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Why do everyone think this movie is bad?, 25 March 2002

I dont understand why so many people dislike this movie.I thought it was good.It is in fact one of my favorite war movies,considering that there are not so many war movies out there.This movie shows a better perspective of each soldier and there emotions.It also has one of the best casts I have ever seen.The thin red line,like Saving private Ryan,shows only a a special event in the second world war.The movie shows the americans taking over a little island from the Japanese,in the pacific.I think this movie is very underrated,but must admit that it has moments where it goes a little slow and I think that they could cut the length by half an hour and still tell the same story,because it is a little to long. But all in all I think it is a good movie.

I really enjoyed it., 25 March 2002

This is a war movie,but unlike others it dont show the world war 2,instead it shows the tragic event that took place in Somalia in the 90s.This movie is very strong and shows war in a realistic way.It show that the victims are often sivilians and that soldiers are often afraid too.The thing that surprised me most about this movie,is all the gun firing and action.There are constant combat for two hours.I were expecting a slow type of war movie,but this turned out to be one of the most explosive and best war movies that I have seen.Don't get me wrong,war movies are very though and not to be joked with.They are in fact based on true tragic events.This movie also contain a little humor,represented by one soldier,who act a little goofy because he is def.Other than that this is a realistic and strong movie,that will make many of you think of war in an other way.

I consider this to be one of the best war movies I have seen,and by far the one with most action,but what can you expect when you have Ridley Scott as director and Jerry Bruckheimer as producer. Go see it in cinema if you want the full effect,great sound quality. I give it a 8 out of 10.

Facade (2000) (V)
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Worth having on DVD, 16 March 2002

This Paul Thomas film is perfect for couples. There's an intriguing storyline, lots of drama, hot sex and a kickass slut played by Sydnee Steele. In the first scene alone she takes on Bobby Vitale which is sure to earn them both a nomination for Best Couples Sex Scene. As the story continues Inari Vachs, Kira Kener and April all get their chance to shine before the final orgy scene, which is also sure to earn a nomination.

The dvd is good with only minor quality issues. There are small amounts of pixelation and NTSC noise throughout. However, the picture is still pretty clear and the colors are truly vivid. The Dolby 5.1 surround sound audio is crisp, clear and flawless.

The box boasts that this disc "contains more DVD and DVD-Rom features than any other DVD disc to date." True or not, it does have a lot of features.

There are multiple angles, stills, trailers, alternative languages and bonus scenes.

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Unlike anything you have ever seen before., 16 March 2002

This movie is unique,it shows drug abuse in a whole new way. In the leading roles you'll find Ellen Burstyn, Jared Leto, Jennifer Connelly and Marlon Wayans.They all delivers the best performances of their career.Especially Ellen Burstyn who does one of the best roles ever in movie history.The director of the movie is Darren Aronofsky who is unknown for most people,but has made great movies before. This movie has one of the best soundtracks ever,and I got chills every time I heard Summer overture true out the movie. The movie is great edited and use new spesial fx,as a way to explain drug abuse.Visually this movie is great.

The story is also very powerful and touches everyone who sees it. The movie starts out slowly and builds up to a climax at the end,the last 15 minutes of the movie is so intense and dramatic and will touch you deep inside.It is sad to see what drugs can do with people and in this movie you see how bad it can turn out.The ending is one of the sadest endings I have ever seen.I didnt move a finger before after the end credits.And then I couldn't believe what I had seen,this is the movie that you cant get out of your mind in several days.

A movie that will move even the toughest people. 10 out of 10

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Tupac's greatest performance, 16 March 2002

This movie has a real street feel to it,and it shows the meaning of true friends and how difficult some kids have growing up in world with drugs and crime. One of my favorit movies in this genre,and this movie also contains some real cool basketball scenes.

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One of the better movies,who shows the black community., 16 March 2002

This movie is one of the best in this genre,I think of it among with "Boys N the hood" and "Menace to society". It shows how hard it can be to grow up in a bad neighborhood,and how easy drugs and criminal life takes over.

The End (1997) (V)
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Heather Hunter is crazy, 4 March 2002

The movie has a weak story about a girl who dies and comes to heaven and there she meets a lot of other people and their share their experiences,ohh well sexual experiences. Heather Hunter are in two of the scenes in this movie,and I have to admit that they are the two best.This are by many said to be one of her best movies.She is a thin little women who are just crazy. See it yourself to believe it.

Kingpin (1996)
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A really funny comedy, 24 February 2002

This is a hillarious comedy,which goes where no comedy has gone before.Nothing is to weird for this comedy.Bill Murray and Woody Harrelson are great in their roles and the story is so simple that it is funny.It is about winning a bowling tournament. This movie is directed by the Farrelly brothers,and I think that explains it all. Go and see it now.

Not Jet li's best movie., 24 February 2002

This is not Jet Li's best movie,because he don't get to show of his best fighting skills. Even though Jet Li dosn't get to fight all the time,it is still an entertaining movie with lots of humor. This is also Aaliyah's first movie and unfortunantly her last. She was actually a good actress and a sexy one too. This movie brings something new into the action genre, and that is the x-ray vision when something breaks.We actually get to see inside the body when Jet Li breaks their bones,quit cool. A good action movie,but not the best fight scenes.

The Pyramid 1 (1996) (V)
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Legendary european adult movie, 23 February 2002

This movie is very known in the genre,because it has won many awards and are probably the most famouse european adult movie. The movie is over 6 hours and are therefor devided into three parts,and is known as the most famouse trilogy in adult history. In the lead role you'll find Tania Russof which is incredible. You also get to see many girls in one of their first roles,this girls has later become superstars. Part one is also the best in the trilogy.

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