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Another best classic of K.B, 16 July 2007

Aboorva Raagangal is one of the movies with an unimaginable story line. A typical classic of Balachander with a controversial story line. The story line had already been put up in other comments and hence I suppose I need not tell it again. The introduction song of Bhairavi(SriVidhya) is evident to prove that this is another musical drama. Balachander has once again proved that music plays an important role through this movie.

Major Sundarrajan plays the key role of the movie. Every character in the movie is well established. Kamal haasan comes up with another milestone in acting. Rajini kanth , who s currently the Super start of Tamil cinema got introduced in this movie. He plays a small but very important role for the twist in the movie.

Pushing aside the controversial story line, this movie is really a very good entertainer with the twisted story line and the sequences that follow. Another KB classic. Watch n enjoy!

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Probably one of the bests of K.B, 2 July 2007

Sindhu bhairavi . Another KB movie with a very powerful story line. Probably I suppose the screenplay and music had been the best for its success. Ilayaraaja had composed mind blowing songs fully based on traditional karnatic style. Credits go equally to Vairamuthu, Jesudas and Chitra. It is well known that KB is famous for extracting the best performances from every artist in the role. It is perfectly proved once again in this movie also. Though the lead artists Sivakumar, sulakshana and suhasini excel in their performances, Janakaraj and delhi ganesh also play minor, but important roles in the movie.

On the whole, watch this musical drama to feel that there had been artists and directors in the past who can bring out the best entertainers with no violence, vulgarity and foreign shoot outs.

Mudhalvan (1999)
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An awesome movie, 20 August 2006

The movie is an excellent movie , one of the best dynamic movies of Shankar. It is the movie which clearly explains how politics should be and what sort of people should come to politics. The way in which Arjun traps raguvaran in the movie will take u to the real thrill. The steps that he takes after getting into the post as a single day CM(which is an entirely new concept.. hats off to Shankar) are really great and makes us think how good it will be if its the reality. Though, Manisha koirala will not play an important role in the movie, her role will be important in songs. Vadivelu's acting and comedy with 'Poda Panni' will make everyone laugh. In total, one of the best movies credited for Direction Skills!!