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The Lake (1998) (TV)
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Another good thriller with the talented Haley Joel Osment., 28 December 2001

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This thriller is realy creepy and is about a lake which is the gate to and identical world where the only difference is that everyone is evil. So everybody has and identical evil twin.And the scary part is that they are trying to replace everyone in this world. Other than Haley Joel Osment you will find Yasmine Bleeth in the leading role.And I must say that it was the main reason why I watched this movie.

A good tv movie,which everyone should see the next time it is on tv.

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Jaws,except this time it is crocodiles, 28 December 2001

The cast is unknown the director is unknown and the movie is unknown, but that dont keep it from being funny. I found this movie a couple of years ago in a shop with strange movies and other stuff in Sweden.The cover of the movie warned about strong scenes and much gore,so I bought it. I sat down to watch it,only to find out that this movie was so badly made that it was funny. Hahahahah

Road Rage (1999) (TV)
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Good thriller., 28 December 2001

Yasmine Bleeth has really played in a lot of thriller tv movies and all of them are kind of good. This one is maybe one of the best and it is about a madman who is after her to kill her,because she cut him off in traffic(really sick guy).The madman is excellent played by Jere Burns. Yasmine Bleeth is sexy as always and deliver decent performance.

Very funny at times, 19 December 2001

This is a typical teenager comedy which will remind you a lot about the Beavis and Butthead type of humor.The movie is about jesse and Chester,played by Ashton Kutcher and Seann William Scott,which dont remember what they they did the day before,and therefor runs into a lot of problems,because it seems that they did all kinds of crazy stuff the day before.

The movie consists of stupid humor and you really have to understand that kind of humor to really enjoy it. I enjoyed this movie a lot,and thought the humor was excellent and stupid. The two actors plays their roles really funny and really looks like two stupid potheads.

I saw this movie on DVD and therefor got to see a lot extra,like the deleted scenes etc. After having watched the whole movie one time,I watched the movie a second time with the audio commentary by director Danny Leiner and actors Ashton Kutcher and Seann William Scott. This must bee one of the best audio comentaries ever,because those guys are really funny.I found myself laughing almost as much as under the original movie.They really explains how much work who lies behind this sort of movies.Like the kissing scene between Chester and Jesse.We also get to hear about what that did not make it into the movie. So the audio comentary is simply just those three guys sitting and joking through the whole movie while drinking a couple of bears.

All in all this is a comedy which is not to be taken seriously and not to be thought of as anything else than a silly movie with stupid humor. I had a great time watching it.

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Only for hardcore horror fans!, 17 December 2001

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is the first Fulci film I have seen,and it is said to be the most graphic of all Fulci movies,and that explains a lot.

It starts out as an ordinary thriller with a psycho going around killing women with a knife.After the first 30 minutes I started to think that maybe it wasnt as disturbing and gory as everyone said,but then the killing scenes started to get more and more graphic and brutal. You can clearly see the knife go slowly into the victims stomach and then upwards so the blood drips out,and if that wasnt enough the killer starts to mutilate the victims in other ways,like a bottle up the vagina,various women have their throats slashed,have their guts sliced open,breasts stabbed and legs sliced.As said this movie is only for the hardcore gore fans.

Another element of New York Ripper that people seem to be put off by is the sex. New York Ripper contains more sex than all of Fulci's other works combined. There are lengthy segments in a strip/sex club,bondage and an infamous foot f*** scene that really has no point within the context of the film.

And when you finally think that the movie cant get any worse,comes the most graphic and sadistic scene I have ever seen.It involves a naked woman tied and tortured while she screams,the killer uses a razor blade and slowly cut her open while she screams,then he uses the razor blade to slowly cut of her nipples,before he slices her eyeballs open,in a very close up shot,that is hard to watch. The movie also ends with a close up shot gun shot to the head,(very graphic).

This movie is very realistic and well acted for a Fulci film and believe it or not,has a clever story and a surprising ending.

The movie is very hard to come by,and is banned in many contries,and the uncut version with the eyball and nipple scene is almost impossible to come by.

This movie isn't for everyone. Actually it may be for no one.

Great Sci-fi!!!!!!, 8 December 2001

This is one of the better science fiction movies I have seen.

The story is really good and scary about a spaceship which lands on a abandon planet which has three suns.They then find out that there has been people on the planet,but they are all dead.Since the planet has three suns it is only night every 22 year,and its in the night that the creatures which has killed every living thing on the planet comes out.And guess what,its getting darker. The fx and picture quality is also very good and this together with a great story makes one hell of a science fiction thriller.

In the lead role we find Vin Diesel which I really got my eyes open for after this movie,he is a great actor which I guarantee the you will see in a lot of movie in the near future.

They are now working on a sequel which is named The Chronicles of Riddick,it will be out in 2003 so you better look forward to that.

The Last Outlaw (1993) (TV)
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Maybe the best western., 8 December 2001

This is absolutely one of my favorit western movies. I have written earlier that i thought Young Guns and Tombstone was the best,but that was because i had not seen this one. In the lead role you'll find Mickey Rourke as Graff,and he was like made for this kind of movie.He is the perfect bad guy. The movie has also other famous actors like John C. McGinley and Steve Buscemi,but no one can match the incredible Mickey Rourke.

The story is about a gang of bank robbers in the wild west and after a while the gang starts to get tired of their leader Graff and decides to shot him after a job and leave him to die.Unnfortunantly for them Graff survives and are forced by the sherif and his menn to help to hunt down the gang.But no one knows that Graff has a plan of his own,to kill everybody and take off with the money.

This movie has a real western feel to it and all the actors play their role great.

Joe Dirt (2001)
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Has some hilarious moments., 8 December 2001

I am surprise that this movie was so funny,because I have only seen Davis Spade as a sidekick comedian in movies such as Black Sheep and Tommy boy,so I wasnt sure that he was going to held this movie on his own.But then the movie started and showed me some of the funniest things in a while.The story is not good and the movie has times when it almost falls apart,but then the comedy rises it up again.

See it and find out what I am talking about.

"Invasion" (1997)
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An okay miniserie, 5 December 2001

As all other miniseries,this one is also a b-movie,but a b-movie doesnt necessary have to mean that it is a bad movie.It just has a lower budget and more unknown actors. This movie has actually gotten two actors which is quit famous,Luke Perry and Rebecca Gayheart. Luke Perry is known for his role in Beverly Hills 90210,and Rebecca Gayheart has played in movies such as,Scream 2,Urban legend 1 & 2 and From dusk til dawn 3.

The story is about a small rock who fell from the sky,nobody seems to know anything about it,but when someone touches it they get a virus who takes control of them.

The movie is scary at times and one of the better miniseries I have seen.

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Once you have started to play you cant stop, 30 November 2001

This game just keeps on exceeding itself.

It thought Resident Evil 2 was good but this is just amazing. The game play is awsome and graphic and sound are one of the best I have seen on playstation 1.I cant wait to try out the new Resident Evil:code Veronica on playstation 2.

My advice to you is,go and buy all the Resident Evil games from number one and to Code Veronica to get the whole story,its only then you really can appreciate the game.You will be surprised how adictiv and scary this game really is.


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