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A psychic review of Ghostbusters 3, 20 July 2016

Please lie down on the couch. Place your head on the ample rest. Feel the soft touch of cool Italian leather begin where your Bermuda shorts and Polo short sleeves end. That's it. Take a slow, deep breath. Kick off your Sketchers. Exhale. Slowly.... We're almost ready to experience GB3. It will be a psychic viewing--not Remote Viewing! Don't get ahead of me! There now...that's better. We'll begin. Remember how great "Meet the Parents" and then the sequel featured Barbara Streisand? Stop jerking! Good. It's a little like shock therapy at first, but I'm just establishing a referential base line. Remember Michael Keaton as "Batman" twice, and then George Clooney showed up in the series? Your twitching will subside in a few seconds. Who played Robin in that one? Gritting your teeth doesn't help. Good. Just one more question before you experience GB3. Remember Peter Sellers in the Pink Panther series and then Steve Martin in the remake? Was that a gasp?! Perfect! Roll the credits. See them projected on the inside of your eyelids. See the blue-green glow effects? Feeling a little queasy? OK. That's normal. Do you watch and enjoy the current SNL? That's what I thought. The credits are almost finished and here's the show. When I snap my fingers you'll wake up. SNAP!!! If you realize two hours of your life is missing, then recovery from the procedure I've just performed will not end, like the movie, in a psychotic episode. If you're a 20th Century male, you've been castrated. If you're an empowered Boomer female, you're affirmed and just a little frightened. If you're of indeterminate sexuality, that's the ticket! Oh, and by the way--Donald Trump may be our next President! Nurse!!! Intubate!!! And does anyone here know how to call 9-1-1?!! Get my lawyer on the phone...I want my money back! After he deals with this mess....

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It's strange but VERY true. Also funny!, 4 May 2016

Filmed great. Looks great. Great direction. Great action. Johnny Depp as Tonto. Hammer as The reluctant Lone Ranger. It is historically true that Indians mined silver to make bullets. Likewise, US mounted cavalry massacred Indian villages and local settlers killed their own and accused the Indians: PA Wyoming Valley Massacre by Pierce's Militia replicated all the way to Yosemite by others. Railroads and mining operations were colonial advancing foreign economic trade interests. Maniac Civil War militias roamed The West selling directed mob, criminal violence against the public good. All of that fills an action packed movie. Depp is crazy funny against all of the above. Hammer grows into the iconic role. William Tell was as reluctant hero as well. Against the same Euro clown tyranny and terror. Silver lends a timely hand. More Hi! Ho! than you can know. God Bless the United States of America and Hollywood.

This movie was a warning that anyone could be reached., 6 August 2015

Well cast, acted and even the wandering photography is OK. The point of view is tumbled and tossed for a reason because there couldn't be one. One moment the viewer is judge and jury; the next, a bewildered tourist; the next, a time traveler experiencing the Europe not shown in the travel brochures. (The review before this is very good at shortly defining this brief case of that.) It's worth seeing if you do your homework first: IT WAS World NEWS. The movie plays with that fact and it would have been much more entertaining had it risked (real risks) telling the greater story of espionage (the CIA was embarrassed by the media of that time linking it to the murders) a whiff of English nobility again horribly compromised--from the previous espionage-d Profumo Scandal; and The Cold War hanging like a cloud over the Atlantic--all the way to Hollywood. The 4 admitted producers represent that clouded reality. Their mere presence put real, enforced limits on a movie that deserved much better. That it was made at all during that time with gifted actors is perhaps telling us much, much more. Drink lots of cognac after your research and watch it unfold like an over edited surveillance tape. Well worth the effort. Good luck with that.

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One of the best Hollywood vengeance movies., 19 May 2013

Lee Marvin was a WWII infantry combat veteran and it shows. Angie Dickinson was beautifully seductive and it shows. Andrew Sikking was perfectly cast and it shows. Carol O'Connor and Keenan Wynn are great actors in small parts in an equally great movie. It forever will give violence a good name. I was turning off the TV the other night and it started to play. I watched the entire movie. Who needs dreams?! The next four lines are of little consequence: It takes place in both San Francisco and El Lay; it superficially though accurately portrays both 60s mob and corporate venues at least in a visual if not procedural style (crime and violence worth watching is highly stylized); this movie can be felt like the title says -- Point Blank!

Cold War wasn't Cold., 15 December 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Aleksander Grigoryevich Kopatzky, Angleton's Sasha or Igor Orlov was chased into the Soviet Embassy and emerged with a Wash DC retirement in his own downtown picture frame shop. Angleton found his Sasha, but a greater world of lesser men humiliated "Jim" as the movie additionally depicts showing the electro shock therapy being crudely deliver to Frank Weisner after the Bay of Pigs fiasco. The Company is a Rembrandt painting of The Cold War era that accurately communicates the hard reality that bipolar world was trapped in. The movie could not say what I have said so directly and the real participants are melded and divided depending on what its history might betray or reveal. So forget about any truth you might witness and enjoy the experience. For the CIA participants it was all too real. Michael Keaton is as great an actor as Angleton was a man. Take some time to read Angleton's lying testimony to the Warren Commission: "Within the house of (espionage) are many rooms." "What I said to () after the Bay of Pigs was 'What is your fall back position if you fail?'" Reality what a concept! God Bless them all. and God Bless the United States of America.

Killdozer (1974) (TV)
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It's about land development in California., 19 May 2012

Sure. It's ostensibly about a driver less Caterpillar D9 Bulldozer on the rampage. Go ahead and blame the gun! I guess if it had a driver the movie would be lacking a key plot device if not a title. Really? Like so many Hollywood tomes, "Killdozer" is prescient. It's the "China Syndrome" of over development...and more importantly, Clint Walker at least tried to show us how to stop it: by his God-like example. It's not Cheyene of the nightmare producing (in my 10-year-old case) made for TV "Night of the Grizzly". Clint barely put that humongous bastard down (the grizzly was badly burned in a forest fire as a cub, another unheeded environmental warning). But, I digress. Clint always met whatever threats or evils head on. He was quiet and determined--a lot reluctant and a little bit shy. A quiet smile and never a sound or complaint. Everone was drawn to him because of his heroic beauty and stature. He was the cast's and America's last and best hope. Unlike most of our heroes, he never let us down. And as an actor, Clint barely needed a script although he deserved a lot better ones than he got. In an episode of "Cheyene" he pushed a carload of ore out of a mine unassisted. My father was a coal miner who as a child drove mules that had the same relentless task. Life is cruel like that but Clint never was. It gave a kid hope. That was just enough. Thanks, Clint. God Bless you and God Bless the United States of America. That's what Hollywood can accomplish even when it's not trying. You made it look easy.

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Elke Sommer is HOT!, 8 April 2012

Yeah, it's based on L'idiote and the Broadway play 1961 that Shat was in and Sellers is at his best and Burt Kwouk outdoes everyone by staying absolutely IN CHARACTER but Elke Sommer is beyond belief beautiful and sexy and profoundly comedic and naked and of course, innocent. Sommer in The Prize with Paul Newman was HOT! But Gawd! I took a date to this in high school and can't remember who..."It's green." "What?" "The light. It's green." "I was kidnapped by a hitchhiking transvestite!" (Quote from "Return of Pink Panther" Sorry!)It's all there, including Elke...did I say she was beautiful? The require 10 lines allow for an unnecessary tribute to Lom and Edwards and everyone's dad and mom, but Sommer remains one of the most beautiful creations in the history of cinema including pulpy Playboy!

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My mom took me to see this in 1953., 18 March 2012

I haven't seen it since but here is what I remember. I knew all the Dr. Seuss books by heart (I could read). I was taking piano lessons from our Protestant minister's wife who resembled Hans Conreid. My mom and I went on the bus to a large, metropolitan movie palace and we were well dressed. We watched the entire movie and then went home on the bus. Hans Conreid was always one of my favorites and even more recognizable as a voice. Lassie was a fixture later on our home TV. I don't think the movie had any real effect on me except that the books and my dreams were a lot better. I listened to radio every night as a child. I sometimes dreamed in black and white like most of the movies I saw as a child. I remember many of the scenes described in the written reviews and trailers. I'll see it again sometime. I'll let you know.

Hastings Corner (1970) (TV)
Also titled as "Honker House", 24 December 2011

A Peyton Place send up that made theatre of the absurd look like an Alistaire Cooke production. Very, very inventive and funny! Great comedy writing and brutal satire. Of course, it was quickly canceled. Karen Black appears as a very sexy member of the Honker Family that drops their shrink off at his office by throwing him out the back door of their limo, upon which he rises from the concrete, dusts himself off and begins narrating the first episode of the series,"That was one of my patients dropping me off." The last episode ends in a court scene where the defendant, and nearly everyone else in court, appear in wheelchairs and remove their socks to show they have a mole on the bottom of their foot as evidence of what?! Every minute was filled with invective and directed at the nonsense that Peyton Place and other popular series of the time intoned. It's out there somewhere...go get it!

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The Gods walked amongst us..., 10 December 2011

When the aliens officially land (They'll all look like really good-looking Swedish guys!), they will require us all to post on our Twitter account what is the best example humanity has ever created of what they wanted the rest of the Universe to regard us by. If a majority of us vote for the 1968 movie "The Thomas Crown Affair" as that example, the aliens will watch it; stare blankly at one another for a few moments; and then return to their 10,000 gigantic spaceships and go home. They will have realized what everyone on earth should have realized when they first saw it in theaters: It is impossible for anyone to be as cool as that god-damned movie!

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