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Overrated, But Still A Good Movie, 13 September 2006

"Finding Nemo" is obviously a good movie. But, like many Pixar films, it's overrated. It seems they give more attention to CGI movies than older animated classics like "The Lion King" and "Beauty And The Beast", that deserve to be in the Top 250 instead of this kind of film. There are good Pixar films, like "Cars" and "The Incredibles", but I don't think that it deserves to rank the 2nd best Disney film ever behind only The Incredibles. Now, they also leave out "Pinocchio", "Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs", "Dumbo", "Bambi", and other classics created during Disney's life. This is a very good movie, but I think it deserves the highest rating of a 7.3 or 7.4.

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The Best-Made Movie Of All Time, 1 September 2006

Doctor Zhivago is obviously one of the greatest films of all time. David Lean does a masterful job as director in arguably his greatest film. He brings with him Alec Guiness and Maurice Jarre, who had appeared in several different films with him before. Jarre's score in the film is, with the exception of Star Wars, the greatest ever. Along with Guiness as the actors were Omar Sharif and Julie Christy, both in perhaps their best movies. As supporting actors Tom Courtenay, Rod Steiger, Ralph Richardson, Klaus Kinski, and others did good jobs as well, especially Kinski, who was excellent. As supporting actresses Geraldine Chaplin, Rita Tusingham, and others also have commendable performances. Every minute of the 197 minute film is worthy of a 9 at least. About a 9.5 I'd give it, because it's too hard to decide between 9 or 10. This is a superb film and I recommend it to everyone in the world over 10 years of age. I could go on describing for a long time, but I hope that I have made my point clear-that Doctor Zhivago is the best-made film ever and one of the greatest as well.

Cars (2006)
Pixar Keeps Doing It: A Masterpiece, 17 November 2006

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This is Pixar's best film so far. With the star voice of Paul Newman, Disney has been the closest to perfection ever, passing Toy Story. The movie deals with Lightning McQueen, a hero-like rookie who is set for a three-way tie between two legends to win the Piston Cup. But we see later that McQueen is really cold and harsh compared to the humble residents of Radiator Springs, the small town where he crash lands. But will Lightning ever find his way back? Will he be doomed to lose to the cheating Chick Hicks? Watch it! From the creators of Toy Story, A Bug's Life, The Incredibles, Toy Story 2,and Finding Nemo comes what should be set to win the 2007 best picture Oscar. No movie made after 1990 has come close to this one. 9/10.

Rare Great Sequel!, 1 November 2006

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Although the original is probably the greatest family movie of all time, this is a very good sequel, and rare in living up to the original. They reference it several times, and Buzz is there. Otherwise, we would be lead to believe this was a prequel. The plot is like this: When Woody's arm rips, Andy cannot take him to cowboy camp. When Wheezy, a toy with a broken squeaker, is taken down to be sold at a yard sale, Woody tries to rescue him by jumping down from the shelf he had been put on, and hopping on to Andy's puppy Buster. The puzzled toys believe that he is selling himself for 25 cents, Woody rescues Wheezy, but falls off Buster. When a girl asks her mother for Woody, and lays him on the table, his string is pulled and exclaims "There's a snake in my boot!" Al, a toy store owner, turns around, and takes Woody's hat with him. When he asks Andy's mom for him, she says she didn't know how we got down there. Although she locks him in a toolbox, Al takes the key and steals him. Meanwhile, Buzz chases Al down. When he falls off, he goes back with only one clue: LZTYBRN. He figures out that the kidnapper was Al. They turn on the TV, and see the commercial on. Etch draws the map down, and Buzz copies it. He, Mr. Potato Head, Rex, Hamm, and Slinky go to save Woody. Well, Woody finds out he was the star of an old TV show, and meets his co-stars. Then, he finds out they're headed for a museum in Japan. When he gets fixed, he almost goes, but decides not to. When Buzz is replaced by a newer Space Ranger, he tries to catch up to them. Soon before the plane will take off, the toys come in, but Woody rejects them. Then, he hears on the TV a model of him saying exactly what causes him to want to go. But one of his costars, Stinky Pete, blocks the way for Woody to go. When in the airport, Buzz finds Stinky Pete. But Woody, reunited with the gang, leaves him in the care of a girl Andy's age, and his other two partners, Jessie and Bullseye, join the friends on the trip back to Andy's house. This is for sure one of the greatest movies of all time!

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Best Way To Start Season 7, 17 October 2006

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Is there a better way to end the frustration and suspense of "Partings"? Really, it's exactly like the earlier seasons, except Season 6's damage has been slightly done. Kirk's back to his clumsy self for the first time in a long time, thus Taylor will again be annoying, one of the ways starting a camera at the stop sign by Luke's. After all this time, it's been worth it to see all of this happen. Some pretty funny things, although Kirk's accident may not be. One of the best episodes of Gilmore Girls of all time, and the best pilot of the seven. Lorelai throws away everything in her house reminding her of Luke, even a spatchula. She turns her garage in an obscure wonderland, and Rory returns to Stars Hollow.

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Flawless: Without A Doubt The Best, 22 September 2006

This movie is more than a masterpiece. This is flawless. This film stands out above every other one that I've ever seen. It's not my favorite film, but I'm sure that this is the best ever, and will remain that way, no matter what film could come along. When you combine Orson Welles, Herman Mancawiez, and Joseph Cotten, there's not much thought in your mind that it's bad. The almost two hours revolve around a fascinating mystery that takes one man all around the country trying to figure out the last words of Charles Foster Kane, a newspaper tycoon who had died not long before. Oh, and, of course, the surprise ending-but, if you haven't seen it, it will ruin your experience. But make sure you're bored yet happy when you watch it. A rainy day is the perfect time. It's worth a 10/10, and, although it may not be a 10.0, it falls just short. It's much closer to a ten in my mind that a nine. Well, watch it and you'll see that it's true, it is flawless and the best ever.

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Simply Horrible, 23 November 2006

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I was disappointed to see what happened in this episode. As Lorelei marries Christopher Haden, I'm sure that a lot of people were upset. After all these years, can it be settled? The drama is supposed to come with Lorlelai and Rory's romantic entanglements. Luke was a welcome suitor, but now Christopher, Rory's real father? Oh no! Other than The Long Morrow, this is for sure the worst Gilmore Girls of all. After a while, people will probably stop being Gilmore Girls fans, and don't care what happens to 7.8 all throughout this season, and if there's a Season 8, they will probably care nothing about it. Thank you, writers and directors, for ruining the best show on TV. I wish I could give it a 0, I hate this episode so much.

Titanic (1997)
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Underrated, But Not The Best, 22 September 2006

This movie obviously deserves to be in the Top 250. I'm surprised to see that 115,000 voters haven't enough sense to rate it higher than an 8. I'm sure it shouldn't be over 3 hours, but it does make good use of its screen time. It's in my Top 50, but I wish I could make myself not like it as much as I do. A 7.7 or 7.8, if it'll get it in the Top 250, but not very high up. This is one of the worst problems in the Top 250 right now. But it's the fact that it's a 7, not an 8, is my problem. It shouldn't really be high up. I would have totally different ideas to portray the Titanic. I'd still have a story centering around persons other than J. Bruce Ismay, Thomas Andrews and E.J. Smith. Although this movie does make good use of its time, I'd time it down an hour or so. My final rating: 8/10.

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The Third One's Always Good, 20 May 2007

And Shrek the Third doesn't disappoint us. Probably the funniest in the Shrek trilogy, it was also the longest. However, this will not be the last in the saga. "Shrek 4: Royal Engagement" and "Shrek 5" will follow. How exciting! The film follows the sides of good and evil until they finally clash together. Prince Charming (Rupert Everret) rallies a gang of fairy-tale villains to help him take his 'rightful' place as king of Far Far Away. Meanwhile, Shrek searches for an heir to the throne after King Harold (John Cleese) dies. Will Charming and the villains succeed? Will Shrek get back in time to halt his efforts. Will the rightful heir to the throne of Far Far Away be found? Find out by watching the most hilarious entry in the trilogy, Shrek the Third. See it at your local theater. It's been in your swamp since March 18th.