been retired long ago. Still Standing fits that profile just fine.

The last thing I want to say is that this show was WORSE than Still Standing, which is pretty awful in and of itself.

My Rating: 0/10 (AWFUL)

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"God" awful show, 7 October 2003

If you're looking for a show with 1/80 the intelligence of a Munsters rerun, you'll enjoy "Joan of Arcadia" Basically, a teenager claims to be "God", so as to get some from another teenager. I find it seriously disturbing that a supposed "God", would waste his time with one teenage girl while people are starving. If that sounds good to you, I recommend to you shows like "The Pet Psychic". CBS seriously needs to cancel this show before the entire station is judged as idiotic as "Joan of Arcadia".

My Rating: 0/0 (AWFUL)

"Grady" (1975)
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A short-lived classic, 5 October 2003

Based on who was probably the favorite on-and-off character from Sanford and Son, Grady, this show didn't fail to deliver the same laughs as Sanford and Son, if not more.

According to the show's publicity advisors, the show's lack of popularity was largely due to the little advertising provided.

The biggest difference between this and Sanford and Son, is that "Grady" is more of a lighthearted show, with fewer arguments.

However, the lack of arguments did not prove to be a downfall for the show.

The "Box Set" (TV Land's name for themed shows, usually playing 4 shows pertaining to the same subject matter, or in Grady's case, Spin-Offs) has been used to bring Grady to a modern audience (Not that it had much of an audience in the 70s)

I'd recommend viewing it when episodes air, as they rarely do, and you won't be disappointed.

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Watch the old stuff, forget WWE, 5 October 2003

Watch some of these DVD collections of old stuff, from when it was WWF, but I'd stay away from WWE.

As for WWF SmackDown!, it was a great show, 2nd to WWF Raw, but still above WWF Sunday Night HeAT (Which is 3rd, in my opinion)

Since the days of WWF, the ratings have gone downhill (from what I've heard a total of 6 million viewers no longer tune in), action figures have been sold cheaply, and backyard wrestling is virtually nonexistent (Not that backyard wrestling was the best idea in the first place, most of the time there were too many chairs and tables and too little actual wrestling)

Bottom line, WWE is nothing compared to what it used to be (as WWF) so I'd recommend finding old recordings, they have a lot of old Pay-Per-Views on DVD, and WWE is releasing some Best-Of DVDs that include stuff from the 1990s, which is when it was at its peak, as WWF.

WWF War Zone (1998) (VG)
The first realistic wrestling game, 5 October 2003

WWF WarZone was the birthplace of realistic wrestling games, offering a variety of features, such as the first complex create-a-wrestler feature.

The commentators for this game are Vince McMahon and Jim Ross, its sequel WWF Attitude had Shane McMahon and Jerry Lawler.

Why is it that Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross aren't ever put together as commentators in a game? They spent years doing commentary together.

Anyways, I prefer Jim Ross to Jerry Lawler anyday.

Why am I discussing the commentary? Other than the different commentaries, WWF Attitude has much more features, including a detailed create-a-wrestler feature that greatly surpasses that of WWF WarZone, so one of the main attractions to WWF Warzone in comparison, is the commentary from Good Ol' J.R.!

However, there are a few wrestlers on WWF WarZone from the old days that might be a reason for some people to purchase this game nowadays (Such as Ahmed Johnson, Owen Hart and Bret Hart)

Wrestling fans and non-wrestling fans alike should enjoy this game, as well as WWF Attitude. Most of the later ones have a slow fighting system, and a few have wrestlers that are too small..

Alone in the Dark (1992) (VG)
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Genuine horror game, 3 October 2003

Alone in the Dark is loaded with eerie music, and graphics which, by falling short of most modern games, actually preserves the horror of the game. Without extreme detail, the monsters seem scarier!

I found the gameplay difficult at first, it wasn't until years after my initial purchase, that I was able to pick the game back up.

Upon trying it once more, I found that it wasn't so hard after all, especially since this game allows the player to save at any time.

The house is as creepy as the monsters inside it, providing a naturally chilling landscape, without having to splash blood everywhere for a cheap scare.

The following statistics stand true for the 3DO version:

Graphics: 7.5 Although, technically, the graphics for the characters themselves aren't all that great, the house itself is done beautifully.

Sound: 9.5 The books, read by voice actors, provide extra background on the game's story. The walking, doors opening, fighting, all have realistic sound, without overdoing it. Also, the music has a subtle horror about it.

Controls: 6.0 Fighting, at first, can prove difficult. The Action button is constantly replaced (By pausing, selecting things like Look, Fight, Push, etc. the button takes on the form of various tasks.)

Gameplay: 8.0 The main character can seem slow at times, though running is possible. Saving is fast, loading is almost as quick, and the difficulty, in the face of the ability to save anywhere, anytime through the pause menu, is easy enough.

Entertainment: 10 The house is creepy in a genuine way, without taking the easy way out by covering the walls with blood. The 2 selectable characters aren't superheros, they're everyday people, which adds to the horror, as well as the realism.

This game remains my favorite Survival Horror game. It is available for PC and the 3DO.

I also recommend the game's sequels:

Alone in the Dark 2: One eyed Jack's Revenge (PC/3DO/Playstation) Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare (PC/Playstation)

My overall rating for this game, based on comparison to other games of the genre, is *****/*****

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Much harder than the original, 3 October 2003

As Resident Evil 2 brought the player outside of the mansion, the sequel to Alone in the Dark does the same.

The area is much larger, the game much longer, and the graphics are slightly improved.

Graphics: 8.0 The area, as it is much larger, is also more detailed.

Sound: 10 Once again, the books, read by voice actors, provide extra background on the game's story. The music tracks are longer, and the default theme is very detective-like, fitting the story. However, eerie music takes over when applicable.

Controls: 5.0 Fighting is much more difficult, as the evil characters now carry guns. Luckily, you do too. Unluckily, it's harder to aim on the game than real life.

Gameplay: 6.0 The Save-Anywhere-Anytime system still applies. Without it, this game would be too difficult to even consider playing.

Entertainment: 9.5 Overall, more suspenseful than scary. The game's length makes up for a lot, however. It kept me busy for an entire month, WITH walkthroughs (The walkthroughs, for one thing, were all missing an important part of the game! I had to figure out the part in question on my own)

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