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Wonderful acting by the lead George Katt, 19 May 2008

I agree with the positive reviewers of this film. George Katt was outstanding in this film. Almost to a detriment to the other actors and the script itself. Being a fan of older movies myself, during the heyday of the Actor's Studio boom, he brings a lot of that "feel" in his performance. Very real and his deliveries and mannerisms are very unique. Yes, he maybe mumble a few times but so did Marlon Brando. Actually, Brando got a lot of heat for that from critics. But we mumble in everyday life, it's very real. It just made me want to pay more attention to what he had to say. I liked the film a lot and recommend it. George Katt is at a higher level of acting than Danny Trejo and the rest of the cast though and he deserves to be playing with the big wigs. I can see how he doesn't really get much from the other actors in this film but gives himself and does his job extremely well with what he has to work with. I commend that in actors like him.

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There will be amazing performance!, 19 May 2008

This is an actor that just cares about the work! Not Hollywood itself. Brilliant! I always love it when Daniel decides on a film. Never falters and never sells himself short. An actor that commits and throws himself into every role. This is an actor that is worthy of appreciation for the work he does. I'm excited to see what he does next. Paul Thomas Anderson never disappoints as well. I love every piece of film he's done. He's a very humble man and always makes the right decisions. I hope to see these two team up again in the future. I look forward to Rob Marshall's "Nine". Mr. Lewis is rumored to be a part of. I'd love to see more of him in action.

Sweetzer (2007)
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RI Film Festival Premiere, 21 August 2006

I too had the opportunity to see this film at the Rhode Island International Film Festival Premiere and I loved it!!!! It is a great comedy with many moving moments. Bryan Callen, Jorge Garcia, and Wayne Reynolds (who wrote and directed the piece himself) do a fine job in this. I also really enjoyed the performances of newcomers Jessa French, Jen Dede, and especially George Katt, who plays Wayne's wacky philandering neighbor, they really stood out and made me laugh. Wayne Reynolds does a fantastic job of taking this quirky storyline and incorporating a great ensemble cast and some really great moments in a film that can't help but leave a satisfying impression on the audience. This is what indie film-making is about!!!! Loved it all the way!