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Comandante (2003)
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Good insight into the life of the Cuban!, 22 August 2006

Before having seen this film I thought that Castro is a dictator. After watching this film I know (respectively I believe) that:

1.) The word "dictator" (in a negative sense) is not correct. Monarch, principal, emperor or "president for a lifetime" are better for this form of government.

2.) In Cuba, there are free elections on the district level. The mandatories are elected directly. Not through a party.

3.) Castro did a lot for education in his land. And he did a lot against prostitution.

4.) Since all times, Castro is against torture. Also during the US attack on his country.

5.) Castro defended his land successfully against an invasion of US troops. For this, the help from the former UDSSR (by Chruschtschow) was necessary (deployment of nuclear weapons during 13 days).

6.) Since all times in the USA, every American who is against the American policy against Cuba (economic embargo since 1960) is defamed as a communist or as an enemy of the state.