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This is a list of Movies that are produced by Marvel but are part of Cinematic Universes like the MCU, X-Men, and Amazing Spider-Man
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Just a quick reminder for me on which Criterion Collection DVDs to collect in January 2014
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My Choices for the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies.
No, Michael Bay will not be on this list.
Obvious reasons aside? He hates comicbook/superhero movies, even though he does Transformers.
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These are the best composers who I feel could write the score to a Final Fantasy VII movie adaptation. Nobuo Uematsu will not be on the list since he is reportedly retired.
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The Pros and cons and a small filmography of each director will be included with the directors.
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A short list of who could play Marvel's Mad Titan in the upcoming MCU films.

This is (relatively) based on a message Board I read on Guardians of the Galaxy. Any suggestions?
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The directors who I think would do a good job for Daredevil, better than Steven Mark Johnson's Daredevil.

(Off topic, I am a big fan of the Daredevil Director's Cut version of the Movie. It is way better than the theatrical PG-13 cut. I think they could do Daredevil like The Dark Knight or Man of Steel with a hardcore PG-13 rating, but that's just me)

One more thing, these are directors whose films I have actually seen.
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If I missed anyone, please let me know.
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The Hulk goes berserk and the X-Men are called in to help Captain America and Hawkeye bring him down while fighting off the Brotherhood who are trying to locate the Hulk to join their ranks.
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Both confirmed and what I would wish to be in the MCU
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The top 35 actors who I think would do a great Rocket Raccoon. Please, feel free to disagree...but no trolling.

By the by, I have never read Guardians of the Galaxy, but I assume Rocket Raccoon is a Funny character who is also a Bad-Ass...
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50 Films that I feel should belong in the Criterion Collection
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Just my opinion. No particular order. Please comment and tell me your dream cast and director.

Also, Resident Evil and Silent Hill aren't on here because they already got adaptations
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Movies from 2013 and beyond that we should all keep an eye on because they will kick major league butt
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Any Recommendations, Opinions, or suggestions? Also, could some people recommend some good movies that these guys have done that I might not have heard of?
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In my humble opinion, of course, these are guys and girls who I would watch a bad movie for
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Who I think might do a more spectacular job than the original Master of Epic Science Fiction (George Lucas) and why for the upcoming Star Wars Film in 2015 being produced by Disney

And no, people, Michael Bay will not be on this list.
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The Top 25 Directors for the first book of the Wheel of Time Saga
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The top 25 composers who i think would be good for the Eye of the World
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Most of the villains are from Comic Book films, but I put a few others in here and there
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Who could play the Cast of the Eye of the World?
Please, if you don't like the recommendations, tell me who you would want to play a character politely.
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Besides Tony Hopkins, who do you think should be great to serve your liver with fava and a Nice Chianti?
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By the way, not in any order. Hiddleston's Loki is amazing, but no where near as the great Anthony Hopkins as Dr. Hannibal Lecter
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Covers Masterpiece Movies and several classic Video Games
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I saw a neat list of Batman Actors, but nothing on the upcoming Dark Knight Rises or the Classic and Campy Live Action Series from the 60s or 70s
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I believe the title says it all!
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Just a list of cool stuff. Check it out!