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Buddies (1983)
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brilliant movie, 20 August 2006

I too have seen this movie a couple of time and yes I agree with you all that it SHOULD be released or at least re-shown on TV. Then at least the ones of us who have been trying to find this movie (I have been trying to find it since I saw it on TV) on VHS or DVD. Could at least own our own copy of it. And not be bound by the narrow mindedness of the copyright owners and we could watch it till we wore out our VCR's or DVD players. Yes I agree that it could do a lot for our tourism industry if it was re-released. Just look at what Crocodile Dundee 1 and 2. Mad Max 1, 2 and 3, did for the tourism industry when they were released. Now those movies are classics and sort after by everyone who sees them on TV. Surely if we put enough pressure on the Australian Archives / Australian Film Industry we could get this movie back on TV. Letter writing to the cast, producers, and shows like Media Watch (channel 2 Australia), At the movies (SBS Australia) we can sway their thoughts.

Bring this movie out on DVD or at least re show it on TV. Tim