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At last!, 20 August 2006

I have spent about the last five years not only trying to find people who remember this show, but to remember the name of it myself. It's quite hard to find others who remember it when you describe it as "A cartoon with these bear kind of things who flew around on leaves and sent out good dreams with a crystal know the one...a dream crystal or something?" Blank stares. And today I finally Googled it just as 'cartoon 90's dream' and lo and behold! The Dreamstone (I know, could it have been any more obvious...unfortunately my brain doesn't work that way)! Anyway, the point is, it was an EXCELLENT show, right up there with Captain Planet, Widget the World Watcher and Samurai Pizza Cats...go 90's cartoons and everyone who can remember them!

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Obliviate!, 20 August 2006

I have only met one other person in my entire life who remembers this show. Even my brother (who watched it with me) doesn't remember it. Thus, it has become obvious that someone doesn't want us to remember it and is slowly doing away with all those who do. So me making a public comment about my memories of it probably isn't a good idea, but I'll take my chances (plus, I'm taking Tom down with me).

So why the hell do I need ten lines of text? So that they have more opportunity to figure out who I am and modify my memory? Alright, this is what I know- purple octopus looking guy. Wore watch. Guy with big brain came out of it. Very colorful. Stupid kids who I didn't like. Up there with Captain Planet. There. 11 lines. OBLIVIATE!

And now they won't let me spell color with a 'u'! I'm Australian!!

And no 'SHOUTING' in summary. Tough crowd.