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Again, I tried to keep it as "rich" and various as possible, of course according to my taste. The list is a mixture of different types of dramas, including criminal, mystery, war and romance. These are the ones that will come to my mind first, and if I have missed an important one, please write a comment to improve the list. I hope you will enjoy it!
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I have tried to include as many different "types" of romances and actors as possible. Anyway, the list can be separated mainly into two parts: Romantic Dramas and Romantic Comedies. My personal suggestion is to watch one movie of the list each Sunday afternoon and then tell me what you think about it. Fell free to comment and give suggestions to improve the order or even add other films. Enjoy!
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A List of titles for every member of the family. Enjoy!
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This list is a combines different types of crime movies, including action, mafia, thriller, and drama. It is about to grow up to 50 since it is not quite complete. Please feel free to suggest other titles and help with the ranking. Enjoy!