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Great saga about 18th century France., 24 May 2002

This movie is directed by Christophe Gans who also directed Crying freeman which is a great movie.This movie is just as great,but it is hard to compare since they are different genres. The brotherhood of the wolves is a beautiful movie about 18th century france.It has some incredible landscape and wonderful costumes and clothes.It is the story about a beast who killed a lot of people and the men sent out to track the beast down and kill it.This movie has like Crying freeman, Marc Dacascos in one of the leading roles and he are one of the best martial artists out there. This movie has some great fight scenes which is all great filmed with slow motions and good camera angles. I really like this kind of saga movies about legends and heros. I dont know what it is,but i just loved this movie,it has a special atmosphere and the scenes is just amazing. All i can say is:If you like adventure,mystery,sagas,action,thriller or simply a good movie,then you have to watch this one.

Great crime/thriller from france., 24 May 2002

I have started to really enjoy french movies lately,movies like Taxi 1 and 2 and the brotherhood of the wolf. This movie is no worse it is a great thriller with some great actors like Jean Reno and Vincent Cassel. They deliver their roles great and I especially liked that there were a parallel story between those two,and that it connected in the end of the movie. Although i found this movie a little predictable I still enjoyed it a lot.They dont make a lot of crime story's like this anymore so if you come across this movie you better pick it up.

The Cell (2000)
An artistic and creepy thriller., 24 May 2002

This is not an ordinary thriller,it is about the darkest side of the human mind.It is about a killer played by Vincent D'Onofrio who has kidnaped a girl and Jennifer Lopez needs to get into his mind to find out where she is.This is with out a doubt Jennifer Lopez best role yet and Vincent D'Onofrio is amazing as the serial killer. This movie is very artistic in the way they show Vincent D'Onofrio mind. They show things that you wouldnt imagine in your wildest fantasies,where the director got the ideas I can't think of.Some of the scenes in this movie is really Creepy and scary to watch and that is what i like.The special fx here are first class and really wonderful to watch.This movie is also like no other thriller I have ever seen and after seeing it on dvd with the directors comentary,I enjoy it even more. Go rent it know and see how it is like inside the mind of a killer.

Cube (1997)
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So many questions unanswered,but still a great movie., 24 May 2002

This is a really weird and original movie,a bunch of people wake up inside a cube with no idea about how they got there.We dont get to know much about their life stories either,all we know is that if they stay inside the cube,much longer they will starve to death. The interesting thing about this movie,is the dialogue between the different people and to watch what happens to humans when they get put in front of this type of situations.The start to get enemies just after a short while.This movies is a low budget movie with all unknow actors and it is filmed inside two different cubes(watch the dvd),but still it is a great movie,I think the idea of the plot is genius.I just wish we got more answers about how they got there or who built the cube. I look forward to cube 2,which is set to be finished in 2002,but I have heard that it has no relations with cube 1.Maybe it will give us more answers.

Even though this movie kind of a mystery and left you wondering about a lot of things,I still loved it.Maybe the reason was that it made you think about human nature and that some situations can make humans capable of almost anything. I advice you to watch it with directors comentary.

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Another good movie from John Singleton,the man behind (Boys N The Hood), 24 May 2002

This movie is as Boys in the hood, a movie about the black community. The story envolves around some different people on a USA college. Among the actors we find Ice Cube,Jennifer Conelly,Tyra Banks,Kristy Swanson and Lauwrence Fishburne.This is a good cast and especially if you are looking for good looking girls. This stroy is about the problems between white people and black people. The story is quit dramatic and you get to feel for the different persons.The ending is really rough and made me think for a long time. All in all a god movie,but not as good as John Singleton's Boys in the hood.

Wishbone (1997)
Jenteal and April is great., 26 April 2002

This movie contains 5 sex scenes,where only three of them is good.The three scenes are a lesbo scene with Jenteal and Melissa Hill which is very nice,one scene with Rebecca Lord and a guy which is also quit alright and the best by far is the one with April,Roxanne Hall and an other guy.The best thing about this movie must have to be that it got April and Jenteal which is one of the best looking women in the industry. So I have to say that this is a slightly above average movie with a great cast.

Over to the DVD. The features were really good. On the front side you have a collection of Wave goodies, with a preview section, and photo gallery headlining. The flip side has Vivid's add-ons, which if you haven't seen are great. There you have everything from interactive playground with Kobe Tai to Vivids bloobers of what went wrong under the shoot.

To sum it all up, I can say that this movie is good,but if you get it on DVD,then it is really worth having.It is really good if you want what I will call `soft' hardcore porn.

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A great movie,with a very original ending., 15 April 2002

Jeff Bridges and Tim Robbins stars in this very original thriller. I thought Tim Robbins did an excellent job as the bad guy and Jeff Bridges is as always good.This movie is one of the better thrillers I have seen, it has some very creepy scenes and the ending is one of a kind.I have read that many people was unsatisfied with the ending,but I must say that I really liked it.It shows that it does not always go the way we want and that life is not always fair. I will not spoil anything so I am just going to say that this is a movie you have to see and I promise that it will be one of the better movies you have seen in a while.

The Others (2001)
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A great old fashion horror movie., 15 April 2002

This is a horror movie that is made on the old fashion horror recipe,it has an old house and lots of darkness and of course ghosts. The whole setting is simply great. This movie has some scenes that will literally make you jump of your seat.I remember one scene where almost all the people in the cinema jumped of their seats and covered their eyes.It is not a shocking scene,but i just catch you by surprise and it happens so quick. A very positive thing about this movie is Nicole Kidman,I have never thought of her as such a great actress,but this movie really proved me wrong.She is excellent in her role,and I think she deserved an oscar for it.The two kids in the movie is also really great. This is a movie you have to see.

Sex Opera (2003) (V)
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Private Penthouse must be one of the best series ever., 10 April 2002

This movie has very good quality in every area. The picture and sound quality are top notch,the dvd menu is very nice with lots of extras and the movie has some super sexy european babes who do everything.This movie has only great sex scenes and the camera work is great.You also have the ability to change camera angles. These Private Penthouse movies are simply amazing and I will definitely see the rest in the series.

Doggystyle (2001) (V)
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Very laughable, 28 March 2002

This is not an ordinary rap video or an ordinary adult video. It is a mix between those two and I must say that it turned out bad. The music is bad and I usually like some of snoop doggs music and the porn is bad.The lighting and filming is so bad that you sometimes dont know what is going on.

This video reminds me of a home made video which has nothing to do on the marked.If you are looking for music then watch MTV or buy an other rap video and if you are looking for porn,there is plenty of better movies out there,actually this is the worst adult movie I have seen. But if you are looking for something new,a weird twist between rap and porn with bad filming etc,then this movie is for you.

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