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"Misfits" (2009)
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Terrible Waste Of Time After Original Cast Mostly Left The Show, 19 October 2012

The original wonderful and convincing actors were replaced by a candy cane and over sweet new cast. I find this abominable expression by actors who are so cute, trying so hard to be misfits,a sickening aftertaste of too much candy eaten all at once, so to speak. The target audience must be cutesy types wanting to be misfits so people will see them, as they are generally invisible in real life.The ratings are good, so there must be a lot of these candy cane types watching this show, and taking their piggy bank money to buys things that remind them of it, at toys are us. It is sad to see such an original show as this one, turned over to the gold fish, cute doggy owner types out there, and their dogs named spot. I am so disappointed at this new rendition of terrible trash that is supposed to look real and inviting, only to come out looking sad and shabby. It's like turning the Munsters into Hansel and Gretal.Any moment I expect a loving grandmother come on the show with a baking pan disguised as a lethal weapon. Terrible terrible show these days. Maybe the writers will try and get people out there like me who don't own piggy banks to watch this again. I doubt that, but they do say pigs fly sometimes when you're not looking.

El Gringo (2012)
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Worst film ever., 29 September 2012

Giving this film even a 1 makes me shudder. I have never seen such bad acting, heard such cheesy lines, looked at so many ugly people, sweaty boobs, or stupid townspeople on film. And that's just the OK folks. Even the dog was a loser. I want my thinking cap back, I lost it somewhere in this terrible mess of a movie. If there is a bath to be had in town, it's somewhere over the horizon that no one attempts to locate. And who wants to take a bath next to animal bones anyway. Wait, those ugly, dirty, sweaty boobs people, and their loser dog just might.Nasty, grimy, horrible, just awful, and those are the good points of this film.

Sin Nombre (2009)
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Terrible Terrible Film, 5 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I cannot understand the positive reviews for this movie. The story is bleak, sad, violent, unforgiving. What was the message for this film I wonder. Perhaps that their is no happy ending for illegal emigrants seeking entry from South America to the U.S. via Mexico. Especially gang members heaven forbid.There is no hope in this film for anybody. I can't understand why so much effort was used to get the audience close to the protagonist, then have such a sad, hopeless ending to this film. A violent one at that. This film is nothing short of a lesson to those south of the border, to beware of coming to the U.S. To do so might cause them much grief and ugliness, so this film seems to say.

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This Confusing Movie, 23 May 2012

This movie would have been OK had the people who financed it been aware or cared about the fact that a great deal of the audience would be English speakers. I did not understand half the movie, so for me it was a waste of time to watch this perhaps good movie. I simply out of frustration had to stop watching this film, and I turned it off. I would love to give it a good review, however how can I when I cannot review a half understood film. I think Christian Bale is a wonderful actor, so I think this half baked loaf of bread so to speak was a waste of his talent and experience. It amazes me that so many good reviews were posted about this film. I have to guess that the main audience who watched it were Chinese speakers. I am so unhappy I even bothered to watch this movie, I could have been watching reruns on TV if I had stopped viewing it after a half hour. I think it might have maybe been a good film, but I'll never really know without an interpreter. Subtitles, so wonderful, Ill never complain about them again.

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This Horrible Movie, 18 April 2012

I sat through this movie for almost 1 hour watching filthy soldiers rape rape rape rape. This must be some sort of fetish film, for strange people to get off on.I found this movie totally useless. I know the strong have power over the weak, but this movie pushes the envelope over the hill and beyond.As a man, I do Not have to force myself on anyone, nor do I. I get it, Berlin was mostly taken over by Russian soldiers, mean rotten ones, using woman as sex objects. It's horrible, and I feel sick watching the implication of it in the shadows and behind closed doors. There should have been so much more subject matter to this film, but no, for those who are excited by this trash, the directors decided to keep it centered only on the forced sexual advances on women. Worst titillation film ever. The producers,directors and those who payed to have this film made, should feel very badly about themselves. I am so mad I watched this rotten movie for as long as I did.

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Wonderful And Insightful Film, 5 April 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie is a masterpiece of human emotion, thought, and relationships. For me the best moment of the movie was when the Father looked down on his sleeping child on the train to Berlin. At that moment, his heart was lost to the boy whether he wanted it to be or not. The Dad showed much love for his boy through-out the film, and made sure the boy knew it. He gave him many treats and acts of love such as hugs and kisses on his cheeks. A truly moving scene was when he wiped his Sons face and hands with the towel after the boy made a run for it in the hallway. The Father made sure his Son knew who was boss when the remote control scene took place. All police tell parents to stay put when their child is missing so updates can be given to them. Trying to find anybody in a big city, one is not familiar with, is not the best idea. He showed his Son great compassion when he took him to see his love interest, knowing the boy might be made fun of or rebuffed in an unkind way. This shows a wonderful understanding of being a parent, letting your children get hurt emotionally so they can grow emotionally in their lives. Throwing the cane into the sea was a profound act of love and understanding that this one thing to protect his Son from ridicule was all he could do for him on his journey to meet the girl of his dreams without embarrassment. My thoughts on the boy going to live with his Father, it was never going to happen. It was a fantasy of the Father wanting to make everything OK between him and his Son. When the Father broke down and cried, he knew when the boy acted up, that this trip together was all they would have, maybe for a long time. The Father understood his wife could not and probably would not be able to meet the demands of the boys needs and take care of their baby. The Father had to work, so this was the way it had to be. When the boy said I am here with you and you cry, the Father knew when they were together, that is all that counted at that time. There was great love shown by the Father throughout the movie, and it was was a perfect showing of his affection for his Son. Wonderful wonderful film.

A wonderful Film, 21 March 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

For me, I had to watch this movie several times to understand what I was seeing, and what I personally was feeling also. Such a wonderful film visually, emotionally. So dream-like,with a hazy golden light I found very soothing and comforting as well. The men, especially the Father are so handsome, even beautiful, so much so it is hard to concentrate on everything going on with them and around them. What I saw was interdependence, profound love, duty, and the desire to hold on to each other at all costs if possible. The father going to the boys school, just to see him, was an excuse to let his son know he was still around and wanting his son not to forget him.The girlfriend knew, just as the boys mother did, that this young man would let no one come between his father and him, not even her. So she quit him. To save face, and not acknowledge publicly what she said, he accuses her of having another man in her life. She has had enough, and will not fight for his love anymore. What I saw with the young man who came to inquire about his missing father, was a threat to the movie fathers son emotionally,in the sons mind, so much so, the son made it very clear to this visiting boy he would not tolerate it, and made physical and veiled threats to him. The son even went with this boy to make sure he left until next summer, even taking him to a strange part of town to confuse him as to where he lived.Sasha meant nothing to the son, just an excuse to the make the father jealous. The sons stare at his father told his father that the missing boys father would not be a long staying guest. Not if he could help it. His dad was going no where, that was the message on the bed while talking with his dad. I believe for the son, he was profoundly aware of, and accepting of his lust for his father. It's clear to me that's what I saw. Is he in love with his father, who knows. His lust, his desire, his possession of his father, will as alluded to at the end of the movie make his heart break all his life. He finally understood this, as the father did as well. As for the father, I think he has a profound love for his son, nothing more. He would keep his son forever with him if he could. I believe physically living together or emotionally in their hearts, no one will ever separate the two. They are forever together, never truly apart.

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A very sad romanticized movie of a bad decision maker, 1 January 2012

As far as I can see, this movie was and is pandering to people with their heads in the clouds, who will think movie is great, and that Christopher McCandless is some sort of idealized, wilderness casualty. Christopher was a bad planner, a bad organizer, a bad hunter, and a really bad navigator. I almost believe he had a suicide mission, (which later I believe he changed his mind about, but it simply was too late, and he knew this fact with desperation), doing this trip without any of the things he needed. Christopher was educated, smart, so there is no excuse for his actions concerning this venture of his into the wilderness. Delirious starvation, led to not finding a river crossing. Bad circumstances made food in cabins nearby not edible. One of his last entries in his diary made it clear he was afraid to die, to die alone, and that he was desperate to live, but hopeless at the same time. He should have had a compass in his travels, but he did not have one at the time of his death in his possession, which does puzzle me. People will always go where angels fear to tread. One can only hope other people won't make bad decisions to go on trips unprepared, but some people always will, so one can only hope the best for those people, and hope no one follows their footsteps to their death also.

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Thoughts on this movie., 14 November 2011

I loved this movie. I felt as though I was watching real people, the acting was excellent. The theme was strange, but in the end things worked out fine for everyone concerned. Thought, introspection, self worth of ones family and oneself, these things and more are observed and worked out by each person in this movie. Plain and simple, I really liked this movie, it touched me deeply, and made me think on my own life.Things don't always work out in our lives. It takes a movie like this to make us reflect on what we did with our life, how we live it, and who we choose to live it with. It's interesting after watching this film, how I finally understand what it means to quietly accept someone else and their sexual identity. We must all be happy with our decisions and make the best in our lives with the final outcome of those decisions. This film has made me reflect on my own life, I hope for the better.

Empty (2011/I)
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OK Film For The Most Part, 16 October 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I actually liked this film. Most people I know really do argue like these two people did. They also showed how little any of us know about survival. Turning on and off flashlights, not using the wood on the fire to cook with. Ignoring the leach at the hotel was very stupid. The only problem I have with this film, is just after the half way point, that shot of the summer cabin at night showed electric porch lights on after the power was off. Wasting food, not taking into account things might disappear for a while, is something most of us do every day, so it's not unreasonable to see they might do the same. Flashing cash when the hotel desk clerk said he took credit, is just plain dumb.The guy carjacking and wanting some sex in the process is very believable. It's just those lights that get me, that made me laugh, and after that I took the movie with a pinch of salt.

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