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Great watch on a rainy day, 13 July 2003

I just love this sweet old movie. Cary Grant is gorgeous, Irene Dunne beautiful, Edgar Buchanan a lovable old codger. A story about falling in love and the deep inner desire to build a family with the one you love -- and the challenges and sadness that can be as great, but never really greater, than the happiness and fulfillment it brings.

Falling in love, best friends, career challenges, pregnancy, miscarriage, infertility, adoption, death, divorce... it's all covered in this one sweet little movie. And it's all told in a way that reminds us all how important music is as it sets the soundtrack to our lives.

This is a wonderful movie. It may not be Citizen Kane -- but it is definitely worthy of your time.

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Wonderful, 17 June 2001

I was 13 when this mini-series (and its sequel North and South, Book II) first aired. I had already been captivated by the personal interest stories in/around our American Civil War, which is what interested me in watching this made-for-tv program.

I loved it. And now I'm 29 years old and I only love it more. It is full of history, beautiful costuming, real-life characters woven in and out of the lives of fictional characters, all of whom you come to care deeply about. There is intrigue, love, loyalty, betrayal, family, extended family, lust, battles, victory, defeat and reconstruction.

Even though I had the full set of episodes on tapes I recorded back when it originally aired, I purchased the full set of both N&S and N&S II from Columbia House some years ago when they became available. Once every few years I'll take a whole weekend and watch all the installments back to back - and am sad when the last episode rolls to an end, because I find myself wanting to continue watching the story of the lives of these characters.

I cannot recommend this mini-series more highly.