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Dude has a great lifestyle., 14 June 2002

Great movie,great cast and great story. This movie has such great characters and they are so original. To sum it all up,I can say that this movie is very funny with a great cast who acts their roles perfect. And by the way,The Dude has a great lifestyle.

Rape Me (2000)
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I see what all the hype was about,but I didn't like the movie., 12 June 2002

I watched this movie with the expectations that it was going to be really unique and great,but what I experienced was a bad B-movie. I had heard that it had some rough sex scenes and lots of violence,and that was for the most true exept it was so badly done.I must admit that the first rape scene was kind of disturbing with the women who was raped and you could see blood dripping from here face and also the penetration.In all the other violent scenes you could clearly see that it was a B-movie that couldnt aford red paint that looked like blood. I think this movie was only made to provoke and shock,because it is a bad piece off film making.I dont think anyone will see it as anything besides garbage.It has no story or atmosphere and we dont feel for any of the characters. If you want to see this movie for the sex scenes,then dont bother,because it is filmed badly.Go rent a porn movie instead,it might even have a better story.And if you are watching it because of the violence,I have to say that I have seen movies that are way sicker.

The only reason to see this movie,is to see something new,you might call it a bad porn movie with a story.

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I don't know what to say about this movie., 12 June 2002

First off all Karl Childers is amazingly well played by Billy Bob Thornton and the fact that Billy Bob also directed and wrote the screen play for this movie is awsome.Another person who does an excellent job here is Lucas Black as the little boy Frank. There story is really sad and tragic and I believe it touches almost everyone that sees it,but the thing that bothered me about it,is that it developes to slow.I actually got bored while watching it,so I had to stop the video and view the rest later. After thinking about the movie a few days later,I found out that it actually was quit good. So I will just have to say that even though the story develops quit slow and there isn't any action,you still have to see this movie. Because the acting is amazing and the story is really good and you will be glad afterwards that you saw it.

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The ending ruins everything., 11 June 2002

Even though this is a mini series I bought it on DVD and saw the whole thing in one evening.It lasted over 4 hours,but it had good suspense through out the whole movie.I thought it was really good and the actors did a great job even though none of them are really famous. The whole story has a great atmosphere,and it takes place on a little island during a storm.The only thing that bothered me about this movie is the ending.The ending made me really mad,you sit there waiting for everything to be solved so that it can be a happy ending,but no. This is kind of a tragic ending,and the four hours feels kind of wasted when this is the outcome.You'll see what I mean. I recommend seeing the whole movie as a whole,with no pauses. Greatly written by Stephen King. The movie was good except the ending.

Mobsters (1991)
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I think this movie should have a higher rating., 10 June 2002

This is a good mafia movie,with good story telling,good acting and good atmosphere.I really enjoy mafia movies,and therefore I think this movie is underrated.The story is not unlike other mafia movies,about robbing each other and killing everyone in the way,but off course with class. Highly underrated,good movie.

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A good prison movie., 10 June 2002

Over the years there have been made many prison movies,but I dont think many of them really reflect how terrible a prison is.I think this movie shows it in a more realistic way than many other movies.The movie tells us that you got to have connections within the prison to survive and that friends are everything.This movie is the portrait of a young boy who ends up in a prison,and luckily he gets introduced with one of the leaders among the white inmates and therefor has a chance. In the roles you'll find Willem Dafoe (which does a wonderful job in this movie) and Edward Furlong who also is very good.As some other inmates you'll find Danny Trejo who always looks really tough and scary and Mickey Rourke in totally new role that I never thought would work for him.See the movie and find out what I am talking about.

Goodfellas (1990)
Maybe the best mafia movie ever., 10 June 2002

This movie is just perfect.It has a great cast,a great director and a great story.I am especially surprised by Joe Pescis acting,he is just amazing in this movie,definitely his best movie yet.Robert De Niro and Ray Liotta is also great.The story is very weel told and you get to see the life of a kid while growing up and becoming a powerful man in the mafia.The mafia is really good material for a movie,because it is really cool to see how powerful they are and that they are usually above the law. This is really a masterpiece.

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Typical road movie., 4 June 2002

This story have I seen lots of times before,so there was no originality or new material.The acting in the movie was good and Kiefer Sutherland proves that he is a great actor.Martin Sheen also has a small role in this movie as the mafias lead killer.He really delivers a cool performance. This movie was ok as a evening movie,when you have nothing else to do. Only see it if it is on TV,it is not worth buying.

Fatal Error (1999) (TV)
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I have started to enjoy these TV movies lately., 4 June 2002

I have seen a lot of TV movies lately,only because they happen to go on TV on days like Monday when there is nothing else to do. I dont say that the are really good,but I found some of them entertaining.Even all of them has a low budget they still manage to have a decent story.This one is an ok thriller with a very X-files feel to it.I wasn't bored while watching the movie so therefore I have to say that it was average.

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The graphics blew me away,but I was really disappointed with the story., 31 May 2002

This movie is not all i hoped for.I have been a fan of the final fantasy games for a long time and have completed all the recent games. The things i liked about the game is that it has such a great story and you really get to feel for the characters and of course the cgi sequences are great.So when the movie came out I hoped for a similar story about a group of people who goes on a journey to fight monsters and evil forces in a distant world and how they put their friendship on a test etc,just like the game. But instead they had made up a bad story about some scientists and a future enviorment on earth.I dont say that the movie is bad,but it is just not what I had hoped for.I think the stories in final fantasy 7 and 8 are really good,why couldn't it be like that?

I have to give the movie credit for great graphic,it was visually wonderful to watch.Sometimes I couldn't tell if there were real humans or computer generated humans. A bonus was that you get a bonus disc if you buy the dvd,so that you can learn more about the story and find out how they made the movie. I guess a lot of final fantasy game fans will be a little disappointed,but we got to remember that it is the same company that made the movie and games.So no one could have done it better. I just have to be glad that there are new final fantasy games coming out on playstation 2.

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