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Bedlam (1995) (V)
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Lots of sexy women, 9 February 2002

This is one of the better adult movies. The reason is that there is a lot of really sexy women in it,like Jenteal,Nikki Tyler and Cellest to name a few.And this movie also got lots of lesbian scenes The story is also quit interesting about some beds who can talk and tell us about what they have been through and who has slept on them. The scenes is also very good filmed.

Pick this up the next time you are looking for a film of this genre.

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This is a good movie, 7 February 2002

This movie is directed by Jonathan Demme who also directed Silence of the lambs.It is no doubt that he is a good director,and in this movie he also got with him Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington. This is a tragic story about a man(Tom Hanks) who gets aids and finds out that the whole world turns against him. The story is really well told and it is a touching movie to watch. I must admit that the director could have made it more tragic and showed us really how bad aids is.(but maybe it would have ruined the movie) All in all I think the director and the cast did a wonderful job,making a movie which will be remembered for a long time.

The most famous Bruce Lee movie, 6 February 2002

I havent seen many Bruce Lee movies,but of those I have seen,this is the best. There are not many fighting scnes if you compare to todays standards.But I just like to see Bruce Lee act,because he is maybe the best martial arts performer ever. Of those fight scenes that was in the movie,there is especially one that is very good and famous.I am of course talking about the cavern fight.It is a fight where Bruce Lee singel handed beats up over 50 guys.It is really cool.He uses a lot of weapons and his skills are extraordinary.I also enjoyed the fight between Lee and Han at the end which ends in the famous mirror room.

Among other actors in this movie,you can find John Saxon and Jim Kelly. They both look really funny and they are the best reason to spot that the movie is made in the 70's.Because the picture quality and enviorments are really good. Another thing that is funny with them,is that they cant fight,they look like buisness men,and their fight scenes are laughable.

Other actors in this movie are Bolo Yeung,which is an excellent martial arts actor,unnfortunatly he dont get to show it in this movie. There is also a cameo performance by Chuck Norris and Jackie Chan,one of the first in their career.

If you like martial arts movies you cant miss this one. This movie,is where it all began.

R.I.P Bruce Lee

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Very entertaining and good movie., 4 February 2002

I enjoyed this movie a lot.

It is about two negotiators who have to face each other after one of them has taken some hostages. The movie has everything from good dialogue and humor to thrilling action scenes. Kevin Spacey and Samuel L Jackson performs wonderfully in the two leading roles. The story is also very clever with a surprising ending.

Gorgeous (1999)
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Not like other Jackie Chan movies., 4 February 2002

This movie is not like other Jackie Chan movies,this movie concentrates more on the story and romance,rather than the fighting. It still has one really cool fight scene. I enjoyed this movie even though it was different,it got lots of humor and some romantic moments.

If you are looking for lots of fight scenes then this movie is not your first pic,but if you would like to see Jackie Chan in a different role,then this is the movie for you.

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A touching story about a little genious., 30 January 2002

A good drama movie,with a touching story about a brilliant mind trapped inside the body of a little boy. The little boy"Fred Tate" is excellent played by Adam Hann-Byrd,he deliveres a performance which can only be measured whith Haley Joel Osmond in the Sixth Sense. Jodie Foster also delivers a great performance,she has also directed this movie.

The movie shows how difficult it can be to be different.It tells the story about Fred Tate who is only a little kid,but also genious(unlike anything you have seen),he can solv any mathematic and is also a poet and an art artist,but unfortunantly he has no friends,except his mother(who dont understand his potential). But one day an oppurtunity comes along,that will change Fred's life.

As Good as Dead (1995) (TV)
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An average tv-movie thriller., 30 January 2002

The only reason I watched this movie,where because Traci Lords was in it.As everyone knows,she is maybe the most famouse pornstar of all time.

This is just a little biography about her:She was a teen runaway and began nude modeling and making adult films at the age of 15.This lead to a big trial in America and almost all of her movies was banned and burned.She then made some adult movies when she became 18years old.She has later become a ordinary movie star and stars in a lot of tv movies.But no one will forget her past.I think she is maybe the most talented pornstar of all time,because not many pornstar have gotten acting jobs like her,when they leave the adult industry.To bad that almost all of her earlie movie has been banned because she was only 15 years old,but it is possible to get them if you have the right conection.

As far as the movie goes,it is an ordinary thriller with a few creepy moments, but nothig we havent seen before. The only special thing about it is that it has Traci Lords in it.

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One of the best romantic-comedies of all time, 30 January 2002

This is simply a good movie. I have not seen many movies in this genre,but I know a great movie when I see it. In the leading roles we find Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan. Meg Ryan is as made for this genre,and she delivers a great performance and so does Billy Crystal. The story is fun and entertaining and has a great dialogue along with lots of humor.

This movie is especially great for those rainy days.

Cage II (1994)
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Hardcore fighting, but an awful movie., 29 January 2002

I saw the preview to this movie a while ago,and I thought it looked cool and had some great fighting scenes.But I was wrong the story and acting is one of the worst I have seen and the fighting scenes is bad coreographed.It almost looks like the people in the fighting scenes dont know martial arts.I had hoped for a movie like Shoot Fighter,the concept is the same,but Shoot fighter is 100 times better.

The story in this movie is about a tournement where two people gets locked in a cage and have to fight each other until one of them is dead. This concept does ofcourse make this movie very hardcore,and strong to watch for someone. But like I said the people dont use stylish martial arts,they instead just stand infront of eachother and beat eachother to death.

Bad martial arts with horrible acting,but it is brutal,(I have to give it that)

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A great sci-fi series, 29 January 2002

This is one big budget series,which has great landscapes,story and fx.Jessica Alba plays the leading role and she is HOT.After having watched the pilot episode when it came out on video, I couldn't wait for the series to start,and now I think it is one of the best series I have seen. It is made by James Cameron, and that explains a lot.

So if this series comes to your country then try to watch a few episodes and see if you like it,I guarantee that you will.

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